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3:59 p.m. 12.03.16

Water Sports in Soma Bay a Must Try

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Soma Bay is a standout amongst the most exceptional and segregated resorts in Egypt, as it is situated on its own one of a kind promontory with ocean on three sides which is entirely controlled by a security entryway, which is the main method for entering and leaving the resort. This settles on Soma Bay the ideal decision for the security heart person who cares about protection and security, while having fun. Since there is ocean on three sides of this sunny little promontory, you will have a lot of sandy shorelines to look over. In the same way as other of the Red Sea resorts along Egypt's east drift, inns own a hefty portion of these shorelines. Luckily, there's a good chance that your hotel will have its own private shoreline yet in the event that it doesn't there's no compelling reason to stress, as there are a lot of open shorelines giving you the chance to douse up the sun on delicate sand at whatever point you need.

You won't be bored of exercises on your Soma Bay vacation, as there are various diving destinations, and also water sports including kite surfing, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling.

The midyear climate can get exceptionally hot amid your Soma Bay days off, as normal highs stay in the low 30's. This is the ideal temperature on the off chance that you like it hot yet not very hot that it begins to get somewhat uncomfortable. The mid year highs then again move into the high 30's and now and again surpass 40 degrees Celsius. In this sort of warmth it's vital to take consistent breaks from direct daylight and ensure that you continue drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated. Winter climate is likewise really great, as winter highs can move into the low twenties.

Water Activities in Soma Bay


That is everything you need to ace the specialty of kite surfing at any of the kitesurfing clubs in Soma Bay. Furthermore, you will find experts there, they will guide you effectively stand on the back of a board, slice through the shallow Red Sea waters and feel like a wave-strolling ruler.

With a sufficient territory of quiet, waist-high surf and solid seaward winds.

Soma Bay's Kite clubs offer flawless conditions for the first time kitesurfer or inquisitive beginner. A group of mentors are close by to offer a scope of courses, alongside full hardware contract and free transport on Soma Bay's consistent transport administration to get you to and from the place where you stay.

Walk Boarding

On the off chance that the winds subside (however they once in a while do), the Walk Boarding sport will always be close by to smash the quiet landscape.

A thirty moment starter lesson is accessible for amateurs, with a pile of bundles accessible to those quick to ingest as a significant part of the Red Sea as they can stomach. One session keeps going 12 minutes, with rebates accessible for numerous sessions.

What's more, if that seems like an excessive amount of work, you can simply book yourself a banana ride. I'm a big fan of it myself.


For those with more enthusiasm for what's under the water than blazing about on top of it, diving centers are always close by to fit you out for snorkels and flippers (and wet suits)

A boat will pick you up from the shore line, dropping you straight into one of the bigger house reefs of Soma Bay. Snorkeling is going to change your points of view from desert hills and tremendous lodgings to enormous reefs cooperating with sea-going untamed life.

We completely advice snorkeling before the early afternoon heat sets in; the cooler morning period offers the most obvious opportunity with regards to getting site of shark (harmless), octopus and stingray.


In the event that snorkeling strike you as little, sign yourself up for a course at the Dive Center - one of the biggest and best-prepared worldwide. Inside of two hours you could pass the important starting preparing to get yourself into the huge wide blue.

For those officially qualified in jumping, Soma Bay offers boat trips to dive into the reefs- try the Salem Express wreck, a cruiser that went down in the Red Sea late in the 90's. 

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