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Sahl Hashish has become to be known as “Red Sea Riviera” thanks to its mesmerizing beauty. And since not a very long time, Sahl Hashish has imposed itself as one of the most famous touristic destinations in Egypt and it has become one of the top Egypt attractions. When you first step into Sahl Hashish you’ll feel as if you were in fairytale. At the entrance of the resort, you will be received by a number of Pharaonic statues.


Sahl Hashish is located on Red Sea coastline just 18 km away from Hurghada and 450 km away from Cairo with the area of 41,000 km²; nearly two thirds of Manhattan Island. Sahl Hashish is consisted of upscale resorts and that is why it has become a very suitable destination for family holidays and it has become very prominent amongst other Red Sea destinations.

Where to Stay in Sahl Hashish

If you were to start searching for accommodation in Sahl Hashish, you will definitely be in confusion since there are tens of luxurious hotels you can choose from and most of them will have sea view rooms. Top 5 hotels in Sahl Hashish are:

Old Palace Resort

Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

Palm Beach Piazza

Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh (a fairly new hotel)

There are other hotels and resorts that will cost between 60 and 70 USD per night.

Now you must be wondering: what are the things to do in Sahl Hashish to make the most out of your vacation.

Diving: One of the main reasons why tourists are attracted to Sahl Hashish is the many spots to dive. You will definitely find rare species of fish, coral and aquatic creatures that cannot be found elsewhere. Additionally, there is a Pharaonic underwater village; you will get the feeling of time travelling.

Glass Boat Cruise: On the off chance that you cannot dive for one reason or another, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to experience the wonders of Red Sea. Going on glass boat cruise is a perfectly safe way to watch one of a kind marine life.

Golf: Golf enthusiasts will have the time of their lives; since there are two world-class golf courses.

Sawari Marina: Soon to be Red Sea’s premium marina; Sawari Marina will host up to 330 yachts.  

Strolling: As mentioned above, Sahl Hashish’s entrance looks like a Pharaonic village. So, don’t miss the chance to stroll down its pathways between the statues.

Shopping: There is a number of shopping malls that have all your needs.

Parties: Sahl Hashish has recently become a party hotspot since it is very vibrant city of nightlife. Every weekend there is a party hosted.

Restaurants: In Sahl Hasish you will find cuisines from different countries around the world. For instance, if you like Italian food there is Pizza Corner. If you like seafood, there are King Fish and Blue Mermaid. If you’re a Chinese food fan, you can have your favorite meal at Mandarin.

Relax: If you prefer to unwind and relax, you will find a number of Spas and health clubs where you can get a massage, take a steam bath or even do some yoga.

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At first when to go to Sahl Hasheesh 

Sahl Hasheesh has a subtropical atmosphere. Summers are hot and dry and winters are gentle and warm. The air temperature midpoints 29-33C in summer and 18-20C in winter. The best time to dive is August, when the water temperature is at its crest, 26-28C. It doesn't downpour frequently here. The perceivability is great, 10-30m. Streams or currents are by and large direct. 

What you are going to see in Sahl Hasheesh Diving Spots?

Sahl Hasheesh has numerous submerged sea creatures, for example, stonefish, scorpionfish, angelfish, crabs, nudibranchs, grouper, seahorses, octopi, pufferfish, Spanish artists, panther grouper, jacks, and barracudas. Jumpers sometimes spot whitetip sharks and hammerhead sharks also. 

Diving or Scuba in Sahl Hasheesh 

Sahl Hasheesh is a prevalent destination with awesome resorts on the Red Sea Coast, situated in the Hurghada area in Egypt. The nearest worldwide air terminal is Hurghada that is situated about 20km far from it. Two stupendous segments are situated in the passageway to the resort territory. When sightseers go through the sections, they dive into the climate of the capable pharaoh time with all its enchantment. The various vacation destinations are constantly swarmed with guests. This range just has extravagant five-star lodgings along the coastline, making it an impeccable spot for well off explorers. Sahl Hasheesh Bay has a few seaward islands and perfect coral reefs that give great chances to plunging. The fabulous submerged perspectives and assortment of marine species will engage divers. Scuba diving in Sahl Hasheesh is an energizing experience. The normal profundity is 6-15m, however it might be as much as 25-30m at some diving destinations. The greater part of the locales are available by vessel. 

Most famous Diving destinations 

Sahl Hasheesh has different plunge destinations. The most well known destinations are Abo Hashish North and Abo Hashish Lagoon, which are suitable for jumpers of all levels. Guta Abo Makadi and Abo Makadi South are in Makadi Bay. Scuba is simple, and diver can investigate sandy levels and coral reefs. Some different locales are El Fanadir, Banana Reef, Carless Reef, and Turtle Bay.

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A jewel on the Red Sea coast, Sahl Hasheesh is the speediest rising extravagance resort advancement in Egypt. Found just a couple kilometers south of the Hurghada International Airport. 

Its prime and profoundly open area on the Red Sea Coast is only a short flight from Cairo

This head destination offers a large group of energizing exercises and extravagant resorts settled in a perfect and secured environment along the Sahl Hasheesh Bay. As a spearheading advancement for Egypt, the foundation of Sahl Hasheesh's development has been manageability. 

At full form out, Sahl Hasheesh, will remain as a standout amongst the most element shoreline groups in Egypt. You would like to see  the shores of this captivating place soon.

Here the best resorts at Sahl Hasheesh 

Old Palace Resort Sahl Hasheesh 

Arranged on a private shoreline in Hurghada, this 5-star resort offers extensive rooms with an overhang sitting above the greenery enclosures or Red Sea view. It has a wellbeing club and a diving focus. 

Old Palace's brilliant rooms have a satellite TV and a minibar. A few rooms incorporate a different seating zone. All are fitted with aerating and cooling and a wellbeing store box. The restroom accompanies a hairdryer, shower, and tub. 

Back rubs are offered at Palace Resort's spa. It incorporates a sauna, rec center, hot tub and steam shower. Visitors can unwind on a lounger poolside or play a session of table tennis. 

Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh 

Situated in an exquisite region of the Red Sea, Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh highlights otherworldly perspectives of the warm Red Sea and a sandy shoreline with a private pier. It incorporates more than one open air swimming pools warmed in winter and in addition a kids' pool. 

The Deluxe 5 stars shoreline front resort offers roomy cutting edge a la mode rooms. All rooms are aerated and cooled and accompany overhang or patio with a greenery enclosure, pool or ocean view. 

With its noteworthy gathering of 4 resturaunts, visitors can appreciate scope of nourishment from Italian, Mexican, Indian and oriental cooking styles. 

Honeymooners can make the most of our extremely unique special first night bundle and kids will feel upbeat at the children club and will appreciate the children play area and our play room. 

Visitors can appreciate body treatment in the spa and wellness focus which incorporates a sauna, rub, steam shower and an inherent open air hot tub. 

Wide choice of diversion activities are accessible as diving, cruising, biking, tennis, volleyball, billiards and ping pong. 

The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh 

Disregarding its private shoreline along the Red Sea, this 5-star resort offers open suites with a private porch. It has an open air pool, a spa, and 3 resturaunts. 

A stroll in storage room and a level screen satellite TV are in Oberoi's cooled suites. Every accompanies free Wi-Fi, a glass-walled lavatory with a marble shower and separate shower. 

Different exercises incorporate star looking, cooking class, yoga and fragrant healing. 

Oriental, Indian, and worldwide cooking are offered at Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh's eateries. The principle eatery offers all encompassing perspectives of the shoreline and the Red Sea. Drinks, light snacks, and stogies are accessible at the pool bar. 

Hurghada's mall and air terminal are a 25-minute head out from The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh. The 24-hour  staff can orchestrate snorkeling outings and auto rentals for visitors. 

Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh 

Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh is putting forth an asylum of extravagance, perfectly and preferably situated in the heart of Sahl Hasheesh Bay, reaching out on more than 500 m2 of private sandy shoreline, highlights blue infinitive pools (warmed in winter) with outstanding full ocean view, brilliant daylight and dusk landscape 

Radiant scope of painstakingly chose feasting alternatives including world class 7 individually eateries changing from Egyptians, Italian, Mexican, Asian, BBQ, Sea nourishment, Sushi Bar and Teppanyaki. 

Facilities highlights extensive formats, rich decorations with ventilate, level screen satellite TV, shower or shower, private washroom, minibar and numerous administrations and comforts with elevated requirements of sumptuous. 

Premier Le Reve Hotel and Spa 

This 5-star comprehensive resort on Sahl Hasheesh Bay components crisp and salt-water pools, including a glass-domed sky pool. It offers a private shoreline, wellbeing club, spa, and 5 eateries. 

All open visitor rooms at Hotel Le Reve highlight extravagance fabrics and a cushion menu. Each has an outfitted overhang with perspectives to the ocean or inn grounds. A satellite TV and minibar are additionally accessible. 

Feasting choices incorporate Italian, Chinese and Japanese forte eateries, alongside fish cooking. The inn's Bar highlights a library, billiards and move floor. The Vitamin Bar offers sound juices. 

Lodging Premier Le Reve highlights an extravagant spa, which offers a scope of wellbeing and magnificence medications and has a sauna.

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