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El Gouna is home to a staggering assortment and superb nature of cooking, with more than 100 diverse feasting outlets to look over extending from fine food to easygoing snack eating and in addition a mixture of bistros and coffeehouses. So, Weather you prefer oriental, Italian, Asian, international, seafood or even Chinese food, you are likely to find a restaurant in every spot in El-Gouna.

Tourists prefer traditional food from where he attributes the countries visited. The Traditional foods of the country are inspired by environmental traits. This kind of food is mostly popular in countries of the Far East Asian countries and Middle East. There are species ranging from the Khaliji food, Egyptian food Indian plates, Moroccan platters and Chinese tasty dishes.

Being in Egypt, there are plenty of food types for example Bedouin food where you can enjoy it in the mountains and deserts. The Nubian and Saidy tasty food which you will never forget is a worth trying experience. Tourists from all over the world come to try these types of cuisines and tastes where it won’t be repeated in any country.

El Gouna has a great variety of oriental restaurants from all over the world where you can enjoy the authentic Arabic atmosphere.  

Orient 1001

Just few Minutes from Sheraton Miramar resort in El Gouna and next to TGI Diving office, in a legitimate oriental atmosphere, A Lebanese-Egyptian cuisine is the best choice if you love Lebanese food.  Put on the oriental costumes and enjoy the Great Lebanese dishes and Egyptian fish in a superb oriental setting situated in an all alone aqua island with Live demonstrates each Sunday and Thursday.


A place that is more than a cuisine; it is a lifetime experience! Go back to past worth remembering times when life was basic! Appreciate the old style way of life of Upper Egypt with wonderful real nourishment, cunning style, agreeable clothing, invigorating drinks and perky conventional music. Dawar El Omda’s Hotel primary eatery stays in accordance with the valid style of the inn and serves unique oriental and worldwide plates.

Oriental grill

Just cross the bridge and you will find yourself in an authentic oriental atmosphere in Kafr El Gouna. Enjoy the barbecue and oriental pastries.

Art village

Try not to pass up a great opportunity of Kafr El Gouna and Art Village to enjoy nearby shops and cafeterias. Open space bistro, Bedouin air with Shisha and beverages.

There are also many other places like Mamounia which is a Moroccan kitchen, Club house, El-Taybeen, Nubian House which serves  traditional dishes.

Next time you visit El Gouna you should try the oriental platters. You will truly find yourself in a sweet authentic environment. 

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