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noon 23.05.15

Trip to Dendera Temple from El Gouna

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While making the most of your get-away in Al Gouna, why not take a day to investigate one of the most eminent Pharaonic sanctuaries the Temple of Dendera, situated around 171 kilometers from el Gouna 60 kilometers north of Luxor?  This sanctuary is surprising, finely protected, and have critical verifiable hugeness.

Visit Dendera sanctuary which is back to 125 BC and was devoted to goddess Hathor - cow headed lady and known by Goddess of Love this sanctuary. It is calm and exceptional due to the way that the rooftop is still in place and guests can respect the excellent roof portraying the hours of the day and night and the voyaging adventure of the sun, the moon and the stars over.

This temple was the main place of worship of goddess Hathor the goddess of heaven and love and is considered one of the most famous sites of ancient Egypt. The emperors Domitian, Trajan and Nerua built a temple, to which Hathor, Horus and their son Ihi, the god of music, is dedicated.

It was repeatedly renovated and rebuilt since it had been standing there since the time of the Old Empire cult buildings. This complex is situated within brick walls with a length of 290 m and 230 m wide and next to the Temple of Hathor are two birth houses, a holy lake, a temple of Isis and in between the two birth houses is a Coptic church and the remains of an old sanatorium.

It was constructed in the first century BC, amid the rule of the last Ptolemy and the ruler Augustus, in the spot of a more established asylum (from the season of the Old Empire).

Bolstered from 24 extensive segments Along the inside dividers are four lines on top of one another with portrayals of Roman Emperor Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero offering presents to respect Hathor and alternate Gods. Here you can see the lord wearing the Lower Egyptian crown leaves his royal residence took after by his Ka. Also you can see Horus, with the hawk head, and Thot, with the leader of an ibis, pour the baptismal water over the ruler, it is the water of life which uncovers the water stream as a column of imperative signs and the defensive goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt favor the ruler.

Focused in the center of The roof of the chamber are flying vultures and sun and is partitioned by an Architrave into seven fields, all with galactic presentations.. Both sides are totally symmetrical: pictures of the periods of the moon and the sun amid the 12 hours of the day, the hours of the day and night, and lords of stars in the external zones, for every situation, the sky goddess Nut with photos of the Zodiac with stars in their bodies, some are still exceptionally brilliant


The six segments of the lobby end in a rich composite capital on which a bust of Hathor's head sits. Their bases and two lower drums are made of stone, the remaining parts or sandstone.

Down to the sacrificial Hall From conciliatory corridor there are side stairs paving the way to the rooftop. Over the silver room you can get to the delightful stand where Hathor praised his birthday. On the roof is the sky goddess, she sends her beams to the haven of Dendera, on a mountain with two trees sits Hathor's head bearing the sun. From the conciliatory lobby are two stair cases prompting the rooftop, on the dividers serious parades and New Years festivals have occurred.

They convey the clique pictures of Hathor onto the sanctuary rooftop so that the goddess, through the beams of her dad Re, can be united. On the roof of the focal room is, in round divine representation, the cast copy of the Dendera Zodiac, whose renowned unique is currently in the Louver in Paris. In the back room is a window with the pictures of the dead and re-risen Osiris. The pictures raise the stairwell in the north-west corner up to the rooftop. From here is a marvelous all encompassing perspective of the sanctuary grounds, the Nile Valley and the far off desert mountains.

Also you can see The Coptic Church which is from the late 5th century and it serves as a model for an antiquated Egyptian church.

Expenses & Guiding

Charge for adults is 35 L.E.

Charge for students is half of Adult Price.

Charge for kids is half of Adult Price.

You can bring along your own camera and a camera stand with no extra charges.

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