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El Gouna is on the Rea Sea, which will assure you having a great seafood experience. El Gouna seafood restaurants offer many fish and sea food dishes, a try worthy!

We will guide you through the best of these restaurants that you should try when visiting El Gouna.


Location: Downtown, Enas El Deghaidy Street, El Gouna, Hurghada

A decent esteem choice in the heart of El Gouna, this place serves an extensive variety of fish and additionally steaks at night. At the same time, it offers a menu of sandwiches and light snacks amid the day, including a flavorful Egyptian shawarma, in the event that you need to get a snack to eat while you are out on the town nearby. There's a porch sitting above the square, so you can watch beauty of the sea.

Surf & Turf

Location: Next to Thai Elephant, Downtown El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

While you are at El Gouna, you should get to discover Surf and Turf and to enjoy great degree satisfaction with the sustenance and administration. The crisp fish is exceptionally delectable and the segments were incredible. They give the guests some free Egyptian starters. Perhaps on the grounds that they weren't extremely occupied eating a free dish, it has a wonderful astonishment through the night. General the place was perfect the staff, gourmet specialist and of course the fish.

El Sayadin

Location: Moevenpick resort and spam El Gouna, Hurghada

What preferable place over a sea view shack to appreciate a languid lunch or supper? The weathered wooden deck of El Sayadin, by the resort's primary bay, is the perfect spot to take in the phenomenal shorelines and seascapes of El Gouna. The menu joins incredible red sea fish with Egyptian gourmet touch. Begin with a mezze and afterward tuck into the barbecued fresh fish, salmon served three ways, or just try the fried seafood. The place's around 5 minutes walk from downtown.

Fish Market

Location: Beside Ebeid Supermarket, Downtown El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

Fish fans were charmed at the opening of Americana's first Fish Market in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1990. Now the famous restaurant is opened at El Gouna. Offering a universe of fish decisions cooked to satisfy you, the Fish Market affix acquainted clients with the idea of taking their pick from a choice crisply discovered fish, then having it steamed, barbecued or as you wish, before being presented with an extraordinary exhibit of crisp and oriental plates of mixed greens. Notwithstanding fine fish food, Fish Market convey a delightful eating knowledge through their prime areas, which offer stupendous all encompassing perspectives of the ocean or, as on account of its Egypt areas, the River Nile. Nowadays, there are about 9 Fish Market in the area, with most of them in Egypt.

The Smokery

Location: El Gouna Yacht Club, Abou Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

It’s ideal for gathering social occasion and easygoing food and beverages. Being so cool, the indoor seating was very decent. The extensive glass windows, post onto the club and the stylistic theme are refreshing. Made for the most part of dark and dim shades, unmistakable mosaic emphasizes and tables secured in red flower tablecloths. It gives an environment that is more suited to a sunny weekend morning than a blustery night to enjoy the sea view.

The administration was exceedingly benevolent and to start they will brought to you starters – which was pleasantly cool, firm, and totally delightful.

Your other starter should be the salmon tartar sauce (80LE), which is likewise great and delicious. With a superbly vigorous serving of mixed greens as an afterthought, the elements of the tartar sauce were intense and flavorful, yet still sufficiently adjusted to please unadventurous eaters.

The cooked salmon (170LE) accompanies scallops, regular vegetables, and pureed potatoes, finished with a shower of sauce of teriyaki. The fish itself is phenomenal, just like the scallops and the blend of vegetables are rich and delectable.

The salmon (130LE) is cooked in a kind of breath taking style preparation, doused in a sauce of vegetables. Once more, the salmon was barbecued to flawlessness, and with a dazzling lemon juice and the dish was as light and as solid as a supper can be. On the off chance that you're not a salmon fan, the Smokery likewise serves a couple filet dishes including starters and other delicious courses. There are tons of things to choose from!

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Kiki’s Restaurant

Location: Inside Dawar El Omda Hotel, Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada

Eating space is given both indoors and outdoors. The external patio is to a great degree appealing with its alabaster-toned candles, warm lamps, striped pads, couches and wooden tables. The stylistic layout is basic and casual, all that much like the great climate of El Gouna.

Actually Kiki's nourishment is great. For a canapé, the bistro serving of mixed greens (45LE) which is great compared to other places. The blends sound mouth-watering, in the wake of a prolonged day at the shoreline. Kiki's additionally offers ostrich meat that is everyone’s favorite, in case you're feeling you need to try something new and delicious, and it’s only for (65LE).

The pasta with pesto sauce costs (50LE) is great, if you a pasta lover. The lasagna costs (65LE), its layers blended well with the white cream and tomato sauce. The chicken piaziola costs (65LE) chicken filet mozzarella, olives, escapades and oregano. It's a chaotic dish; and the flavors mix well together, making it a fantastic feast.

Try the crêpe à l'orange, which accompanied a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and had a shockingly tart, fiery flavor for (45LE). Juices, wine and sodas normal around 15LE, liquors begin at 28LE, while mixed drinks normal around 60LE.

It’s one of the places you must try!

Le Deauville Restaurants

Location: Next to Bar Ten, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Cuisine: French

Dining in El Gouna can be a lovely affair; particularly on the Abu Tig Marina, where their tables along the promenade by the sea, offering a cool wind and a front perspective of the Red Sea.

Le Deauville is a settled French place that guarantees a genuine French climate and cooking. The outside patio is ensured by the blue window shades, as blue square pots carting flooding blooms box away the seating zone from bystanders. Inside, the white-washed dividers are sporadically improved with vintage French pop posters, photographs of superstar supporters and a board showing Le Deauville's wine list.

Le Deauville is overseen by a French couple, who are unmistakably and evidently French.

The menu is short and constrained to five choices every course, except every alternative is culinary flawlessness. Starters mostly are of coquilles which costs (79LE) was a modest serving of three poached scallops presented with dainty cuts of carrots and pumpkin served in a very mouth watering dish. In spite of the fact that the scallops could have been flame broiled all the more on one side, the delicious sauce will made eat till ever little bit of the dish.

The filet boeuf or meat filet will cost you (119LE) came in two parts of medium-uncommon meat filets pieces cooked as you them to be cooked. With a side of green serving of mixed greens and potatoes, this dish could undoubtedly be had again for breakfast, lunch and supper the following day; this is how great it is!

Pier 88 Restaurants

Location: Opposite the CIB Bank, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Pier 88 is one of this Red Sea resort's best and exceptional feasting spots to have a date. Pier 88 can be come to through a wooden board precisely as though you're on a watercraft. The venue is given an easy yet interesting appeal by its wooden floors, white wooden tables, a bar encompassing an open kitchen with red cowhide high seats, and dim lounge chairs embellished with highly handmade pads.

Whether you stroll in for lunch or have an occupying for supper and beverages, you can never turn out badly with the assortment of dishes on Pier 88's menu, joined by the beautiful perspective of the Abu Tig marina by night. The prices starts from 25 LE to 150 LE according to the dish you choose.

Le Garage Restaurant

Location: Next to Cbar and Moods, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Le Garage is a most loved among numerous in the Red Sea, very beautiful scenery, delicious menu and an amazing service.

While indoor seating is given in a brilliantly shaded space, and you would love to try eat there by the moon light.

Guests come to Le Garage for one thing; the delicious juicy burgers. The menu includes many options, you will find any burger type you favor, you can mix your own sandwich and many other great things.

Burger-wise, the chicken burger will cost you about (85LE) accompanies camembert, cranberries and cheese, a side of green plate of mixed greens and fat, delicious fries.

The meat burger excellent (82LE) accompanied cheddar, tomato, onion and pickles, a side with onion rings. The burger itself was thick and expertly barbecued, leaving a smoky flavor and the meat properly succulent and chewy.

Maritim Restaurant

Location: Opposite La Scala and Saigon, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada

Cuisine: International

Arranged on one of the primary beautiful places of Abu Tig Marina, Maritim is one of the best places for a having a delicious breakfast, early afternoon snack or even more terrific; a calm, unfussy supper. The Swedish proprietors chose to keep the style and menu of this spot basic, while keeping up the marina air. Their breakfast dishes incorporate the Maritim breakfast, which comprises of omelet, with cheddar, turkey slices, croissant, a basket of bread and jam, espresso and freshly squeezed orange cost around 30LE, and the English breakfast cost an (additional 30LE).

For a lunch you can have the warm side of potato gratin with the tasty cheddar for only (15LE) and the heavenly fresh fish; a blend of shrimp, crab meat and calamari moved with cheddar is flawless, and it will cost about (90LE).

Different popular things on the menu incorporate their mushroom soup (40LE).

The menu likewise has a mixture of fish dishes, the salmon steak is delicious and only for (79LE)

Maritim additionally serves fine wine and liquor: a container of Heineken or Stella will cost you give or take 30LE and a glass of wine begins at around 40LE. Maritim additionally serves all juice types, soda and hot drinks.

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It will not shock anyone that Hurghada provides the best food for their guests, to fulfill their hops to eat out delicious meals by the beautiful view of the Red Sea, places there suit all tastes. Whether you are searching for a customary dish of a local one, Hurghada has it all.

Most places and restaurants around Hurghada open in the middle of late morning and midnight, albeit a few bistros do open before, with some serving breakfast choices from 07:00 onwards. The month of Ramadan can bring about many guests, with this noteworthy quick implying that all inns and restaurants crosswise over Egypt close until twilight, aside from a couple concealed in top lodgings. In any case, Ramadan has the favorable position that consistently hosts a gathering air and a lot of sustenance to go around, totally recommend trying to go to Hurghada during Ramadan.

In the event that you have never attempted Egyptian food, you are in urge for a treat, given that Egyptian dishes are differed, extremely wonderful and well known the world over. Chance is you may have officially attempted some Egyptian dishes previously, without acknowledging where the nourishment began. To test the nourishment in Egypt, you may appreciate these restaurants in the zone of Hurghada.

La Trattoria

Location: Km 20, Hurghada Safaga Rd., Villages Rd., Hurghada

A great atmosphere goes with the radiant nourishment accessible in this place. The outside porch gives a lovely vaporous setting to your supper as you browse the broad menu which differs from pizzas and servings of mixed greens to meat and fish dishes. It is hard to discover Italian sustenance which coordinates this in Hurghada.

Gamila Restaurant

Location: Km 20, Hurghada Safaga Rd., Villages Rd., Hurghada

Visit the Gamila’s place and experience a fairly atmosphere blend of Egyptian and Lebanese food, so be arranged to experience a few genuine zest on specific dishes. The eatery resembles a Bedouin tent and has wonderful outline highlights within. The individuals who like to experience new things will appreciate the chance to smoke Egyptian shisha at Gamila’s.

El Joker Fish

Location: El Hady St. El Saqqala Sq., Sekala, Hurghada

Guests and local people alike frequently visit this fish eatery as they esteem the crisp fixings and great execution of the dishes. Having developed from being only a slow down in the road, the place is currently a completely fledged business which offers extraordinary highlights, awesome Egyptian cooking and an open air patio.

Summerland Restaurant

Location: Sheraton Rd., Sekala, Hurghada

Those looking for conventional Egyptian cooking ought to surely visit this place and choose for themselves whether it is meriting its great notoriety. One of the best dishes to attempt is the lentil soup which is truly thick and smooth and very not at all like the Western Europe form.

La Gondola

Location: 274 Arabya Rd., Gabal El Harim, Dahar, Hurghada  

This truly is feasting getting it done and will best suit those with an extensive spending plan. You can discover this lodging in the Hilton resort where it has a special area by the Red Sea. The nourishment is fantastic Italian with the meatballs advancing exceedingly suggested.

Divino Pub

Location: El Hadaba Rd., Sekala, Hurghada

It is thought to be the best place by most of the guest reviews. It's food is Mediterranean with differed feasting alternatives like lunch, supper, reservations, dessert and so forth. It is useful for: families with young kids, extensive gatherings, extraordinary events, and so forth. Great air, incredible staff, great music and nourishment are sitting tight for you in the Divino.

Café Del Mar

Location: Sea Tower Bldg., El Arousa Sq., Sekala, Hurghada

Café Del Mar with a mixed bag of foods, similar to: Central European, European, Norwegian, Scandinavian and Swedish and so on. It's eating alternatives are additionally fluctuated: Breakfast/informal breakfast, lunch, supper, reservations, late night and treat. It is thought to be an incredible spot to eat. Cordial female proprietors and loose climate are sitting tight for you in the Café Del Mar. The steaks and pizzas are remarkable, well worth visit place.

Bordiehn's Restaurant

Location: Youssef Afify Rd., Villages Rd., Hurghada

The Bordiehn's Restaurant food is Egyptian, so on the off chance that you are new in Hurghada and you might want to attempt the legitimate Egyptian cooking, don't delay and visit the spot as the nourishment is brilliant, the setting is lovely with the perspective of the marina and the place is extremely up-to-date.

Moby Dick Restaurant

Location: Sheraton Rd., Sekala, Hurghada

Moby Dick has a mainland cooking with the strength of the camel steak with pepper sauce and potatoes amazingly cooked. Contrasting with different spots the costs are low and albeit there is nothing exceptional in the outside of the building, it is an unquestionable great try if you a little bit out of budget.

Thai Garden Restaurant

Location:  Km 30, Safaga Hurghada Rd., Makadi Bay, Hurghada

The Thai Garden's food is Asian, so in the event that you are the person who likes Asian nourishment, this is the perfect spot for you, as the place offer brilliant hospitable service, incredible sustenance at a better average costs.

The Lodge Restaurant

Location: El Arousa Sq., El Marina El Gadida, Sekala, Hurghada

The Lodge Restaurant has an Eastern European cooking. The place has magnificent atmosphere and incredible perspectives as it is situated on the Marina and by your stay you can watch the world pass by. The costs are great, the area is heavenly and the stuff is amazingly inviting and hospital.

El Mina Restaurant

Location: El Minaa St., Sekala, Hurghada

This place is concentrated on the amazing, delicious Red Sea fish, so on the off chance that you might want to taste the tastiest ones, hit the eatery and you won't be baffled. The costs are perfect for your budget and the environment is exceptionally great.

Heaven Bistro

Location:  El Saqia St. El Arousa Sq., Sekala, Hurghada

If you are searching for an International eating place with incredible atmosphere and great stuff, this is the spot. It is a truly decent place with mouth watering flavors and well disposed and accommodating staff. It is a perfect spot to relax amid your vacation.

So we have shown you one of the most popular restaurants in Hurghada, it’s all for you now to decide the best place to fill your appetite with a variety of choices.

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Maritim Restaurant

Location: Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

Cuisine: Swedish

Maritim is one of the best eating places for a mitigating breakfast, late morning snack or a calm, unfussy supper. The Swedish proprietors chose to keep the style and menu of this spot basic.

The menu and shades of the set-up give off the Swedish quintessence of the places. Serving breakfast till 12PM.

Maritim isn't fundamentally one of the "in" spots to eat at in El Gouna, so you don't need to spruce up; rather, be totally quiet here and make the most of your dinner with a flawless perspective of the flickering, Red Sea view  and all the perfect yachts docked not so far from your sight.

Le Garage Restaurant

Location: New Marina, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

Cuisine: German-Swiss

Le Garage is a most loved among numerous in the Red Sea area of El Gouna for its fast and amazing service, carport themed place and obviously, its innovative and succulent delicious burgers.

While indoor seating is given in a brilliantly shaded space, also you may discover yourself sitting outside on the place's porch to appreciate the warm night breeze of El Gouna.

All things considered, Le Garage is awesome for a wickedly liberal supper of fat burgers, smooth pastries and great plates of mixed greens.

Chez Pascal Restaurant

Location: Three Corners Rihana, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

Cuisine: Belgian & international foods

A remarkable restaurant exhibit in the greater part of The Three Corners lodgings, Chez Pascal offers legitimate Belgian food. The individually menu includes a decision of steaks cooked to flawlessness, alongside fish, seafood  and lobster dishes. It imparts indoor and open air eating spaces to Dolce Vita Restaurant. The lounge area is supplemented by a little porch on the marina promenade and a bigger patio in the yard, confronting a stage on which shows can be displayed. Chez Pascal is avaliable every day from 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

Dolce Vita Restaurant

Location: Three Corners Rihana, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

Cuisine: Italian

Another amazing place of The Three Corners is Dolce Vita. The customary Italian menu incorporates pasta, pizza, gourmet dishes, for example. On the Italian side of the lounge area imparted to Chez Pascal Restaurant, surrounded compositions of Mediterranean themes upgrade the style of bare blocks and rich red hues. The open kitchen uncovers an extensive pizza broiler. The patios on both the marina and yard sides are additionally imparted with Chez Pascal.

Pier 88 Restaurant

Location: Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

Cuisine: European

Pier 88 is one of this Red Sea’s best places and one of a kind feasting spots to date. Involving a square-molded drifting dock on the water, Pier 88 can be come to by means of a wooden board precisely as though you're on a watercraft. The venue is given a smooth yet one of a kind appeal by its wooden floors, white wooden tables, a bar encompassing an open kitchen with red cowhide high seats, and dim lounge chairs decorated with highly contrasting pop craftsmanship pads.

Whether you stroll in for lunch or have an occupying for supper and beverages, you can never turn out badly with the assortment of dishes on Pier 88's menu, joined by the stunning perspective of the Abu Tig marina by night.

On weekends and open occasions when things get moving, Pier 88 is known not Arabic pop tunes that get everybody bouncing on the bars and lounge chairs; a night out in El Gouna that is not to be missed.

Upstairs Restaurant

Location:  Downtown El Gouna, El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

Upstairs highlights vast straight windows opening onto a flawless porch that is shaded by the excellent smelled plants.

The inside configuration has unmistakable sangria shaded dividers and weaved brilliant blinds. A wine rack covers the back divider and a vast crystal fixture rules the lounge area. Little divider mounted lampshades puts the completing touches to an excellent exquisite environment. Upgraded by Italian musical drama played at a delicate volume finish your feasting background.

Built up in 2005, Upstairs is claimed and administrated by a Swedish couple.

It gives a top class feasting knowledge and brags notoriety for being the best proficient providing food benefit in El Gouna.

Their group of gourmet experts will make a showstopper of your dish. Organizing your plates in a remarkable and tasty blend to energize your taste buds.

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"Dine around El Gouna” is an extraordinary feasting project called which permits you to eat at other partaking inns and eateries amid your remain.

This is a genuine reward as it spares you needing to eat in the same inn eatery each night. It additionally implies that despite the fact that you will be eating at another lodging or eatery you won’t' be squandering the cash you have effectively spent on eating at the inn you are set up for.

With a culinary impact felt over the town, El Gouna Hotels offer an exceptionally element eating scene. From waterfront parlors and spectacular bistros to rich smorgasbord eateries and fine eating foods.

Exploit the Dine around Gouna program, a novel offer from El Gouna's lodgings. This plan permits visitors to test a wide assortment of foods from a determination of eateries at taking interest lodgings.

Program privileges:

Assuming that you are staying at Mövenpick, Sheraton or Steigenberger, Savor the smorgasbord at two of the three inns, or the set menu at Captain's Inn Steakhouse, La Rotisserie, Tan door, Orient 1001 or La Piscina. Simply pay for your beverages and additional items.

Also the smorgasbord at Sultan Bey, TTC Ocean View, TTC Rihana Resort, Club Paradisio, Dawar El Omda’s, Fanadir, Mosaique or Arena Inn comprehensive of a complimentary glass of wine which you would love.

On the off chance that you are staying at Club Paradisio, Dawar El Omda’s, Fanadir, Mosaique, Sultan Bey, TTC Ocean View, TTC Rihana Resort, Captain's Inn, Turtles Inn, or Arena Inn Relish the smorgasbord at both of the 10 above inns without supplement with the exception of beverages and additional items in addition to the smorgasbords at Mövenpick, Sheraton, Steigenberger and in addition the set menus at Captain's Inn Steakhouse, La Rotisserie, Tan door, Orient 1001 or La Piscina  

At the point when eating at any individually eatery in any of our inns, you will get a money rebate, please approach your inn's visitor connection for the appropriate quality

In the event that you are searching for in your get-away exceptional treats, you will appreciate the Dine Around system in El Gouna. This special system welcomes you to find the changed cooking of the resort. You can swap the dinner in their own particular lodging for a feast in one of the taking part eateries or smorgasbord

Who can partake in the Dine Around project?

The Dine Around is full and half board and complete visitors to the followings lodgings:

5-star Mövenpick, Sheraton and Steigenberger

4 star: Sultan Bey, TTC Ocean View and TTC Rihana Resort,

TTC Rihana Inn and Dawar El Omda’s

3 star: Ali Pasha, Arena Inn, Captain's Inn, and Turtle’s Inn

 How often can you use Dine Around when staying in any of the hotel above?

This depends on how long will you be staying:

4 nights 1 Dine Around Privilege

5 to 6 nights 2 Dine Around privileges

7 nights or more 3 Dine Around privileges

You likewise have the capacity to acquire points of interest and reserve a spot at your inn's gathering.  Be that as it may, to issue you a thought of how the plan functions here are a percentage of the subtle elements of the plan at the season of composing. If it’s not too much trouble make a special effort to be mindful that the project may change at some future date.

Keep in mind that:

 Drink benefits are not available to Dine Around eateries. All additional items are to be paid for at the season of the feast.

Relevant for full-board, half-board, and all inclusive visitors only.

How would I reserve a spot?

When you have chosen the eatery or inn buffet at which you might want to feast, it is unequivocally suggested that you reserve a spot. Make sure you Contact your inn's visitor relations before 12.00 to mastermind a reservation. For more data, allude to your lodging Guest Relations or front work area. 

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