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Sahel (North coast) season in Egypt is at present at its top, particularly given the way that the blessed month of Ramadan is round the corner, and numerous nightspots are set to close amid that time. This mid-year, it would seem that a large portion of Cairo's top nightspots and boutiques also the celebrating swarm has joined in the week by week relocation toward the North.

How to Get There

Egypt's North Coast by and large begins at Sidi Kreer resort, a half-hour from Alexandria, as far as possible up to Marsa Matrouh, a stunning 290km away. The resorts do not have a particular location, since the North Coast is one straight street, however they're alluded to as 'Km 40' or 'Km 120,' which means their separation from Alexandria. For Cairenes, the best way to get to Sahel is by means of the Wadi Natroun Street, situated off the Cairo-Alex Desert Road at around 120KM from Cairo. On the off chance that you drive inside as far as possible (as you ought to), achieving the course from the Cairo entryways ought to take you a hour and a half or three hours in case you're sufficiently unfortunate to be gotten in the Thursday night clampdown at the doors.

From Wadi Natroun to Marina is another 150km (plus or minus), and be exhorted that there are a few activity control focuses along the way; so don't be doltish and speed. Additionally remember that there might be long crevices between petrol stations; so fuel up at Masters rest house, 15-minutes before the course's passageway, or at the primary laid house point on Wadi Natroun Road, which has a McDonald's drive-through. Once at the North Coast passage entryways, take a privilege to make a beeline for Rowad, Balah and other loose North Coast shorelines, or left to Marina.

An insignificant twenty minutes after Marina is Marassi/Sidi Abdel Rahman and the Diplomats' Beach. Hacienda White and Hacienda take after 50 minutes, while Ghazala shoreline and Sidi Heneesh shoreline are found just about two hours from Wadi Natroun. Once more, your landing time depends exclusively on how quick you'll be driving, and please take note of that the street amongst Hacienda and Sidi Heneesh is just about pitch-dark around evening time and brimming with hazardous pot-openings.

On account of the new Cairo-Alexandria expressway, the over two hour drive has never been simpler. New bridges have enhanced movement stream and security and the expressway now has more extensive paths and better lighting. Solid hindrances have been introduced on both sides to bring down the danger of mischance created by walkers crossing the street.

Simply ensure you get to the toll station in front of the shoreline bound group right on time.

Transportation within the North Coast

For those who are heading to SAHEL, and in need to treat themselves to every one of the excursions all over the place around there, nothing could be less demanding; on account of the Uber Al-Sahel. This is another, 24-hour administration dispatched this late spring.

It furnishes North Coast-goers with a safe and GPS-followed transportation administration. Uber were behind the splendid thought and they take additional safeguards to guarantee the wellbeing of their travelers. Alongside the GPS following framework, every one of their drivers take irregular medication tests and wear outfits.

Uber Al-Sahel will take you anyplace you have to go, at whatever time of the day, from the North Coast. It can take all of you the best approach to Cairo or Alexandria and back once more. It implies that youngsters can now go out progressively and stay out later knowing they will have a protected ride back home. Concerning the not really youthful nighttime party-goers, the administration will definitely likewise prove to be useful to help them to not drink and drive. The administration can be called specifically utilizing the Uber Smartphone application.

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There are different approaches to get around El Gouna. In the event that you need to get to the El Gouna Library, set out for some trucking, social club, golf, the Abu Tig Marina, the nearby healing center: these are all more than a 5 moment stroll from downtown.


There are two kinds of tuk tuks. Yellow tuk tuks are 5 L.E. (max 3 persons) and the colored tuk tuks are 4 L.E. pp. same cost for any length of trek. They are extremely sheltered and are generally determined by young fellows matured somewhere around 15 and 20.

Transport/Ferry Services (shuttle boat)

The transport administrations are standard (10-15mins) and there are 3 lines. You can get a guide from your inn or the data focus in downtown.

 This service is awesome to keep your cash and expenses only 5 LE for a day leave behind to 1am. The week after week pass is 20 L.E. which is incredible! Simply don't free your pass!

The passes incorporate the ships from Tamr Henna breakwater which take you to zeytona shoreline and some other inn wharfs however it’s stunning just to go for the touring.

Limosine Service

This is what is called the smaller than expected taxicab benefit in El Gouna. You pay diverse costs for the nature of the vehicle. There is a 10 trip every day bargain. They likewise have a handout at the costs they charge to diverse areas around El Gouna including the airplane terminal. They are not so much limousines or even extravagance autos, so don't expect excessively!

Alerts - once in a while, Limo driver or a tuk tuk driver may need to give a companion a lift. Some limo drivers may need to give a mate a lift from get to drop off. You can acknowledge this, taking into account your level of solace, yet you can arrange to pay a marked down cost.

This practice could bring about genuine alerts in different countries, in any case, El Gouna Egypt, is truly sheltered.

El Gouna has a broad transport framework. They keep running on a predefined circuit and meet at the Bus station.

Auto Rental:  there are two offices which offer this: Orascom Limousine at Tamr Henna and El Gouna Limousine at Sheraton Miramar.

Bikes: if you are a bike rider and love to move around using that then you will love this. Always find bikes available before any hotel in El Gouna to use it as a good transport mean over there

Taxi Service:  Inside El Gouna is about 20 LE; you will also find taxis at Hurghada Airport for about 100 LE to El Gouna .

Transport Bus: Transport Busses are running from 8 am to 12am, with the exception of the West Golf line which takes break from 3pm – 5pm. If you use the bus frequently then you can make use of the offers available: the Everyday ticket is about 5 LE, the Weekly Ticket is about 10 LE and the Monthly Ticket is about 30 LE (photo required)  

Transport Boat: The van Boat departs from the main issue of Kafr El Gouna to all lodgings and to Zeytona Beach.  They keep running from 9 am till 5 pm.

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El Gouna is Located 35 kilometers north of Hurghada International AirportEl Gouna is only a short flight from Europe’s major capitals.

To come to El Gouna you have several options:

By plane: There are daily flights from main European cities to Cairo, and connecting flights from Cairo to Hurghada International Airport with only 5 hours flying time.There are direct flights once or twice a week from all European cities to Hurghada.

By car: 5 hours trip from Cairo to El Gouna through good tarmac condition and fantastic scenery during the day. Having international driving license is necessary for the foreigners; seat belts are compulsory and speed limits along the road. There is availability of Car rental with special rates for weekly rental.

By coach: GO BUS from Cairo to El Gouna and vice versa 5 times a day. The trip takes 7 hours. The ticket office is available in El Gouna downtown for two types of coaches, first class and second class.

By boat: Ferryboat twice a day lasts 90 minutes From Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada harbor and back.

Around El Gouna:

El Gouna is a small town and Getting around El Gouna resort is very easy with different means of transport to go from one side of the town to another within minutes.The roads are very quiet and have pavements for pedestrians to walk along safely.

You can choose from:

Tok-Tok: is a three Wheel Motor Taxi for maximum three persons. One way ride costs 5 LE per person.Just go out and you will find them immediately. Tok-Toks are very safe and are usually driven by young men aged between 15 and 20.

Limousine: it is called in El Gouna the mini cab service; you can pay different prices according to the quality of the vehicle. They also have a brochure for their charges to different locations around El Gouna.

Shuttle Bus: El Gouna has an extensive shuttle bus system. Go Bus Company provides buses every 15/30 minutes. One day ticket price: 5 L.E., 1 week ticket price: 20 LE. You can get a map from your hotel or the information center in down town and meet at the bus station all over the whole resort.

Motorcycles: You can pick one at the entrance of Down Town and at Petrol Station.

Bicycles: they are available in front of any Hotel in El Gouna.

Shuttle Boat: it covers the whole Resort from the water sides with weekly ticket Euro 3 unlimited use. It starts from the central Point of Kafr El Gouna to all hotels and to Zeytouna Beach.

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El Gouna has become a very popular holiday destination located between the majestic red mountains and the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea Riviera. El Gouna is a quiet and relaxing resort of sandy beaches and ideal temperature all year round.

El Gouna is easily accessed from Europe via Hurghada International Airport. But from Cairo there are several public buses companies.The most popular one and may be the best known as it offers moderated prices is Go bus or El Gouna bus company.

You can take El Gouna bus, also known as Go Bus, which is the name of the operating company that runs directly between El Gouna and Cairo. Go bus has two stations in Cairo at El-Tahrir near Ramsis Hilton Hotel and opposing El-Seka sporting club in Nasr City. In Hurghada the station is located at El Nasr Rd. El-Dahar.

Go bus is the first private sector company working in public transport under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport since 1998

It has a long history in its field of work with focus on welfare of the client, and satisfaction with unique services and features through large number of high trained staff which are only found at Go Bus.

You can purchase your ticket any time before your departure or book it online via their site.

El Gouna bus is comfy depending on the class:

First Class

This service provides comfortable seats for the convenience of the customer with an air condition, a video player, and bathroom and in addition to a free snack and high hospitality of Go Bus to the customer.

Royal Class

This is an air-conditioned bus, with bathroom and video player, equipped with premium seats, a free meal and free drinks. The trip on this bus is direct to the drop-off station, making the journey time minimalistic

With new Elite Plus service includes 31 seats, with an LCD for each passenger seat for watching movies, listening to music and accessing the satellite. This bus also provides a snack, tea, coffee and water.

All classes of Go Bus company guarantee its travelers safe and comfortable journey even if it takes long time.

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