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El Gouna is home to a staggering assortment and superb nature of cooking, with more than 100 diverse feasting outlets to look over extending from fine food to easygoing snack eating and in addition a mixture of bistros and coffeehouses. So, Weather you prefer oriental, Italian, Asian, international, seafood or even Chinese food, you are likely to find a restaurant in every spot in El-Gouna.

Tourists prefer traditional food from where he attributes the countries visited. The Traditional foods of the country are inspired by environmental traits. This kind of food is mostly popular in countries of the Far East Asian countries and Middle East. There are species ranging from the Khaliji food, Egyptian food Indian plates, Moroccan platters and Chinese tasty dishes.

Being in Egypt, there are plenty of food types for example Bedouin food where you can enjoy it in the mountains and deserts. The Nubian and Saidy tasty food which you will never forget is a worth trying experience. Tourists from all over the world come to try these types of cuisines and tastes where it won’t be repeated in any country.

El Gouna has a great variety of oriental restaurants from all over the world where you can enjoy the authentic Arabic atmosphere.  

Orient 1001

Just few Minutes from Sheraton Miramar resort in El Gouna and next to TGI Diving office, in a legitimate oriental atmosphere, A Lebanese-Egyptian cuisine is the best choice if you love Lebanese food.  Put on the oriental costumes and enjoy the Great Lebanese dishes and Egyptian fish in a superb oriental setting situated in an all alone aqua island with Live demonstrates each Sunday and Thursday.


A place that is more than a cuisine; it is a lifetime experience! Go back to past worth remembering times when life was basic! Appreciate the old style way of life of Upper Egypt with wonderful real nourishment, cunning style, agreeable clothing, invigorating drinks and perky conventional music. Dawar El Omda’s Hotel primary eatery stays in accordance with the valid style of the inn and serves unique oriental and worldwide plates.

Oriental grill

Just cross the bridge and you will find yourself in an authentic oriental atmosphere in Kafr El Gouna. Enjoy the barbecue and oriental pastries.

Art village

Try not to pass up a great opportunity of Kafr El Gouna and Art Village to enjoy nearby shops and cafeterias. Open space bistro, Bedouin air with Shisha and beverages.

There are also many other places like Mamounia which is a Moroccan kitchen, Club house, El-Taybeen, Nubian House which serves  traditional dishes.

Next time you visit El Gouna you should try the oriental platters. You will truly find yourself in a sweet authentic environment. 

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Fishing is an extremely enjoyable action and leisure activity. Because a fisher is mostly surrounded by water and nature beauty, the tranquility and serenity of the earth helps him to relax and enjoy his time. Another thing, fishing is accepted to have medical advantages for the human body as well.

Would you like to know the advantages of fishing to your body? One of the advantages of fishing is that it is not physically requesting. There is no body or level of stamina or quality needed to do this. Just by fishing, muscles gather together, heart and lungs are getting it’s impart of activity. Those fishing devotees truly attempt to locate the best fishing spots in El Gouna, which will be explained to you later in this article. Back to our talk, fishing help your abdominal area to do some nice job. Your arms, wrists and hands will get its impart of activity as well. Finesse and reflexes will be enhanced when fishing. Included in the advantages of fishing are healthier lungs and skin, because of the fresh air you inhale, and there is no better than El Gouna breeze. Fishing is clearly an outside action and the lungs and skin advantage from the natural air encompassing you.

Natural air is constantly very important for the human body in light of the fact that the oxygen is more immaculate and cleaner. Breathing the fresh natural air is incredible for the brain and body. Also, daylight or sun light is beneficial to the skin as well. Moderate daylight is constantly useful for the skin particularly on the off chance that it is the fresh morning sun. Sound skin makes you look more youthful..

Fishing does not include a level of professionalism to be able to catch a fish,  you quietly sit tight for your catch while getting a charge out of the outside air, serenity and daylight.

So, fishing is a genuine mind get-away. At the point when making a go at fishing, you ought to select a beautiful spot like El Gouna. Having a ton of fun is constantly useful for the psyche and body. With a blend of physical movement, unwinding, natural air, peacefulness, daylight and the inclination of satisfaction when getting a fish, you will attain to a sounder and healthier personality and body after your fishing excursions. Now and again, you may need to set out for some fishing alone however bringing a nearby companion will make your fishing journey more charming.

El Gouna Offers you Some Safe Fishing Advices

Take after these tips to guarantee a sheltered, safe fishing journey:

-On the off chance that utilizing a watercraft to fish, wear a safety coat and verify every one with you wears one, as well.

-Review waterfronts changes every day the water is very liable to change without notification and big waves may occur.

-Try not to fish in zones where it is not allowed. These regions have been proclaimed "beyond reach" to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

-At the point when picking a site for fishing, constantly consider wellbeing variables. Since fishing is rehearsed in a mixed package of situations, make sure everything from the weather to the waves is fine and stable components particular to secure you self, which will not be an issue if you are fishing in any of El Gouna Spots.

-Bring along additional stuff, for example, water, food, lamps, maps, and a fully charged mobile phone.

-Continuously wear foot wear that is suitable to the fishing conditions.

-Stay dry, warm and shielded from the components. Wear a waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF; take enough cloth in case of weather changes.

-Take a small aid kit with you, in case of injury God forbid or any unusual circumstances.

Best Fishing Trips Providers in El Gouna

Yellowfin: One of the most popular providers in El Gouna, provides you the boat you choose, have high safety measures, and provide you with a professional divers for safety procedures.

It’s based in Abou Tig Marina area, El Gouna, a very beautiful quite place, provides you a great way to relax and enjoy your fishing experience in the sun of  Egypt, breathing fresh, clean air of the Red Sea.

Hook, Line & Sinker: Based in Downtown El Gouna, they have great boats and amazing crew. They treat people royally and the owner welcomes the customers in person. They offer great food on the boat was, apart from the great fishing experience,  you are able to snorkel & will be approached by the dolphins, they offer a great safety measures as well, also offer other great service includes, snorkeling, diving, scuba diving and other amazing activities.

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Library of Alexandria has evolved with the inception to contain a lot of scientific research and technological possibilities of creating a leading position in the march of since and knowledge in Egypt. For this perspective, in 2010 came the thinking of the establishment of "embassies" of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in some places far from the city of Alexandria, which may sometimes suffer from a lack of scientific and technological resources.

"Embassy” here means that state sends a mission to represent it in another state, and the defense of its interests and to facilitate the business and affairs of its citizens residing in the host country. Applying the same logic, the embassies of knowledge aimed by the Library of Alexandria is the representation of this great light of knowledge in the rest of the Egyptian governorates.

Since then, the library has succeeded in establishing embassies of knowledge in Minya University and the city of El Gouna.

Connected to Alexandria's cutting edge Bibliotheca Alexandrina library, this quiet desert spring is El-Gouna's social center. A place that takes Egypt's guests down its incredible history.  While in the library you can get to an immense scope of uncommon books by means of online connections to the Alexandrian library.

Established by the Sawiris family, El Gouna Library is a consulate of the BA, set on the track of finishing the Bibliotheca central goal of spreading learning and seeing past the limits of a solitary city.

The advanced material accessible at El Gouna is 750 books. These are the obvious supply of a library inn   contrary with the BA that contains more than 50,000 different ones and a store for a wide range of computerized material. Soon an accumulation of writings that will be accessible at ElGouna is the Holy Books, which conveys obsolescent volumes of the Bible and the Quran.

El Gouna Library is the prime example of another age in librarianship: the quantity of books on the racks does not surpass 750 physical books, but rather the genuine abundance of this library lies by the way it is innovatively and digitally situated up to face the difficulties of our time.

On the other hand, the Library of Alexandria are trying  to communicate with many Egyptian universities in order to contribute to the dissemination of science and culture of scientific research and by offering several trains services to students on how to write projects or scientific research and review.

The embassy consists of an area of no more than 150-200 square meters is divided into three parts:

Seminar hall for lectures.

Meeting hall.

Rooms for staff.

The ultimate goal of the “knowledge Embassies” is to make it exist all over the Egyptian universities and research centers. In addition to the establishment of embassies of knowledge in some remote areas far from the city of Alexandria will be a short-term objective of this initiative is the establishment of five embassies in the five universities of the university level, and five other embassies in universities in the Delta and the Canal. The mid-term target is the foundation of consulates in every single Open University.

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Get prepared for a diverse experience desert undertaking like no other! Board and take off and crash into safari through the Eastern Desert of Egypt. Take an energizing 4x4 jeep ride into the Eastern Desert to visit a conventional Bedouin Village. Get ready for the best desert investigation that is all piece of a life-changing background.

This is a distinctive experience to look at the desert from Hurghada, in a 4x4 jeep. You will be witnessing the changing scenes before landing at a Bedouin Village. Take a glance at the Eastern Egyptian desert lead a special and remarkable experience of Desert Safari visit driving 40 km in the Eastern desert of Egypt to a Bedouin town for a visit to see their life and conventions.

Viewing the nearby life and conventions of Bedouin Village, you will touch base in Bedouin Village where you will be acquainted with a neighborhood Bedouin group. Your desert aide will clarify the Bedouin customs and lifestyle and you will see firsthand what life in a Bedouin town is similar to. Ride through the desert on a camel to view the stunning dusk before getting a charge out of a conventional Bedouin BBQ supper grilled and prepared on their special tastes and tricks. You will appreciate viewing the enchantment and plenitude of stars while returning back to your lodging in Hurghada. Viewing the nightfall in the desert sky is a worth watching experience.

How can I book my places in this trip?

If you would like to enjoy trip there are many agencies that offer you this fantastic trip. Prices ranges according the time you will be visiting this place. Let’s for example take and the prices listed according to May 2015

Price per Person:



2-3 Persons

4-6 Persons

7-10 Persons


$ 50

$ 45

$ 45

$ 45


What about the schedules?

At morning and just after you finish your breakfast your desert aide and driver will lift you up from your inn at El Gouna by Jeep 4x4 to begin your fantastic trip inside the desert for about 40 KM.

Coming next is driving between the mountains of Hurghada to the Bedouin Village for a visit to explore their life and convention.

Then you will ride a camel and drive quad bicycle around the Bedouin town and witness the astounding nightfall view with grill supper. Mineral water and sodas are included.

 After having your supper sit back and relax and drink the oriental Bedouin tea or coffee and watch a folkloric show and dance along with the dancers to end your visit with an unforgettable moment.

Driving back from Bedouin town to your lodging in Hurghada, view the stars by night in the clear desert sky.

What is included in the payment I make?

Pick up administration from your inn and return

Desert Safari visit aide

Bottled water amid your excursion

All exchange by Jeep safari 4x4 WD

Stop to see the Mirage Camel ride in the desert

Quad bicycle around the Bedouin town

Panorama perspective of Hurghada and Sunset perspective

Barbeque supper with mineral water and sodas

Oriental show

 All assessments & administration charge

So, will Hurghada deserts be your next excursion point?

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Kitesurfing is a sport controlled by the wind; it needs just surf like board and a kite to enable the movement over the surface of the water.

It bridles the force of the twist through an expansive parachute sort kite to impel a rider over the water on a little surfboard or a kiteboard (like a wakeboard).

Despite the fact that the name incorporates the word to “surf”, it’s not a must to have a big, huge waves, the surrounding blow of the wind is the main energy expected to give you the push along. Level water areas, for example, Camber are supported by surfers looking to do a free-form as the water is shallow so simpler to take the first step and be back on. With the expansive scope of circumstances to ride in, whether "riding" in the flow of the waves, striving for enormous bounced, taking out your timer for a rate records, taking in another free-form trap or on a big experience kitesurfing never gets to be exhausting or redundant, it’s pretty enjoyable specially when you do it in a beautiful place like El Gouna.

Kites with tubes are utilized to create the draw from the air surrounded. The tube parts of the kites assist to hold still of the shape of the kite, furthermore permit it to buoy and hence be re-propelled from the water surface.

Different sizes and shapes of kites are utilized relying upon the wind quality and weight and height of the surfer, anything from 3 to 15m2.

Kites Types

Since 2007 there was a gigantic move in the outline of the kites for surfing, pre2007 there was only one kind of kite, the C shape kite. C shape kites are called that because of their extremely bended shape framing a C. In 2007 bow shapes and SLE shapes (bolstered driving end) kites shapes were brought into the business sector, bow shaped kites are called by that because of their compliment shape like a bowmen bow, and SLE shape kites are named because of the harness lines that join to the driving edge and backing its shape. Bow shape kites and SLE shape kites additionally have cleared wing at the tips tips of their back which when joined with the compliment shape and harness the kite to give it monstrous depower, simple water re-dispatch and general incredible change in security and usability. Since the bow shape and SLE shape kites, numerous parts of their configuration have been transfered to C  shape kites and nowadays crossover kites are additionally available which join parts of the two kite plans.

Most kite makers now utilize every kite outline in their item run, frequently a bow shape/SLE shape as the section level/middle of the road kite shape, a bow shape/SLE shape as the free-ride shapes, all round kite shapes and a C shapes as the execution kite. C kites are still utilized by professional surfers because of their snappy receptive turning, direct reaction and intense turns anyway they have heavy water to re-dispatch and less power than Bow shape/SLE shape kites.

This picture shows you in order from the left Bow, SLE, C shape Kites

Kitboarding Club El Gouna

Location: Buzzha Beach / Northern Mangroovy Beach, Kite Centers Street, El Gouna, Hurghada

Sun, blue shiny water, steady wind and a few square-mile tidal pond with shallow water offer kitesurfers of all levels the best conditions to appreciate a life-changing excursion and to enjoy their experience. Fledglings, specifically, will advantage from their tenderfoot courses with expert educators and from the biggest shallow region of all the kitesurfing lovers based in ​​El Gouna, which makes it much less demanding to begin with kite and board, because they offer beginners great advice and take it step by step with them till they learn quite well how to kitesurf.

The Kiteboarding Club at El Gouna (Egypt) is one of the biggest kitesurfing focuses in El Gouna. They are open all year and have more than 100 kites and 60 sheets for rental. They additionally offer an eatery right on the spot, a sublimely prepared group of teachers, supportive shoreline staff, a salvage watercraft, a compressor to swell the kites, a kite repair workshop and other more great stuff.


It starts from 99 Euros to 169 Euros according to the package you choose.

Kitepower El Gouna

Location: Mangroovy Beach, El Gouna, Hurghada

Kitesurfing on Mangroovy Beach: a current kitesurfing focus with an impeccable framework right on the shoreline and a lot of sun, wind and water. With its open area it has just about boundless space and no wind spread from inn structures.

KITEPOWER on Mangroovy Beach is the main kiting area in El Gouna and in all of Egypt to offer that uncommon mixture of a vast, ensured shallow water region and unhindered access to the untamed ocean. The tidal pond gets steadily more profound at a separation of 200 meters from the shoreline. There are no perilous spots or corals and you can get to the vast ocean with no danger notwithstanding when tide goes out. This implies you can make a go at kiting from day break till nightfall.

Kitepower on Mangroovy Beach: impeccable kiting conditions for every single kiting level!

Fees (In Euros)

Days / Rent



Kite + Board

Kite + Board














































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