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Sahl Hashish has become to be known as “Red Sea Riviera” thanks to its mesmerizing beauty. And since not a very long time, Sahl Hashish has imposed itself as one of the most famous touristic destinations in Egypt and it has become one of the top Egypt attractions. When you first step into Sahl Hashish you’ll feel as if you were in fairytale. At the entrance of the resort, you will be received by a number of Pharaonic statues.


Sahl Hashish is located on Red Sea coastline just 18 km away from Hurghada and 450 km away from Cairo with the area of 41,000 km²; nearly two thirds of Manhattan Island. Sahl Hashish is consisted of upscale resorts and that is why it has become a very suitable destination for family holidays and it has become very prominent amongst other Red Sea destinations.

Where to Stay in Sahl Hashish

If you were to start searching for accommodation in Sahl Hashish, you will definitely be in confusion since there are tens of luxurious hotels you can choose from and most of them will have sea view rooms. Top 5 hotels in Sahl Hashish are:

Old Palace Resort

Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

Palm Beach Piazza

Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh (a fairly new hotel)

There are other hotels and resorts that will cost between 60 and 70 USD per night.

Now you must be wondering: what are the things to do in Sahl Hashish to make the most out of your vacation.

Diving: One of the main reasons why tourists are attracted to Sahl Hashish is the many spots to dive. You will definitely find rare species of fish, coral and aquatic creatures that cannot be found elsewhere. Additionally, there is a Pharaonic underwater village; you will get the feeling of time travelling.

Glass Boat Cruise: On the off chance that you cannot dive for one reason or another, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to experience the wonders of Red Sea. Going on glass boat cruise is a perfectly safe way to watch one of a kind marine life.

Golf: Golf enthusiasts will have the time of their lives; since there are two world-class golf courses.

Sawari Marina: Soon to be Red Sea’s premium marina; Sawari Marina will host up to 330 yachts.  

Strolling: As mentioned above, Sahl Hashish’s entrance looks like a Pharaonic village. So, don’t miss the chance to stroll down its pathways between the statues.

Shopping: There is a number of shopping malls that have all your needs.

Parties: Sahl Hashish has recently become a party hotspot since it is very vibrant city of nightlife. Every weekend there is a party hosted.

Restaurants: In Sahl Hasish you will find cuisines from different countries around the world. For instance, if you like Italian food there is Pizza Corner. If you like seafood, there are King Fish and Blue Mermaid. If you’re a Chinese food fan, you can have your favorite meal at Mandarin.

Relax: If you prefer to unwind and relax, you will find a number of Spas and health clubs where you can get a massage, take a steam bath or even do some yoga.

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You will be astounded to discover that there are various exercises to be done around evening time in Marsa Alam.


One can go looking for instance as all the ocean resorts of the city have a gathering of shops. These shops essentially offer endowments and gifts like fragrances, pharaonic repeats, little statues, silver and gold adornments, wooden handcrafts, and some Bedouin outfits and artworks. You really can purchase a wonderful silver arm ornament at your affection and its cost will be entirely sensible 

The most essential item that can be purchased from Marsa Alam is herbs. There are a few sorts of herbs which are just developed in Marsa Alam and the range around it and you cannot discover it anyplace else in Egypt. These herbs are valuable for the wellbeing and help in curing numerous ceaseless ailments like diabetes and hypertension. 

Explore Dessert

For vacationers who incline toward more fiery and brave exercises, a great deal of resorts and tourism workplaces offer fascinating diverse visits. One can go in a visit to the desert in the Arabian style riding a camel, viewing the odd rock development in the desert, and after that setting down and have tea and supper in the Bedouin tent that will sit tight for you there. Taste the heavenly Bedouin cooked dishes uniquely the flame broiled veal dishes. On the off chance that you have to accelerate the procedure, you can utilize a shoreline surrey or engine bike rather than the camel. 

Another engrossing visit is to ride a steed close to the ocean or in the desert. There are educators to instruct your children and little girls how to ride youthful steeds. Riding steeds is a standout amongst the most pleasurable exercises to be done in Marsa Alam toward the evening or possibly late during the evening too. 

Dine Out

In each of the bigger resorts in Marsa Alam, there are discos, bars, and distinctive sorts of eateries. The Qamariya Hotel has a disco that was called Ciao Marsa, which is a move place that plays a wide range of music, particularly Latin. Another intriguing spot is Planet Bedouin, which is a tent on the shoreline offering beverages and Shisha consistently. The Bedouin tent likewise offers a few sorts of heavenly Egyptian nourishment like Molokheya, flame broiled meat, Fetta and Koshary. There is a hip twirling show two times each week in the tent. 

The movement groups in the resorts of Marsa Alam never leave the visitors without diversion. In the late evening they composed some kind of gathering moving and acting scenes. 

We will be fortunate on the off chance that it was Thursday as this is the day the lodging sorts out a shoreline party. The ticket for the gathering is around 70 Euros and it incorporates having two beverages. Everyone blends in gathering moves. You can even meet a portion of the companions that you will become more acquainted with from desert visits. Numerous resorts offer shoreline parties at regular intervals to amuse their visitors.

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Considering its place on the Mediterranean and the crossroads between Africa and Asia, Egypt has access to plenty of fruits that could no longer be available in different locations on the earth, primarily North the us. Some of these fruits are exotic through European and North American requisites; whilst others are customary far and wide. 

Under is a record of simply a number of the most tremendous drinks you can find in Egypt, and believe me there's an insane quantity of cocktails to be had to fulfill even essentially the most worrying style buds.


The ingesting of coffee (ahwa) it's still a subculture within the Egyptian culture. The Turkish coffee is essentially the most popular in Egypt. It received its reputation for being tart as it's made out of powdered beans which is brewed in a small pot. There are a few variant of espresso: ahwa sada which is black, ahwa ariha, it is just calmly sweetened simply as ahwa mazboot, and ahwa ziyada which is highly sweet. In most of the lodges and restaurant there are French espresso (Nescafe) served with the breakfast. You need to order sugar and/or milk as good.


Egyptians adopted the customized of tea making and drinking from the Arabians. The tea is served with sugar, milk and lemon on the aspect. The strongest tea is the Bedouin, served in glasses. Shay bil na’na is a very popular mint tea, prepared from dried mint, which is mixed with tea leaves, and this mixture is brewed like within the case of a normal tea.

Qasab (Sugarcane Juice)

A uniquely Egyptian drink, served bloodless it's an extremely good strategy to hold cool within the hot summer days of Egypt. Sugarcane is planted far and wide the south of Egypt the place temperatures and soils are ideal for it. It is a remarkable drink, and in a scorching day it's the ultimate usual picker-upper to get your power again.

Tamrhindi (Tamarind Juice)

Twin to Hibiscus, you're going to usually in finding both of them being served at dinners in various homes in Egypt. It's made quite often the identical method that hibiscus is made; most effective it is normally served bloodless.

Qamar Al-Din (Stewed Apricot Juice)

a hit in Ramadan at each dinner table, together with Tamarind and Hibiscus they are the predominant bloodless refreshment in Ramadan after a long day of fasting they are ideal for a lift of sugar and vigor. Yummy!

Sobia (Coconut with Milk)

A refreshingly cool candy drink generally discovered in Ramadan at nearly each dinner table. Youngsters love it. You could additionally get it year circular at most juice retail outlets.

Kharoob (Carob Juice)

Like Tamarind only a little musky and dark and for some rationale the excellent carob juice is determined in Alexandria. It is served cold.

Sahlab (Orchid)

Basically made from dried and beaten orchis mascula, other ingredients include sesame seeds, Coconut, sugar, milk, and topped with raisins and nuts. It is rather candy and served hot, first-class solution to warm up pleasant within the wintry weather. The quality Sahlab is customarily found at espresso retail outlets.

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On the subject of food, Egyptians recognize their means around. Food is at all times offered with generosity; certainly not anticipate to be fed small parts, and continuously be ready for surprising extras on the apartment, such as freshly baked bread and dips, or a refreshing after-meal cup of “karkadeh” (hibiscus tea).

An Egyptian delicacy caters to all types of palates, including hard-core carnivores, vegetarians and vegans. It's simple and tasty, by and large relying on veggies, herbs, lamb and chook.

Get to know one of the most ought to-consume Egyptian staples.


Known in different middle Japanese international locations as falafel, this delicious vegetarian pleasant food is a staple in Egypt. It's pounded extensive beans mixed with plenty of spices, molded into the shape of a miniature doughnut, deep fried unless it is nice and crunchy, then made right into a sandwich with lots of veggies and tahini sauce. It is among the most noted Egyptian sandwiches, and the satisfactory taameya is more often than not observed at street providers or small household shops.

Hamam Mahshi (Stuffed Pigeon)

Mouthwateringly succulent, these small pigeons are stuffed with rice or “fereek” (inexperienced wheat) after which roasted. Whilst eating, it’s endorsed that you watch out for the tiny bones. One among Egypt’s most cherished dishes, it’s undoubtedly worth making an attempt, you'll to find many places that serve this forte at the entrance to Khan el Khalili in Cairo, and it can also be discovered at upscale eateries. The pigeon has one more style than fowl and the meat is a little darker, it is stuffed with flavor and the stuffing is delectable.

Umm Ali

 Made with layers of bread soaked in milk and bursting with raisins and frequently nuts, then baked within the oven except the outside is golden brown, this Egyptian area of expertise is adored around the Middle East. The result is a creamy cake like conclude with raisin explosions to your mouth. The quality Umm Ali is dwelling cooked but you are going to find it at most neighborhood Egyptian restaurants. It is also, as a rule, served on Nile Cruises.

Dawood Basha

 Made with small balls of kofta (ground meat with parsley and onions), cooked in a thick tomato sauce and served on a mattress of rice and garnished with roasted pine nuts, this hearty and delicious meal is a favorite within the Middle East. The satisfactory Dawood Basha is made with lamb and is cooked at residence, but many restaurants serve it on their menus. You are aware of it is cooked correct when the tomato sauce does not overpower the taste of the meat. This dish was named after a distinguished Ottoman baby-kisser.

Fteer Baladi

Sometimes called Egyptian pizza, fiteer is buttery and artery-clogging goodness. It’s product of layers upon layers of filo dough and cooked in a gigantic brick oven. The common is served plain, however it may also be ordered candy (with honey, syrup, and/or powdered sugar), or savory (with meat, veggies, and/or cheese).

Kebab & Kofta

Kofta is minced lamb with spices rolled onto a skewer and barbecued over coals. Think spiced meatballs shaped like a sausage. Kabab is even better – juicy chunks of professional beef cooked over coals on a skewer.

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Taba Heights is our completely independent resort town, created after the effective model of El Gouna. Taba Heights includes an aggregate area territory of roughly 4 million m2, of which around 2.5 million m2 has been created.

Taba Heights is situated in Taba, a little Egyptian town close to the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Sinai Peninsula, around a couple of hunderd kms north of Sharm el-Sheikh, which makes it a famous beginning stage for outings to UNESCO World Heritage destinations, for example, the cloister of Saint Catherine, the rose-red city of Petra, the desert of Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. Taba International Airport is just roughly 25 km far from Taba Heights.

The town offers an extensive variety of universal standard offices, for example, a restorative focus, kid childcare administrations and an enthusiastic town focus. Moreover, the town highlights 100 outlets including bistros, bars, resturaunts and shopping places, 25  swimming pool resorts, different spas and a 18-gap golf. Furthermore, Taba Heights offers a yacht marina with berthing limit for 50 yachts and gives overnight mooring.

What's special about Taba Heights?

Taba Heights is basically a smaller accumulation of four as of late assembled five-star resort inns -  MariottHyatt RegencyInterContinental and a Sofitel - and a four-star, comprehensive property, the Three Corners, organized cheek by cheek along the Red Sea coast close to the Israeli fringe.

Moreover, there is a green area, a water sports focus, Waterworld, a marina, and a little "uptown" region, served by a free transport benefit, that is home to a couple shops and eateries. A Club Med property is under development.

Around evening time you can see the lights of Eilat, Aqaba and Saudi Arabia twinkling over the Gulf of Aqaba.

What to see and do?

Taba Heights is about unwinding marvellous trips; there's next to no in the plasces for nightlife. Common amusement at the inns incorporates nearby music exhibitions and belly dance.

Basically every one of the lodgings have the same shoreline and gloat a scope of pool offices. For the individuals who can drag themselves off their sunloungers, there is a fairway, and Waterworld has branches in the distinctive resorts. For snorkeling, the best coral is close to the Hyatt end of the strip. Furthermore, obviously, the Red Sea is acclaimed for its diving spots.

Outside the resorts, there's little to do in the quick zone. Choices incorporate jeep safaris in close-by Colored Canyon, vessel outings and investigating Pharaoh's Island. In any case, there are loads of fun plans.

There is an abundance of exercises for holidaymakers at Taba Heights, most centring around water games, for example, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing and cruising. Marine life incorporates whale sharks, dolphins, littler fish and ocean stallions. 

There is a fairway which has been positioned among the main 100 greens on the planet. Quad biking in the desert simply outside Taba Heights is additionally exceptionally mainstream. 

Taba Heights resort offers a week by week road celebration with free stimulation, and there is an assortment of resturaunts and bars along the shopping promenade.

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