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10:53 a.m. 23.05.15

Amazing 5 Restaurants You Must Try In El Gouna

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Kiki’s Restaurant

Location: Inside Dawar El Omda Hotel, Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

Eating space is given both indoors and outdoors. The external patio is to a great degree appealing with its alabaster-toned candles, warm lamps, striped pads, couches and wooden tables. The stylistic layout is basic and casual, all that much like the great climate of El Gouna.

Actually Kiki's nourishment is great. For a canapé, the bistro serving of mixed greens (45LE) which is great compared to other places. The blends sound mouth-watering, in the wake of a prolonged day at the shoreline. Kiki's additionally offers ostrich meat that is everyone’s favorite, in case you're feeling you need to try something new and delicious, and it’s only for (65LE).

The pasta with pesto sauce costs (50LE) is great, if you a pasta lover. The lasagna costs (65LE), its layers blended well with the white cream and tomato sauce. The chicken piaziola costs (65LE) chicken filet mozzarella, olives, escapades and oregano. It's a chaotic dish; and the flavors mix well together, making it a fantastic feast.

Try the crêpe à l'orange, which accompanied a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and had a shockingly tart, fiery flavor for (45LE). Juices, wine and sodas normal around 15LE, liquors begin at 28LE, while mixed drinks normal around 60LE.

It’s one of the places you must try!

Le Deauville Restaurants

Location: Next to Bar Ten, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Cuisine: French

Dining in El Gouna can be a lovely affair; particularly on the Abu Tig Marina, where their tables along the promenade by the sea, offering a cool wind and a front perspective of the Red Sea.

Le Deauville is a settled French place that guarantees a genuine French climate and cooking. The outside patio is ensured by the blue window shades, as blue square pots carting flooding blooms box away the seating zone from bystanders. Inside, the white-washed dividers are sporadically improved with vintage French pop posters, photographs of superstar supporters and a board showing Le Deauville's wine list.

Le Deauville is overseen by a French couple, who are unmistakably and evidently French.

The menu is short and constrained to five choices every course, except every alternative is culinary flawlessness. Starters mostly are of coquilles which costs (79LE) was a modest serving of three poached scallops presented with dainty cuts of carrots and pumpkin served in a very mouth watering dish. In spite of the fact that the scallops could have been flame broiled all the more on one side, the delicious sauce will made eat till ever little bit of the dish.

The filet boeuf or meat filet will cost you (119LE) came in two parts of medium-uncommon meat filets pieces cooked as you them to be cooked. With a side of green serving of mixed greens and potatoes, this dish could undoubtedly be had again for breakfast, lunch and supper the following day; this is how great it is!

Pier 88 Restaurants

Location: Opposite the CIB Bank, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Pier 88 is one of this Red Sea resort's best and exceptional feasting spots to have a date. Pier 88 can be come to through a wooden board precisely as though you're on a watercraft. The venue is given an easy yet interesting appeal by its wooden floors, white wooden tables, a bar encompassing an open kitchen with red cowhide high seats, and dim lounge chairs embellished with highly handmade pads.

Whether you stroll in for lunch or have an occupying for supper and beverages, you can never turn out badly with the assortment of dishes on Pier 88's menu, joined by the beautiful perspective of the Abu Tig marina by night. The prices starts from 25 LE to 150 LE according to the dish you choose.

Le Garage Restaurant

Location: Next to Cbar and Moods, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Le Garage is a most loved among numerous in the Red Sea, very beautiful scenery, delicious menu and an amazing service.

While indoor seating is given in a brilliantly shaded space, and you would love to try eat there by the moon light.

Guests come to Le Garage for one thing; the delicious juicy burgers. The menu includes many options, you will find any burger type you favor, you can mix your own sandwich and many other great things.

Burger-wise, the chicken burger will cost you about (85LE) accompanies camembert, cranberries and cheese, a side of green plate of mixed greens and fat, delicious fries.

The meat burger excellent (82LE) accompanied cheddar, tomato, onion and pickles, a side with onion rings. The burger itself was thick and expertly barbecued, leaving a smoky flavor and the meat properly succulent and chewy.

Maritim Restaurant

Location: Opposite La Scala and Saigon, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Cuisine: International

Arranged on one of the primary beautiful places of Abu Tig Marina, Maritim is one of the best places for a having a delicious breakfast, early afternoon snack or even more terrific; a calm, unfussy supper. The Swedish proprietors chose to keep the style and menu of this spot basic, while keeping up the marina air. Their breakfast dishes incorporate the Maritim breakfast, which comprises of omelet, with cheddar, turkey slices, croissant, a basket of bread and jam, espresso and freshly squeezed orange cost around 30LE, and the English breakfast cost an (additional 30LE).

For a lunch you can have the warm side of potato gratin with the tasty cheddar for only (15LE) and the heavenly fresh fish; a blend of shrimp, crab meat and calamari moved with cheddar is flawless, and it will cost about (90LE).

Different popular things on the menu incorporate their mushroom soup (40LE).

The menu likewise has a mixture of fish dishes, the salmon steak is delicious and only for (79LE)

Maritim additionally serves fine wine and liquor: a container of Heineken or Stella will cost you give or take 30LE and a glass of wine begins at around 40LE. Maritim additionally serves all juice types, soda and hot drinks.

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