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What better approach to experience these fabulous marine well evolved creatures than in their own particular surroundings?

The reefs around El Gouna are tremendous with numerous marine lives. El Gouna offers an energizing decision of outings.

The most mainstream trek, taking little gatherings on board the quick watercrafts to view the wild dolphins of the Red Sea! Experience an ideal feeling of opportunity and swim underneath or more the waves with wild dolphins. After intensive wellbeing instructions, you'll set off to investigate the range paying special mind to dolphins along the way. When we experience these awesome creatures it’s your chance to get into the water and invest some energy with them. Time allowing, after your dolphin experience, we can zoom off to another reefs to investigate and experience a large number of alternate marvels of the Red Sea. These are wild dolphins who wander these regions of the Red Sea.

If you are lucky, you will have the chance to dive accompanied by dolphins or watch the unique coral reefs that fill the place also, in addition to solid turtles and coral gardens. Wonder about the first dolphin weightlessly speeding underneath you then rise out of the clear as can be water and jump once more into the waves. The El Gouna diving companies organize daily trips diving at the site, which is only about 45 minutes from the beach.

On the off chance that you are fortunate, you can see these intriguing and amazing creatures playing in the water and if the climate permits, you can even hop into the water and play with them! get ready to be entranced by the sight and sound of dolphins as they swim in the Red Sea. Here you will see the dolphins in their regular living space living freely. You can watch their ordinary, intentional conduct. They can even come to you and play with you. What a valuable and special experience!! At the same time, No one can guarantee you to see the dolphins, as its depends upon if the climate conditions are bad or suitable for them to get along with you, perhaps you won't even be able to see them. In any case this region is perfect for snorkeling and you will see lovely corals, a huge number of outlandish fish and numerous other submerged creatures and plants.


Get on the snorkel gear and our expert snorkel aides will be in the water swimming with you. Snorkeling in El Gouna with these numerous excellent reefs on your way to the Dolphin House where you can enjoy playing with the cutest dolphins ever is an excellent experience which you should go for.  Just 1 ½ hours cruising time where you can sun-bathe, watch beautiful sceneries and maybe have a luxurious seafood treat; a promising trip that offers you relaxation and a lifetime enjoyment. We give all the snorkel hardware to free in spite of the fact that you are obviously welcome to bring your own along in the event that you wish.

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An exhaustive lodging that reproduces the soul of the Orient and tradition

Would you like to experience astonishing Arabian Night Life?  "Alf Leila WA Leila," an enormous outdoor region, which offers everything you, would dream of to enjoy a perfect Arabian Night Life. Alf Leila w Leila Tour is a spot where you can discover all the more about the old Egyptian Pharaohs life and the traditional cultures of sweet and simple Bedouins life, furthermore about traditions and conventions of the district.

Alf Leila WA Leila is an extraordinary lodging that joins a regular visitor resort and amusement focus. Alf Leila WA Leila is situated in Hurghada, approx. 25 minutes drive from the middle of Hurghada, and approx. 15 minutes from its air terminal.

The inn is manufactured in Arabic style, its structural planning looks like the full wonder of the castle of the caliph, without a doubt frequently Alf Leila WA Leila is known as the epithet "Dream 1,001 evenings", or "inn with tall tales One Thousand and One Nights". The perplexing is found which reproduces the most essential Egypt! The whole inn comprises of a few two-story cabins with swimming pools and greenhouses. The lodging is situated in the alleged in "Second shoreline" behind Dana Beach resort. The Dana Beach is the shoreline, which visitors Alf Leila WA Leila can freely utilize it and access the shores. The distance from the Alf Leila WA Leila ranges from 500 to 800 meters. 24 hours, the shoreline runs free shuttle transport.

500 meters away from the Hurghada shoreline is where this authentic resort located. Lodgers can enjoy different facilities as this resort offers those 6 different swimming pools, a free shuttle to and from the shoreline, 5 eating outlets and a tennis court.

Albatross Alf Leila WA Leila lodge highlights Restaurants that serves Egyptian oriental and traditional food in addition to worldwide tastes while the Alfredo Restaurant serves Italian food.

Visitors can unwind with a back rub, or work out at the exercise center. Kids can have some good times at the kids' club and play area. The stimulation staff arranges terrific sound- and light shows about Egypt's history. Free private stopping is accessible on location. The Leila is 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport and 25 minutes from the downtown area via auto.

Alf Leila WA Leila is a novel lodging, which joins resort style with a Grasping Arabian building design which gives extreme Egyptian cordiality.

It is found straightforwardly behind Dana Beach Resort, just 500m from the shoreline (shuttle transport from/to shoreline for nothing out of pocket). It is 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport and 25 minutes from the downtown area.

Rooms highlight overhangs with pool or greenhouse perspectives.

It will cost you approximately starting from LE350 - LE550 to enjoy this resort’s rooms.  All the enhancements you would anticipate from a main resort including safe store boxes, mini bar, and LCD TVs with premium satellite stations, shower and hair dryers are provided in a 566 ventilated visitor rooms at Alf Leila WA Leila. Rooms at the Alf Leila WA Leila are brilliant and breezy. The perspective of the greenery enclosure or pool solaces you and gives you perfect constancy in soul.

Guests can lounge chairs, umbrellas and towels by the pool and on the beach, tennis court, mini golf, ride a horse 30 minutes during the stay, multipurpose playground, fitness, volleyball, darts, mini Egyptian museum; rich animations day and evening; "Light and Sound" show with a horseback riding  show and playing fountains there is also a mini club for children.

Alf Leila WA Leila Hurghada offers an exceptional experience that will abandon you feeling invigorated and loose.

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Golf is a game of accuracy played with clubs and a ball in which competing players (or golfers) use different clubs to hit their ball into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes (hits) as possible.

It is one of the few ball games that doesn't use a regulation size and shape of playing field. Instead, the game is played on a landscaped course, designed for a range of difficulty and comprising either nine or 18 holes. Every hole on the course must contain a teeing off point to begin from, and a putting green containing the hole. There are different types of ground in between the tee and the hole such as the fairway, hazards (for example sand and water), and rough grass. Every hole on every course is, however, unique in design.

Golf competition takes two forms – stroke play, where the number of strokes each individual takes to complete each hole is totaled across the course; the player who takes the fewest strokes to complete the course is the winner; or match play, where the player who takes the fewest strokes to complete a hole wins that hole and the player who wins most holes wins the match. Stroke play is the more usual form of play because it means that players with different skill levels can compete against each other, using a system of handicap scoring.

Places to play Golf inside El Gouna

El Gouna Golf Club: Gene Bates and Fred Couples designed the course to cater for every level of golfer, from the beginner to the professional golfer playing the competition circuit. The course boasts three men's and women's tees at every hole and strategically placed bunkers, lagoons, and rough. The driving range allows up to 30 players. On the greens, golfers discover the course's pitfalls with shifting wind streams testing their real golfing capacity. The Par five fourth hole heads straight into the prevailing wind and requires no less than two very firm wood strokes to reach the green. Since players must point into the wind, there is a real danger of sending their ball into the desert, making it an exceptionally difficult hole.

The ninth hole plays towards La Rotisserie Restaurant in the Club House tower. It's a relatively simple journey for beginners from the forward tee, but poses a genuine test for those hitting off the championship tees. Having survived the first shot, players are confronted with a second shot into the narrowest stretch of the fairway.

Players who are able to hit  long drives frequently try to hit over the sand trap guarding the front of the green, however even the best may miss the mark. The green itself is a wide target, with players frequently needing to make long putts. A careful reading of the ground will spare you from the feared three-putt.

The back nine have their own surprises. The longest Par four is the fourteenth hole, where about 440 meters separate the championship tee from the flag. For a sensible shot at the green, the golfer must be sufficiently bold to reach a point on the left half of the fairway that finishes 230 meters from the tee.

With all these challenges, it’s really enjoyable to play your favorite sport, in the sun and surrounded by both water and lush greenery.

Steigenberger Golf El Gouna

Imagine a golf get-away experience comprising amazing scenery and luxurious facilities. Surrounded by tidal lagoon breezes, dawns and dusks that will take your breath away. The main championship course in El Gouna that offers all visitors - singles, couples and groups, of all ages and ability levels – many opportunities from a relaxing afternoon round to a range of holiday packages!

The Gene Bates and Fred Couples designed El Gouna Championship Course caters for every level of golfer, from the amateur to the professional golfer playing the competition circuit. The course boasts three distinct tees for men and women on each hole, strategically placed lagoons, rough, and bunkers, all intended to test the person at his or her own level.

Golfers can warm up at the resorts special Aqua Driving Range, a short stroll along the tidal lagoon or a short trip on the boat shuttle from our hotel's shoreline. The Steigenberger Golf Club offers a full range of retail items, rental equipment and driving range facilities and can also arrange tuition. The Steigenberger Golf Club invites golfers at all levels. Tee-off times must be booked ahead of time and golf handicap verification is required. For non-golfers, don't miss the weekly Golf Introduction sessions with experts on the driving range.

Golf fees at Steigenberger Golf El Gouna


(All fees are in Euro €)

Green fees           Winter         Summer


18 holes          single round   85.00  49.00


9 holes            single round   49.00  29.00


3 x 18 holes    package          239.00            129.00


5 x 18 holes    package          385.00            189.00


5 x 9 holes      package          229.00            119.00


Summer Afternoon Special (after 3:00 pm)           35.00


Rent                                                                    Winter   Summer


Electric Golf Cart       18 holes single round       25.00            25.00


Electric Golf Cart       3 x 18 holes                         60.00         60.00


Electric Golf Cart       5 x 18 holes                         100.00        100.00


Electric Golf Cart       9 holes single round           15.00          15.00


Electric Golf Cart       5 x 9 holes                           60.00         60.00


Driving            Start from:                 5.00


Practice Balls (25 pc)                        2.5.00


Set of Clubs    18 holes                      10.00


Set of Clubs    9 holes                        5.00


Classes                              Winter         Summer


Class   50 minutes                 45.00            45.00


Class   30 minutes     25.00


Single Class (2 persons)      75.00                75.00


Single Class (3 persons)       110.00             110.00


6 Classes        package          245.00            245.00


6 Classes        2 persons        380.00            375.00


9 Classes        package          365.00            365.00


9 Classes        2 persons        540.00            540.00


Lesson fee includes rentals and balls.

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El Gouna is Located 35 kilometers north of Hurghada International AirportEl Gouna is only a short flight from Europe’s major capitals.

To come to El Gouna you have several options:

By plane: There are daily flights from main European cities to Cairo, and connecting flights from Cairo to Hurghada International Airport with only 5 hours flying time.There are direct flights once or twice a week from all European cities to Hurghada.

By car: 5 hours trip from Cairo to El Gouna through good tarmac condition and fantastic scenery during the day. Having international driving license is necessary for the foreigners; seat belts are compulsory and speed limits along the road. There is availability of Car rental with special rates for weekly rental.

By coach: GO BUS from Cairo to El Gouna and vice versa 5 times a day. The trip takes 7 hours. The ticket office is available in El Gouna downtown for two types of coaches, first class and second class.

By boat: Ferryboat twice a day lasts 90 minutes From Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada harbor and back.

Around El Gouna:

El Gouna is a small town and Getting around El Gouna resort is very easy with different means of transport to go from one side of the town to another within minutes.The roads are very quiet and have pavements for pedestrians to walk along safely.

You can choose from:

Tok-Tok: is a three Wheel Motor Taxi for maximum three persons. One way ride costs 5 LE per person.Just go out and you will find them immediately. Tok-Toks are very safe and are usually driven by young men aged between 15 and 20.

Limousine: it is called in El Gouna the mini cab service; you can pay different prices according to the quality of the vehicle. They also have a brochure for their charges to different locations around El Gouna.

Shuttle Bus: El Gouna has an extensive shuttle bus system. Go Bus Company provides buses every 15/30 minutes. One day ticket price: 5 L.E., 1 week ticket price: 20 LE. You can get a map from your hotel or the information center in down town and meet at the bus station all over the whole resort.

Motorcycles: You can pick one at the entrance of Down Town and at Petrol Station.

Bicycles: they are available in front of any Hotel in El Gouna.

Shuttle Boat: it covers the whole Resort from the water sides with weekly ticket Euro 3 unlimited use. It starts from the central Point of Kafr El Gouna to all hotels and to Zeytouna Beach.

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liveaboard – or diving safari – is one of the biggest and most wonderful Red Sea adventures. Discover the most interesting dive sites of the Red Sea in marvelous diving safari trip on luxury boats to explore the incredible underwater world of the Red Sea With authentic explosion of marine life, endless variety of beautiful coral reefs with their amazing colors, the richness in fish, famous known wrecks in a country filled with magnificent history and visibilities up to 40 meters for encounters with grey reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, turtles and dolphins.

The diving conditions in the Red Sea are excellent during the whole year, the luxury safari boats is very comfortable, the reefs are intact and the Red Sea can be reached from Europe in just 4 hours by plane. All these fascinating natural seascapes and underwater environments, surrounded by towering red mountains and vast expanses of arid desert, made the Red Sea reefs have become one of the most famous dive destinations and incredibly enjoyable sea all over the world this.

The Red Sea is the prime location for liveaboard trips for beginners and experts alike. Non-diving partners will have an exciting and relaxing holiday trip as well on the sun deck, enjoying the buffet, join a pleasant chat with your fellow travelers from all over the world or watch at evening the starry sky of Egypt.

Sharm El-SheikhHurghada and Marsa Alam are major ports for diving safari in the Red Sea. Professional divers always join diving safari trips to experience the better dive sites further offshore. There are lots of liveaboard routes, but the most popular and ideal one is the 'Wrecks and Reefs' of the northern Red Sea.

Wrecks and Reefs are suitable for you whatever your experience level because of the varied depths across dive sites, so it is the best route for novices. Wrecks and Reefs is the itinerary for any diver wanting to see the best of the Northern Red Sea. The crystal clear and the warm blue waters that range between 20 and 28 degrees throughout the year are perfect for the longest dive times. Diving can be accessed whatever the season, either by boat or RIB.

Wrecks and Reefs route combines visits to the best wrecks in the entire north of the Red Sea with the most awe-inspiring immersions from sites such as Safaga to Ras Mohammed.

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