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El Gouna is on the Rea Sea, which will assure you having a great seafood experience. El Gouna seafood restaurants offer many fish and sea food dishes, a try worthy!

We will guide you through the best of these restaurants that you should try when visiting El Gouna.


Location: Downtown, Enas El Deghaidy Street, El Gouna, Hurghada

A decent esteem choice in the heart of El Gouna, this place serves an extensive variety of fish and additionally steaks at night. At the same time, it offers a menu of sandwiches and light snacks amid the day, including a flavorful Egyptian shawarma, in the event that you need to get a snack to eat while you are out on the town nearby. There's a porch sitting above the square, so you can watch beauty of the sea.

Surf & Turf

Location: Next to Thai Elephant, Downtown El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

While you are at El Gouna, you should get to discover Surf and Turf and to enjoy great degree satisfaction with the sustenance and administration. The crisp fish is exceptionally delectable and the segments were incredible. They give the guests some free Egyptian starters. Perhaps on the grounds that they weren't extremely occupied eating a free dish, it has a wonderful astonishment through the night. General the place was perfect the staff, gourmet specialist and of course the fish.

El Sayadin

Location: Moevenpick resort and spam El Gouna, Hurghada

What preferable place over a sea view shack to appreciate a languid lunch or supper? The weathered wooden deck of El Sayadin, by the resort's primary bay, is the perfect spot to take in the phenomenal shorelines and seascapes of El Gouna. The menu joins incredible red sea fish with Egyptian gourmet touch. Begin with a mezze and afterward tuck into the barbecued fresh fish, salmon served three ways, or just try the fried seafood. The place's around 5 minutes walk from downtown.

Fish Market

Location: Beside Ebeid Supermarket, Downtown El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

Fish fans were charmed at the opening of Americana's first Fish Market in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1990. Now the famous restaurant is opened at El Gouna. Offering a universe of fish decisions cooked to satisfy you, the Fish Market affix acquainted clients with the idea of taking their pick from a choice crisply discovered fish, then having it steamed, barbecued or as you wish, before being presented with an extraordinary exhibit of crisp and oriental plates of mixed greens. Notwithstanding fine fish food, Fish Market convey a delightful eating knowledge through their prime areas, which offer stupendous all encompassing perspectives of the ocean or, as on account of its Egypt areas, the River Nile. Nowadays, there are about 9 Fish Market in the area, with most of them in Egypt.

The Smokery

Location: El Gouna Yacht Club, Abou Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

It’s ideal for gathering social occasion and easygoing food and beverages. Being so cool, the indoor seating was very decent. The extensive glass windows, post onto the club and the stylistic theme are refreshing. Made for the most part of dark and dim shades, unmistakable mosaic emphasizes and tables secured in red flower tablecloths. It gives an environment that is more suited to a sunny weekend morning than a blustery night to enjoy the sea view.

The administration was exceedingly benevolent and to start they will brought to you starters – which was pleasantly cool, firm, and totally delightful.

Your other starter should be the salmon tartar sauce (80LE), which is likewise great and delicious. With a superbly vigorous serving of mixed greens as an afterthought, the elements of the tartar sauce were intense and flavorful, yet still sufficiently adjusted to please unadventurous eaters.

The cooked salmon (170LE) accompanies scallops, regular vegetables, and pureed potatoes, finished with a shower of sauce of teriyaki. The fish itself is phenomenal, just like the scallops and the blend of vegetables are rich and delectable.

The salmon (130LE) is cooked in a kind of breath taking style preparation, doused in a sauce of vegetables. Once more, the salmon was barbecued to flawlessness, and with a dazzling lemon juice and the dish was as light and as solid as a supper can be. On the off chance that you're not a salmon fan, the Smokery likewise serves a couple filet dishes including starters and other delicious courses. There are tons of things to choose from!

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While making the most of your get-away in Al Gouna, why not take a day to investigate one of the most eminent Pharaonic sanctuaries the Temple of Dendera, situated around 171 kilometers from el Gouna 60 kilometers north of Luxor?  This sanctuary is surprising, finely protected, and have critical verifiable hugeness.

Visit Dendera sanctuary which is back to 125 BC and was devoted to goddess Hathor - cow headed lady and known by Goddess of Love this sanctuary. It is calm and exceptional due to the way that the rooftop is still in place and guests can respect the excellent roof portraying the hours of the day and night and the voyaging adventure of the sun, the moon and the stars over.

This temple was the main place of worship of goddess Hathor the goddess of heaven and love and is considered one of the most famous sites of ancient Egypt. The emperors Domitian, Trajan and Nerua built a temple, to which Hathor, Horus and their son Ihi, the god of music, is dedicated.

It was repeatedly renovated and rebuilt since it had been standing there since the time of the Old Empire cult buildings. This complex is situated within brick walls with a length of 290 m and 230 m wide and next to the Temple of Hathor are two birth houses, a holy lake, a temple of Isis and in between the two birth houses is a Coptic church and the remains of an old sanatorium.

It was constructed in the first century BC, amid the rule of the last Ptolemy and the ruler Augustus, in the spot of a more established asylum (from the season of the Old Empire).

Bolstered from 24 extensive segments Along the inside dividers are four lines on top of one another with portrayals of Roman Emperor Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero offering presents to respect Hathor and alternate Gods. Here you can see the lord wearing the Lower Egyptian crown leaves his royal residence took after by his Ka. Also you can see Horus, with the hawk head, and Thot, with the leader of an ibis, pour the baptismal water over the ruler, it is the water of life which uncovers the water stream as a column of imperative signs and the defensive goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt favor the ruler.

Focused in the center of The roof of the chamber are flying vultures and sun and is partitioned by an Architrave into seven fields, all with galactic presentations.. Both sides are totally symmetrical: pictures of the periods of the moon and the sun amid the 12 hours of the day, the hours of the day and night, and lords of stars in the external zones, for every situation, the sky goddess Nut with photos of the Zodiac with stars in their bodies, some are still exceptionally brilliant


The six segments of the lobby end in a rich composite capital on which a bust of Hathor's head sits. Their bases and two lower drums are made of stone, the remaining parts or sandstone.

Down to the sacrificial Hall From conciliatory corridor there are side stairs paving the way to the rooftop. Over the silver room you can get to the delightful stand where Hathor praised his birthday. On the roof is the sky goddess, she sends her beams to the haven of Dendera, on a mountain with two trees sits Hathor's head bearing the sun. From the conciliatory lobby are two stair cases prompting the rooftop, on the dividers serious parades and New Years festivals have occurred.

They convey the clique pictures of Hathor onto the sanctuary rooftop so that the goddess, through the beams of her dad Re, can be united. On the roof of the focal room is, in round divine representation, the cast copy of the Dendera Zodiac, whose renowned unique is currently in the Louver in Paris. In the back room is a window with the pictures of the dead and re-risen Osiris. The pictures raise the stairwell in the north-west corner up to the rooftop. From here is a marvelous all encompassing perspective of the sanctuary grounds, the Nile Valley and the far off desert mountains.

Also you can see The Coptic Church which is from the late 5th century and it serves as a model for an antiquated Egyptian church.

Expenses & Guiding

Charge for adults is 35 L.E.

Charge for students is half of Adult Price.

Charge for kids is half of Adult Price.

You can bring along your own camera and a camera stand with no extra charges.

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Wi-Fi is the most vital highlight an inn can offer to their visitors.

 Yes, considerably more imperative than things like extravagance sleeping pad, a wellness focus or free breakfast and stopping. Inn visitors hope to get an elite remote Internet association and for some, this is the principle criteria when selecting lodging.

Late research has demonstrated that there is one and only thing that visitors would favor more than a complimentary breakfast or free stopping, and that is Wi-Fi.  (Source: Hotels 2013 Survey)

Nowadays, the first thing a visitor tries, before your quality breakfast or your agreeable bed, is the nature of your Wi-Fi. Present day voyagers are hyper joined and can't stand to be disconnected from the net.

Business explorers need to have the capacity to check their messages and take online telephone calls, while relaxation voyagers are willing to utilize the web to interface with loved ones, find nearby attractions and appreciate music and features in the wake of a prolonged day of travel.

"A recent report by Forrester Research further uncovered the 90% of those surveyed showing that Wi-Fi was their top looked for convenience. Additionally, the same study uncovered that 34% would think of it as a 'major issue" if the inn did not offer free Wi-Fi."

As it has been an essential trait for all hotels around the world, El Gouna inns is upbeat to report that free Wi-Fi administration is accessible in broad daylight ranges (entryway, gathering, and some eateries or bars)

Moevenpick Resort & Spa, Sheraton Miramar Steigenberger Golf resort Rihana Resort and Rihana Inn, Club Paradisio, Fanadir & Mosaique lodgings are hotels with excellent Wi-Fi system.

Sea View, Sultan Bey Hotel, Dawar el Omda, Arena Inn, Ali Pasha, and Turtle's Inn will take after with the same administration of introducing Free Wi-Fi in outside daylight zones

La Maison Blue is also having the administration with the expectation of complimentary in all territories and rooms of the lodging.

The three corners Hotel also offers the service but in somewhat different means as on the lodging premises a web access point and also remote web (not in every room) is accessible. Scratch cards should be purchased so you can easily access internet

Take after these guidelines:

- Ask a secret key at the front work area.

- Connect to the web on your note pad or other gadget.

- Go to "Accessible Wireless Networks" and select the inn's system.

- Enter the secret key precisely as it is composed. Spare the system so you will have the capacity to utilize Wi-Fi amid your whole stay at the lodging.

Also the wide spread Wi-Fi service in El-Gouna is Mobinil Wi-Fi which is remote Broadband Internet administration conveyed by means of the LinkDotNet system. To get a good access to this service we recommend you to use Mobinil mobile service provider. The administration can be gotten to from more or less 500 hotspot areas in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, El Gouna, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik.  

Wi-Fi expenses as per as Mobinil service provider for El Gouna and 5 stars Hotels:




1 Hour

EGP 45

1 Day

EGP 90

1 Week

EGP 270

1 Month

EGP 400

3 Months

EGP 800

12 Months

EGP 1900


These days, large portion of us respect having the capacity to go online to check our messages, the climate and the news as an essential key. This implies we need and anticipate that inns will issue us free, boundless web access as a no-ifs-and-buts administration, in both open zones and rooms.

Today numerous lodgings focuses need to expand reliability and income every visitor, make their venue more alluring and visitors' stays more pleasant by giving secure, easy to-utilize rapid remote Internet access from anyplace on the property. There is additionally a yearning to enhance profitability and correspondence by permitting representatives, builders and business accomplices to safely share the remote foundation, even from their hand held devices.

To secure your connection with a VPN check https://www.bvpn.com/en/trysmoketunnelfree/ you can get a free trial with a simple Email

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El Gouna International School is a co-instructive school built up as a crucial piece of the group base for International and Egyptian families living in the Red Sea range. EGIS offers educational facilities in English for kids from three and half and over with an extensive variety of capacities, without separation on the grounds of sex, religion, race or any stereotyping.

They accept self-awareness assumes a noteworthy part in scholarly achievement and hence plan to teach the entire youngster. They e are resolved to teach youngsters real life in the 21st century.

This obliges the kids to have the capacity to:

• Work as a cooperative person and having the self-assurance to decide.

• Experience the universe of work and the desire of businesses.

• Comprehend the worldwide viewpoint.

• Care more for their families and societies.

What EGIS Offer for Your Kids?

• It’s a school where the kids will learn effectively not with traditional ways.

• Instruction which is equipped towards empowering every kid to accomplish their best.

• A place for your kid to discover his/her full capabilities.

• Great scholarly results.

• Dealing with kids in different ways according to their needs.

• A full program of exercises overflowing with enhancing the team leader in a kid.

• An establishment that supports kids, issues them certainty and capability with which to approach the following phase of their training or the worth of work.

• Kids will learn about Responsibility, Respect, Loyalty and Integrity.

The British Division

The British International area of EGIS is different most British Schools in Egypt, an association focused on giving quality affirmation to British schools over the district.

The British division conveys the demonstrated arrangement of English instruction to kids matured 3 (Stage 1) to stage 18 (Year 13). Most kids enter in either FS1 (3 year olds) or FS2 (4 year olds), yet new understudies are welcome to join at all stages.

Since a large portion of kids  are Egyptian, the Arabic, Religion and National Social Studies program that the school offer for native speakers all through the school is guaranteed by the Ministry of Education and meets the prerequisites for Egyptian understudies through all periods of the Egyptian National training: Primary, Prep and Secondary up to high school satisfying all educational module necessities for section into Egyptian colleges. They likewise offer Arabic as a Second Language for nonnatives all through the school, and this can be taken as an International GCSE.

National Division

Language section is managed by the Ministry of Education of Egypt since 1998. In this division kids concentrate on the local language (Arabic) other than Math and Science in English Language. Arabic and English Languages are considered as first Languages other than German and French are considered as Second ones. Language division incorporates all evaluations beginning from KGs to Secondary which qualify the understudy to join all the Egyptian Government and private colleges.

EGIS National Section is a multistage area from kindergarten to  secondary school .

Like all schools in Egypt, EGIS offers scholastic training, as well as offers physical instruction and workshops, notwithstanding various related exercises.

EGIS's results have been the most astounding among all Red Sea Zone results, from kg to high school.

The school takes an interest in national rivalries for games and expressions. EGIS won first position in swimming and also first position for the best kindergarten in Red Sea.

Handball, Basketball, Volleyball and Football. Other than games recorded recreations, the division additionally offers Ballet, Swimming and Aerobics and other. EGIS every year has a games day, where all school kids tune in.

It’s much more than Learning!

Kids of EGIS are special to appreciate a mixed bag of understudy exercises that mean to keep them connected with society and people. The exercises give them a chance to fashion a bond with different colleagues and with the school as entirety.

Aside from their scholarly experience, kids of EGIS will participate in exercises that will supplement what they are realizing in the classroom. Case in point, kids will be going to treks, taking part in ventures that take them outside the classroom, and as they develop more seasoned tune in "Work Experience". This includes the Secondary school understudies to visit work destinations and spaces to experience the workplace in readiness of their work life after graduation.

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Kiki’s Restaurant

Location: Inside Dawar El Omda Hotel, Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

Eating space is given both indoors and outdoors. The external patio is to a great degree appealing with its alabaster-toned candles, warm lamps, striped pads, couches and wooden tables. The stylistic layout is basic and casual, all that much like the great climate of El Gouna.

Actually Kiki's nourishment is great. For a canapé, the bistro serving of mixed greens (45LE) which is great compared to other places. The blends sound mouth-watering, in the wake of a prolonged day at the shoreline. Kiki's additionally offers ostrich meat that is everyone’s favorite, in case you're feeling you need to try something new and delicious, and it’s only for (65LE).

The pasta with pesto sauce costs (50LE) is great, if you a pasta lover. The lasagna costs (65LE), its layers blended well with the white cream and tomato sauce. The chicken piaziola costs (65LE) chicken filet mozzarella, olives, escapades and oregano. It's a chaotic dish; and the flavors mix well together, making it a fantastic feast.

Try the crêpe à l'orange, which accompanied a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and had a shockingly tart, fiery flavor for (45LE). Juices, wine and sodas normal around 15LE, liquors begin at 28LE, while mixed drinks normal around 60LE.

It’s one of the places you must try!

Le Deauville Restaurants

Location: Next to Bar Ten, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Cuisine: French

Dining in El Gouna can be a lovely affair; particularly on the Abu Tig Marina, where their tables along the promenade by the sea, offering a cool wind and a front perspective of the Red Sea.

Le Deauville is a settled French place that guarantees a genuine French climate and cooking. The outside patio is ensured by the blue window shades, as blue square pots carting flooding blooms box away the seating zone from bystanders. Inside, the white-washed dividers are sporadically improved with vintage French pop posters, photographs of superstar supporters and a board showing Le Deauville's wine list.

Le Deauville is overseen by a French couple, who are unmistakably and evidently French.

The menu is short and constrained to five choices every course, except every alternative is culinary flawlessness. Starters mostly are of coquilles which costs (79LE) was a modest serving of three poached scallops presented with dainty cuts of carrots and pumpkin served in a very mouth watering dish. In spite of the fact that the scallops could have been flame broiled all the more on one side, the delicious sauce will made eat till ever little bit of the dish.

The filet boeuf or meat filet will cost you (119LE) came in two parts of medium-uncommon meat filets pieces cooked as you them to be cooked. With a side of green serving of mixed greens and potatoes, this dish could undoubtedly be had again for breakfast, lunch and supper the following day; this is how great it is!

Pier 88 Restaurants

Location: Opposite the CIB Bank, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Pier 88 is one of this Red Sea resort's best and exceptional feasting spots to have a date. Pier 88 can be come to through a wooden board precisely as though you're on a watercraft. The venue is given an easy yet interesting appeal by its wooden floors, white wooden tables, a bar encompassing an open kitchen with red cowhide high seats, and dim lounge chairs embellished with highly handmade pads.

Whether you stroll in for lunch or have an occupying for supper and beverages, you can never turn out badly with the assortment of dishes on Pier 88's menu, joined by the beautiful perspective of the Abu Tig marina by night. The prices starts from 25 LE to 150 LE according to the dish you choose.

Le Garage Restaurant

Location: Next to Cbar and Moods, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Le Garage is a most loved among numerous in the Red Sea, very beautiful scenery, delicious menu and an amazing service.

While indoor seating is given in a brilliantly shaded space, and you would love to try eat there by the moon light.

Guests come to Le Garage for one thing; the delicious juicy burgers. The menu includes many options, you will find any burger type you favor, you can mix your own sandwich and many other great things.

Burger-wise, the chicken burger will cost you about (85LE) accompanies camembert, cranberries and cheese, a side of green plate of mixed greens and fat, delicious fries.

The meat burger excellent (82LE) accompanied cheddar, tomato, onion and pickles, a side with onion rings. The burger itself was thick and expertly barbecued, leaving a smoky flavor and the meat properly succulent and chewy.

Maritim Restaurant

Location: Opposite La Scala and Saigon, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Cuisine: International

Arranged on one of the primary beautiful places of Abu Tig Marina, Maritim is one of the best places for a having a delicious breakfast, early afternoon snack or even more terrific; a calm, unfussy supper. The Swedish proprietors chose to keep the style and menu of this spot basic, while keeping up the marina air. Their breakfast dishes incorporate the Maritim breakfast, which comprises of omelet, with cheddar, turkey slices, croissant, a basket of bread and jam, espresso and freshly squeezed orange cost around 30LE, and the English breakfast cost an (additional 30LE).

For a lunch you can have the warm side of potato gratin with the tasty cheddar for only (15LE) and the heavenly fresh fish; a blend of shrimp, crab meat and calamari moved with cheddar is flawless, and it will cost about (90LE).

Different popular things on the menu incorporate their mushroom soup (40LE).

The menu likewise has a mixture of fish dishes, the salmon steak is delicious and only for (79LE)

Maritim additionally serves fine wine and liquor: a container of Heineken or Stella will cost you give or take 30LE and a glass of wine begins at around 40LE. Maritim additionally serves all juice types, soda and hot drinks.

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