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Take a 1.5 – 2 hour tour to experience the aquatic treasures of the Red Sea in glass. Hurghada Grand Aquarium is an ideal family day outing where you can get a close up glimpse of over 100 animals including: nurse shark, stingrays, green sea turtle and eagle rays in addition to different species of reptiles and birds displayed in 24 galleries.


Between Magawish Village Resort and Mercure hotel on Hurghada – Safaga road

Operating Hours

7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Last entry allowed at 6 p.m.

Pricing and Booking

Booking in advance is preferred. To book online, visit Hurghada Grand Aquarium’s official website, click “Reservation” enter the details required and you will get a voucher that you will be asked to provide upon arrival; online payment is not available.

Foreign Residents: $20.00 for adults / $10.00 for children between 3 and 10 years of age (10% off for online booking)

Tourists: $30.00 for adults/ $15.00 for children between 3 and 10 years of age (15% off for online booking)

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is Divided into

Rainforest: the lighting, sounds, rainfall and whole atmosphere will make you feel as if you’re amid a real life tropical rainforest. You will have the opportunity to feed the fish

Mini Zoo: this is the first only zoo in Hurghada and the surrounding towns

Fossil Exhibit: where you can see skeletons of whales that were discovered Whales Valley (Wadi Al-Hitan) in Al Fayyum, Egypt (150 KM from Cairo)

Marine Aquarium: different species of fish well show-cased in small tanks with labels that have basic information on each fish specie 

Underwater Tunnel: where you will be surrounded by tens of aquatic treasures in a more than magnificent scene

Fresh Water Aquarium: where you will get the chance to watch live show performed by divers and sharks

Traditional Arabian Tent: the place to experience Bedouin life style

Aquarium Café: where you can get a drink or a snack

You Should Know That

Smoking inside the Aquarium is not allowed.

Food and beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic) are not allowed inside the Aquarium. However, there are picnic tables and benches around the parking area where you can have your meal.

Pets are not allowed. However, service dogs are allowed.

Photography is allowed provided that you don’t use flash.


Tour guides are available upon request.

Private special events can be celebrated in the Aquarium with prior planning.

Professional photographers are available for extra charges upon request. Photographer will be with you during the whole tour and will take as many pictures as you want. By the end of your tour, you will be shown all the pictures that have been taken and you can decide which pictures to purchase.

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11:52 p.m. 11.10.16


Between Taba Check Point and the popular camp of Basata, Castle Zaman is located on a desert hill with a dramatic view over the Gulf of Aqaba. 40 KM away from Taba and 25 KM away from Nuweiba, Castla Zaman is definitely a must visit if you’re ever to stay at either of them.


Castle Zaman is often mistaken for a camp or some sort of accommodation. Well, it’s not! Castle Zaman is a place where you can spend an incredibly relaxing day swimming in its signature natural stone pool while waiting for your meal to be ready. If you’re not into swimming you can still enjoy the sun and the pristine one of a kind view with a cool drink while sitting on the super comfy bean bags.

The venue has done its best not to disturb the surroundings with its earth tone color scheme. Castle Zaman has been constructed using only stones from nearby mountains; no concrete, no metal used. Chairs and tables are made of reclaimed wood and light fixtures are handmade from recycled glass. The floor is scattered is tiled with pebbles. The atmosphere is set to make you feel you are in the heart of nature.  

Menu and Prices

Let’s start with the bar. Fresh juice, cool beer and cocktails are available. Prices start at 30 up to 70 L.E. Size of the cups is considered to be small.

Now off to food. Castle Zaman is regarded as the only restaurant in the Middle East where you can experience the traditional slow “Castle Cuisine”. The menu is a bit limited however.

Ultimate Meat Tagine: toasted meat with an assortment of fresh veggies and spices served with a large bowl of brown rice, the legendary Molokhia and salads.

Featured dishes are:

Ultimate Catch of the Day: assortment of fresh caught fish and seafood delicacies (calamari, crab and shrimp) served with spiced wheat germ and salads.

Don’t forget to finish off with mermereya tea served in a quaint ceramic teapot.

Food is served in peculiar pottery dishes. Meals take up to 3 hours to be prepared. Prices start at 120 L.E. but feeds up to three people.

What Else to Expect

Free WiFi

Showers and changing rooms

Beach towels for rent (10 L.E)

Gift shop

Outdoor massage area

Sound system and dance floor

Yoga platform

Keep in mind

You will be charged 100 L.E. at entrance even if you’re just visiting to check the place out. You’re most likely to spend around 300 L.E. during the half-day excursion.

No kids under six allowed.

Reservation several days ahead is required especially on weekends and holidays.

Guests are required to sign a no-substance abuse disclaimer before entrance. If you break this rule, you will be asked to leave the venue immediately.

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6:35 p.m. 31.07.16

Tiran Island Snorkeling Excursion Trip by Boat; Visit Tiran Island, encompassed by delightful reefs, and the disaster area of the SS Thistlegrom. This is a flawless approach to spend a day plunging or snorkeling far from the group, appreciating unblemished reefs, Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling. 

Tiran Island is a standout amongst the most wonderful islands in the Red Sea with a huge history of wrecks that lie far beneath the profound sea. The project is like the well known Ras Mohammed trips, with 2 or 3 stops where you can chill on the watercraft, perusing your most loved book and fixing up your tan, or bounce over the edge to snorkel and swim in completely clear water. 

Snorkeling rigging can be leased on board for the individuals who don't have any, including buoyancy helps for non swimmers at a little cost. The aides are there to help you at all times, will see numerous coral reefs and vivid reef fish in plenitude. 

Lunch will be served on the pontoon, and you can take sodas for the duration of the day. The trek is an awesome approach to encounter the marine existence of the lovely Red Sea, and an unwinding approach to drench up the sublime Sinai daylight. 

Tiran Island is situated at the passageway of the Straits of Tiran, which isolates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba. It has a territory of around 80 km2 (30 sq mi). It is a piece of the Ras Muhammad National Park. Chisholm Point is a cape of Tiran Island. Once in South Sinai, you will irrefutable see Tiran Island, lit up by the night sun and sparkling with its light cocoa yellow appearance acceptable between Sharm El Sheik and Saudi Arabia.

This spot is an exceptionally acclaimed destination for journeys, darling for its enchanting and uncommon nature. For jumpers and snorkelers, this territory is an immaculate heaven, tidal ponds and coral banks being one alongside another. Tiran Island lies in the Gulf of Aqaba, an ocean road which is increasingly 1.800 meters profound. This pulls in numerous guests, since it ensures that the water is completely clear and ideal for submerged games .The most noticeable Snorkeling and plunging destination locales in Tiran Island are: Jackson Reef

Woodhouse Reef

Thomas Reef

Gordon Reef and Kormoran [Zingara]

Appreciate sun washing on the sun deck, snorkeling at the three unique spots on the reef and swim with an assortment of various hued angles, on a fabulous day of fun and sun.

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Dahab is near various intriguing spots to visit. The most evident is Mount Sinai and this can be sorted out through any lodging that you stay at. You leave in the early hours of the morning and ascend oblivious to watch the dawn at the crest. Take some warm garments, however, on the grounds that it's chilly at the top.

North of Dahab is the Blue Hole, which is a celebrated plunging site 200 meters profound. It's additionally awesome for snorkeling and on the off chance that you walk somewhat assist on you will discover a betrayed eatery named El Bells. Here you can enter the water and swim out to the coral divider, which is one of the best areas for snorkeling I have ever experienced.

From the Blue Hole it is conceivable to make it to the disconnected Bedouin town of Ras Abu Galloum. You can leave upon a two-hour stroll along the coast until you achieve the town, or you can ride a camel. The stroll in itself is exceptionally pleasant and once you achieve the town you can lie in a hotel and appreciate the hush. There is not much to do in Abu Galloum but rather the tranquil environment will liquefy every one of your inconveniences away. Take snorkels, in light of the fact that there are some awesome reefs to see and once in a while the ocean turtles will show up. You can stay for the day or you can finish what has been started under the stars. Take some sustenance and beverages with you to see you through. The Bedouins will cook you a dinner in the event that you approach yet you will be charged for it. I very suggest going to Ras Abu Galloum; it's a novel and untainted part of the world with an appeal once in a while discovered somewhere else in Egypt.

A hour's drive from Dahab is the nature store of Nabq. The mangrove timberland becoming out of the shallow water gives a flawless living space to an assortment of natural life. This is an extraordinary day trip for the entire family and particularly birdwatchers. 

Also you can Appreciate Bedouin style BBQ in the Mountains. You will watch the huge number of stars free night sky. Discretionary you can stay in a Bedouin camp for an extraordinary ordeal. Appreciate the friendliness and society as you make the most of your supper and experience the peaceful area. 

Bedouin individuals are incredible has and are surely understood for caring for visitors and making them feel welcome. This is a piece of a custom that has been passed down many generations. Firstly there is the acclaimed Bedouin tea, produced using tea leaf with sugar, and betray herbs of Habaq and marmaraya. The second part of the neighborliness dependably includes sustenance; Bedouin individuals will dependably ensure their visitor are very much invigorated with tea, water and conventional Bedouin nourishment. This incorporates tasty Bedouin bread cooked on an open flame, rice and either a meat, fish or vegetable dish. The cooking is dependably from new deliver developed or raised locally. They take much pride in their cooking and sustenance is dependably seen as a unique occasion.

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Ras Muhammad is the most well known national park in Egypt and a standout amongst the most renowned plunging destinations on the planet. A national stop that is situated between the rich coral reefs of the Red Sea and the inland abandon of the Sinai-it covers the coral headland at the southernmost tip of Sinai. At the southern end of the headland there is a little remain of Mangrove, Avicennia marina. Underneath the completely clear waters of the Red Sea you'll discover coral reefs abounding with life including assorted qualities of vertebrate and invertebrate species. Marginally further seaward you may spot dolphins, including Risso's Dolphin, Grampus griseus. The range has White Stork, ciconia, amid their yearly relocations.

Around 20 km west of Sharm el-Sheikh out and about from Al-Tor lies the headland of Ras Mohammed National Park, named by neighborhood fishers for a precipice that takes after a man's profile. The waters encompassing the landmass are viewed as the gem in the crown of the Red Sea. The recreation center is gone by every year by more than 50,000 guests, allured by the possibility of wondering about a portion of the world's most breathtaking coral-reef environments, including an abundance of coral animal groups and overflowing marine life. Most, if not all, of the Red Sea's 1000 types of fish can be found in the recreation center's waters, including looked for after pelagics, for example, hammerheads, manta beams and whale sharks. 

Ras Mohammed involves a sum of 480 sq km of area and ocean, incorporating the desert in and around the ras (headland), Tiran Island, and the shoreline between Sharm el-Sheik harbor and Nabq Protectorate. 

Visit the celebrated Ras Mohammed National Park on an entire day visit from Dahab. Venture out through the mangroves to see the differing qualities of plant and creature life living there. At that point appreciate lunch, trailed by swimming and snorkeling in the waters of the Red Sea. 

Go to Ras Mohammed, the most celebrated national park in Egypt and a standout amongst the most renowned destinations for plunging and snorkeling on the planet, on an entire day trip from Dahab. It is situated between the rich coral reefs of the Red Sea and the inland betray of the Sinai, and it covers the coral headland at the southernmost tip of Sinai. Head out at 08.00am in the morning, and after landing at the recreation center, take a drive to the mangroves, where you can get a look at the occupants of the range. At that point stop to appreciate lunch. The rest of your evening will be spent swimming and snorkeling. Underneath the completely clear waters of the Red Sea you will discover coral reefs abounding with life, including differences of vertebrate and invertebrate species.

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