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Habibi Restaurant

For the individuals who appreciate great quality place in a practical and agreeable environment, this barbecue is a fabulous decision which will make you have an inclination that you are on vacation. One of the best components of this place is the way that the bit sizes are so huge, so in spite of the fact that Egyptian food standard of the sustenance may not be very as high as a couple of different spots in the region this is positively a brilliant spot to visit on a void stomach following a bustling day of touring. 

Abou Hamada (Naama Bay) 

With Sharm El Sheikh being an ocean side resort it is regular that you might favor enjoying a percentage of the local food. Abou Hamada comes exceptionally in this admiration as it offers an assorted menu highlighting fish and other sea food dishes. Try not to stress if your accomplice or companion dislikes fish as this place additionally spends significant time in flame broiled meat dishes and new plates of mixed greens, so everybody will discover something to suit their sense of taste. 


Eating in an Italian place has a really unwinding feel t, and in light of the fact that you are in an Egyptian resort does not imply that you have to test only local Egyptian cooking each night. This Italian restaurant serves extraordinary conventional Italian dishes, and to keep the experience Egyptian you can eat on one of the open air tables and appreciate local beverages and fixings. 

La Fleur 

La Fleur is an astounding French restaurant  in Sharm El Sheikh's Maritim Hotel in Naama Bay. The place's menu has variety experience in great French delights, for example, veal emblems or barbecued salmon, supplemented with other meat dishes, for example, steak varieties. La Fleur is one of only a handful few spots to offer an incredible choice of imported universal wines to to help you enjoy your meal even more. La Fleur is an exquisite place that gives a genuine gourmet feasting knowledge, ideal for a sentimental night and for uncommon events, for example, birthdays or parties.

On Deck – Floating Restaurant 

On Deck, Sharm El Sheik's , offers a really one of a kind feasting background with a shocking perspective of the city's Naama Bay and novel experiences into the submerged universe of the Red Sea. Visitors are welcome to appreciate an assorted menu and creative mixed drinks in a rich climate with extraordinary mindful service. On Deck serves refined Mediterranean food, for example, mushroom risotto or marinated sheep cleaves, from one viewpoint, and superb fish treats on the other. The highlights of the place's menu are unquestionably the lobster and the large shrimps that come straight from the sea each morning. As an exceptional treat, On Deck additionally routinely highlight unique nights with artists or other local singers. 

Abu El Sed 

Abu El Sed is one of only a handful few spots nearby where you can encounter the full range of Egypt's national dishes. Specialities, for example, molokhiyya (stewed leaf soup), stuffed pigeon and kirsha (fiery lentil stew) are menu highlights. Try not to avoid the mezze.

Fares Seafood 

Continuously swarmed with local people, Fares is a Sharm el-Sheik restaurant for good-esteem fish. Request fish valued by weight or order one of the pasta or rice alternatives on the menu. We totally recommend the blended tagen of calamari and shrimp. 


Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheik is where Arabesque is Located. This restaurant offers indoor and  open air eating with sea view, Moroccan and Lebanese specialties. The eatery seats more than 80 inside and more than 70 outside. Select the Middle Eastern mezze and fresh fish. There is additionally a wood-terminated stove for pizzas. 


Eat in the open air in the desert against the mountain view,  by firelight and candles. Enjoy a variety of Egyptian buffet and mezza. Remember to book no less than 24 hours ahead of time. 

Tam Tam 

On the off chance that you need to watch the night by the sea at Na'ama Bay while you feast on flame broiled sheep, head for the rooftop patio of this beguiling place, part of the Ghazala Hotel along the inlet. There's likewise an accumulation of low seats and pads on the ground-floor porch for exquisite fresh air experience.

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This far reaching and windy Alexandrian exemplary is rumored to have the best sheesha around the local area, presented with a twist by mindful young men in savvy two-conditioned waistcoats while servers in high contrast get tea silver urns. The stylistic theme is variedly rich, incorporating grand roofs carved with elaborate flower examples, tables and seats in Islamic plans, and burgundy tablecloths. 

Qahwet Sayed Darwish 

Named for the writer of Egypt's national song of praise, this little and exceptionally pleasant nearby coffee shop, close Sharia al-Nabi Daniel, is determined to a tranquil and verdant side road around the bend from the Cavafy Museum. The seats are serenely cushioned, and the sheesha is spotless. The demographic is only men. 

Qahwet Farook

 This respected sheesha joint appears as though it hasn't changed a particle since opening in 1928. It's a delightfully unsteady old spot, with dusty bronze lights outside, and charmingly fusty old men contending and playing tabletop games at the tables under tremendous photographs of the previous ruler. 


In spite of the fact that it may not look like much to the uninitiated (it doesn't brandish a sign), this 90-year-old foundation is a standout amongst the most essential Kahwas around the local area. It's a casual focus of business and exchange (the name generally means 'trade'), where arrangements are facilitated in time-regarded convention – over a glass of shai (tea) or ahwa (espresso).

The bistro is isolated into numerous rooms, covering an entire square. The southern side is a male-commanded range committed to recreations and casual mingling, while along the Corniche you're prone to be a piece of an unruly blend of authors, producers, understudies, expats and courting couples filling the corridor with an uproar of enlivened discussion.

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Tips for Staying Healthy

1. Wash your hands frequently.

At that point wash them once more. Not to sound over the top impulsive, but rather get into the propensity for washing your hands before a dinner, after a supper and at whatever time you consider it, especially on the off chance that you have been holding railings on open transportation or shaking hands at the nearby market. Furthermore, don't hold back on the cleanser. Convey a container of against bacterial gel for those uncommon minutes when no cleanser or sink is near.

2. Cooked is good.

On the off chance that you have questions about the cleanliness of what and where you're eating, ensure everything is appropriately cooked. Broiled, bubbled, or prepared, high temperatures eliminate germs.

3. Anti Bacterial Gel must be always in your bag.

Just use it frequently when you are walking in a dusty weather or if you touched anything and your hand felt dusty. Also use it before and after meals just in case.

4. Always buy your water.

Don’t drink from tap water, if you are not used to it, so just stay cautious and buy your own water and always remember to stay dehydrated because it gets very hot in summer.

5. Fruits are your friend.

If you don't know what to eat, just but some fresh fruits and take them home, wash them and eat them. Fruits in Egypt are always fresh so that will not be a problem.

Our Favorite Picks for Local Food in Cairo


Koshari is considered to be the Egyptian national dish, it comprises of pasta and tomato sauce, among different things, including rice, lentils, caramelized onions, garlic and chickpeas.


One of the normal staple nourishments in Egypt, it comprises of magma beans presented with oil, garlic and lemon juice. Ful Medames can be presented with numerous embellishments, for example, tomato sauce, tahina, fricasseed or bubbled eggs and pastrami. Be that as it may, the most conventional strategy is to eat it plain and salted in an Egyptian bread bun.


Considered a Nubian dish; fatta is normally arranged for merriments, for example, a lady's first conception, and both Christian and Muslim special festivals. It comprises of layers of rice and singed bread, secured in a garlic and vinegar meat soup. Extensive lumps of stewed meat and pan fried poached eggs are typically served alongside the rice and bread base. As you can assume, Fatta is a truly stuffing dish, with a to a great degree high calorific worth


Mulukhiya is produced using the leaves of jute and corchorus plants that develop in east and North Africa. In Egypt, Mulukhiya is readied by hacking the leaves with garlic and coriander and cooking it in soup, for example, chicken, meat or rabbit, and presented with Egyptian bread or rice.


Konafah is an Egyptian sweet made of a meager noodle-such as cake. The starting points of Konafah are extremely baffling; its vicinity has been recorded in Arab medieval cookbooks in Egypt. Konafah is made by sprinkling long lines of the flimsy noodles in their fluid state on a hot plate until they get to be dry and more unbending. The now-inflexible noodles are then blended with margarine or oil and wrapped around a rounding made out of nuts, whipped cream or both. It is heated and gave natural product syrup (honey).


Mahshi must be the absolute favorite of all Egyptians, of all shapes and sizes! It's an extremely nutritious feast, when cooked with little measures of margarine or oil. It is additionally a flavorful veggie lover or vegetarian supper.

The base of this feast is setting up the stuffing made of rice, herbs (parsley, coriander and dill), semi cooked tomato sauce and a squeeze of cinnamon and allspice. Once this filling is prepared, you can utilize any vegetable of your decision. In Egypt we utilize cored zucchini, cored eggplants, cabbage leaves, grapevine leaves, or little ringer peppers. You might likewise add some cooked ground hamburger to the rice blend to make it a full supper.

Hamam Mahshi (Birds)

This is a supper that takes quite a while to plan and making it is generally a right action.

Mouthwateringly succulent, these little pigeons are loaded down with rice or "fereek" (green wheat) and after that simmered. While eating it's prescribed that you keep an eye out for the small bones. One of Egypt's most cherished dishes, it's certainly worth attempting, you will discover numerous spots that serve this claim to fame at the passageway to Khan el Khalili in Cairo, and it can likewise be found at upscale restaurants. The pigeon has an alternate taste than chicken and the meat is somewhat darker, it is loaded with flavor and the stuffing is delicious.

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The Fondue Pot

The Fondue Pot has astonished every one of us by propelling their breakfast menu as of late. They have magnificent toasts, warm crisp flapjacks and even red velvet waffles! Yes, no joking! An absolute necessity attempt breakfast is shouting over here!

Nile 49

Nile 49 is a genuine diamond of Mohandeseen zone. It is just open from 11 a.m. till dawn after that the spot is transformed into a kind of boutique where architects and designers demonstrate their items, be it things of style, adornments or even home furniture. Their breakfast is very fascinating, with a superb morning Nile view!


Paul needs no presentations. They are acclaimed and they merit it. Their French baked goods are crazy. The eggs, crepes even hot chocolate and lemon mint are simply great. On the off chance that you haven't officially attempted their breakfast, you truly need to


A genuinely one of a kind shrouded jewel in Zamalek; they have all the conventional breakfast things that you would search for. They likewise have numerous other inventive things that are truly enticing like their Tunisian shakshouka, waffles with smoked salmon and lemon sauce, ful with beef bacon and even Nutella stuffed French toast. This spot is exceptional that truly merits a visit. Attempt it for an exceptional affair.

Arabiata El Shabrawy

This one is more than simply popular. Their warm, crisply made bread is really one of the best. You can scarcely oppose completing it before your sustenance arrives. The ful, falafel, crisp juices makes for an impeccable breakfast.

Left Bank

Left Bank is one of the busiest breakfast spots in Cairo and in light of current circumstances; their perspective of the Nile appreciated from the heart of Zamalek is a joy for some. Left Bank is for you. A standout amongst the most underrated fortunes is the Left Bank bread shop, which delivers a percentage of the best tarts and mille-feuille. Additionally, to a great degree underrated is their yogurt parfait, ideal for those looking for a lighter begin to their day.


This choice is a solid consideration in many classifications. It's earned its notoriety for being one of the best breakfast spots around the local area. Lucille's is celebrated for their healthy American style breakfast and liberal bits. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to begin your day with a champion's breakfast, this is the spot for you. You'll locate a wide assortment of eggs with meat bacon, wiener or even southern style steak. Lucille's has a portion of the best hotcakes around the local area, bound to abandon you full for whatever is left of the day.

Casper and Gambini's

Casper and Gambini's is a breakfast most loved in Cairo, particularly for those meaning to begin their day on a sound note. With alternatives such as their Egg Benedict served on a bed of shriveled spinach and a side of potato wedges, or their intercontinental breakfast. Casper and Gambini's is additionally known for having the absolute most invigorating mixed drinks nearby that add that additional kick to your morning.

The Medley

Nothing beats a breakfast by the Nile, and that is precisely what The Medley offers. It has a basic yet stunning breakfast menu that incorporates omelets and new baked goods. You can appreciate a wide assortment of crisp juices as you appreciate a relaxed begin to your day. Can't request a superior begin to the day!


Zooba is unquestionably a standout amongst the most enchanting breakfast choices in Cairo. Zooba will doubtlessly give you a remarkable turn on your most loved customary dishes. They are known for their beautiful bread choices heated with beetroot or spinach. Also, their breathtaking combination of curds and fava bean dishes, contrasted with other breakfast alternatives in the city, this happens to be a standout amongst the most reasonable ones.

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Balbaa Restaurant is situated in the Downtown complex inverse Carrefour City Center shopping center. The eatery has two levels; the first is for more customary nourishment such as Kofta, Kabab, Pigeon and other enticing dishes. The new bushel of smaller than normal prepared Arabic bread and salads are served before the feast. They are good to the point that you think that it's difficult to control yourself from eating a lot before your fundamental course arrives. Everything is cooked new.

The second level is for ocean bottom. We appreciate picking the crisp fish that I'm going to eat, alongside calamari, muscles and at times shrimp and teaching the going to mongers your inclination on how you like it cooked. While you are holding up salads and a new bushel of bread are placed down before you whilst you sit tight for your feast. There is numerous fish eateries in Alexandria, however this I observe to be the best and incredible worth for your cash.

The Greek Club

There are 2 Greek Clubs in Alexandria, one is situated in the Alexandria sound range, alongside the yacht club and the Qayat Bay Fort. It has as of late been remodeled and has a lift that takes you up to the eatery. The perspective from the eatery patio whenever of day is stunning! They menu has numerous recognizable Greek dishes, I need to say following the last time I arrived several years back the standard has enhanced and the nourishment is great.

The second Greek Club is situated alongside the Azzareeta cable car line, opposite a service station. On the off chance that you are not a part you have to pay an extra charge to go in. The club is nothing sumptuous except for it's an incredible spot to go to, to make tracks in an opposite direction from the day by day provocation that one is presented to. The club is for the most part outside and roomy. It is tranquil and with all the Greek, French and Armenian that live here, you have a tendency to overlook that you're in Egypt. There is an interesting little eatery and bar on the premises. The proprietor, of the eatery Nicolas is ordinarily there in the nights over perceiving how things are run. The sustenance there is crisp and wonderful.


This old eatery/bistro is more than 100 years of age. It is only a couple of minutes' stroll from Mahatat El Raml Square. The spot isn't as brilliant as it used to be back in its day; however I need to concede that its area is pleasantly found. It is spot on the Corniche and in the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to have a seat by the window then you have a great perspective of the Mediterranean.

There aren't numerous spots you can go to in Alexandria where you will be served Alcoholic refreshments, yet you can get an icy lager there. At some point such as to go there at a young hour in the morning for breakfast to have a chocolate croissant and lemonade

Abu Ashraf

Situated in Alexandria's Anfushi region (popular for its plenty of road side fish dishes), is the tremendously cherished Abu Ashraf. In spite of the fact that minimal more than tables under a covering, the fish and seafood are new and expertly cooked. Point at the fish you favor, concur the cost by its weight, then demand the way you need it cooked. The fish meal is additionally a nearby top choice, especially amid the winter months.

Fish Market

Positioning among Alexandria's best fish eateries, the place brags excellent perspectives over the harbor, stylistic layout, service, and a noteworthy day to remember. Despite the fact that undeniably prevalent with many visit gathers, the nourishment and service remain reliably great.

Mohamed Ahmed

Abundantly adored locally for its ful and ta'amiyya sandwiches presented with an assortment of sauces and toppings, and in addition fiteer and other Egyptian savories, Mohammed Ahmed offers both takeaway and eat-in choices. Menus are in English and Arabic, and it's an awesome decision for veggie lovers.


Kadoura is one of the best fish restaurants in Alexandria. You can take your pick from a shifted determination of new fish and the talented gourmet specialists will cook it straight away. Make a point to attempt their shrimp dishes, they're a clients' top pick. Beside the rich assortment of fish dishes, they menu likewise highlights rice and pasta dishes, and a few plates of mixed greens made utilizing conventional fixings and sauces.

Malek es-Seman

A little yard and garments market amid the day, an outside restaurant around evening time, Malek es-Seman is celebrated for cooking quail in a wide range of ways. In the place feathered creatures are served flame broiled, simmered or stuffed, and they are presented with six unique servings of mixed greens and bread. When you visit you ought to likewise try their brew out since it's custom made. The eatery is settled in a side road close to the old quarter of the city.

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