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Best Seafood Restaurants in El Gouna

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El Gouna is on the Rea Sea, which will assure you having a great seafood experience. El Gouna seafood restaurants offer many fish and sea food dishes, a try worthy!

We will guide you through the best of these restaurants that you should try when visiting El Gouna.


Location: Downtown, Enas El Deghaidy Street, El Gouna, Hurghada

A decent esteem choice in the heart of El Gouna, this place serves an extensive variety of fish and additionally steaks at night. At the same time, it offers a menu of sandwiches and light snacks amid the day, including a flavorful Egyptian shawarma, in the event that you need to get a snack to eat while you are out on the town nearby. There's a porch sitting above the square, so you can watch beauty of the sea.

Surf & Turf

Location: Next to Thai Elephant, Downtown El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

While you are at El Gouna, you should get to discover Surf and Turf and to enjoy great degree satisfaction with the sustenance and administration. The crisp fish is exceptionally delectable and the segments were incredible. They give the guests some free Egyptian starters. Perhaps on the grounds that they weren't extremely occupied eating a free dish, it has a wonderful astonishment through the night. General the place was perfect the staff, gourmet specialist and of course the fish.

El Sayadin

Location: Moevenpick resort and spam El Gouna, Hurghada

What preferable place over a sea view shack to appreciate a languid lunch or supper? The weathered wooden deck of El Sayadin, by the resort's primary bay, is the perfect spot to take in the phenomenal shorelines and seascapes of El Gouna. The menu joins incredible red sea fish with Egyptian gourmet touch. Begin with a mezze and afterward tuck into the barbecued fresh fish, salmon served three ways, or just try the fried seafood. The place's around 5 minutes walk from downtown.

Fish Market

Location: Beside Ebeid Supermarket, Downtown El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

Fish fans were charmed at the opening of Americana's first Fish Market in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1990. Now the famous restaurant is opened at El Gouna. Offering a universe of fish decisions cooked to satisfy you, the Fish Market affix acquainted clients with the idea of taking their pick from a choice crisply discovered fish, then having it steamed, barbecued or as you wish, before being presented with an extraordinary exhibit of crisp and oriental plates of mixed greens. Notwithstanding fine fish food, Fish Market convey a delightful eating knowledge through their prime areas, which offer stupendous all encompassing perspectives of the ocean or, as on account of its Egypt areas, the River Nile. Nowadays, there are about 9 Fish Market in the area, with most of them in Egypt.

The Smokery

Location: El Gouna Yacht Club, Abou Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

It’s ideal for gathering social occasion and easygoing food and beverages. Being so cool, the indoor seating was very decent. The extensive glass windows, post onto the club and the stylistic theme are refreshing. Made for the most part of dark and dim shades, unmistakable mosaic emphasizes and tables secured in red flower tablecloths. It gives an environment that is more suited to a sunny weekend morning than a blustery night to enjoy the sea view.

The administration was exceedingly benevolent and to start they will brought to you starters – which was pleasantly cool, firm, and totally delightful.

Your other starter should be the salmon tartar sauce (80LE), which is likewise great and delicious. With a superbly vigorous serving of mixed greens as an afterthought, the elements of the tartar sauce were intense and flavorful, yet still sufficiently adjusted to please unadventurous eaters.

The cooked salmon (170LE) accompanies scallops, regular vegetables, and pureed potatoes, finished with a shower of sauce of teriyaki. The fish itself is phenomenal, just like the scallops and the blend of vegetables are rich and delectable.

The salmon (130LE) is cooked in a kind of breath taking style preparation, doused in a sauce of vegetables. Once more, the salmon was barbecued to flawlessness, and with a dazzling lemon juice and the dish was as light and as solid as a supper can be. On the off chance that you're not a salmon fan, the Smokery likewise serves a couple filet dishes including starters and other delicious courses. There are tons of things to choose from!

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