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9:41 p.m. 21.02.16

Where to Buy Gifts and Souvenirs in Cairo

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Nesma Bazaar: (Maadi)

Nesma Bazaar resembles your run of the mill vacationer trap with its dim mashrabeya entryways and show cases, and the clamoring souq-like inside loaded with Pharaonic stuff, mother-of-pearl adornments boxes and traveler manuals. Be that as it may, there's something else entirely to this adornments than meets the eye; invest a little energy searching the shop and you'll discover numerous shockingly little treats.

Further inside, the shop's middle holds the money register and primary work area, where Nesma Bazaar's fundamental staff sits and arranges costs on flatware. Yes, numerous Maadi inhabitants in on the mystery come to Nesma Bazaar to purchase flatware. One look into the work area's showcase case demonstrates pack heaps of vintage gems and other enticing pieces.

The right half of Nesma Bazaar conveys the vast majority of the flatware: here, you can discover antique-looking silver hand mirrors, smooth silver cases with excellent engraved plans, expansive silver pendants, flame holders, ashtrays and silver plate.

Bazaar Al Shaaban (El Muez Street)

Inside Bazaar Al Shaaban, several bright mosaic lights sit along the racks, while beautiful metal lights in various outlines dangle from the roof, and look out you are going to be amazed.

A large portion of the lights displayed in the bazaar are motivated by various social feel; lamps propelled by Islamic engineering - some of which are molded to take after the vault of the mosque - and lights got from the Ottoman style, produced using metal and mosaic stones, and also Indian lights with bright mosaic-cut roses emerge specifically.

Other fascinating mosaic lights incorporate vase-molded lamps, mosaic lights which take after an upside-down drum and square formed lamps. We were especially delighted to see little mosaic balls with supernatural lighting which resembled a tramp's precious stone ball.

The pieces at Bazaar Al Shaaban are 100% authentic carefully assembled by Egyptian experts.

Markaz (Maadi)

In the event that you need to discover artworks from all around the nation, Markaz is the spot to go. The shop itself is to some degree cautious and could without much of a stretch go unnoticed since there is no sign at the entryway and one could undoubtedly confuse it for being, great, something else beside a shop.

Markaz is a comfortable setting to peruse in and the items are an extraordinary tribute to the handmade Egyptian art.

Moving around the place you will find beautiful handmade straw baskets, handmade carpets and cotton handmade bags.

Turath (Zamalek)

Turath is a special shop with a one of a kind point. The word Turath, signifying 'legacy', mirrors the shop's devotion to securing and managing Egyptian legacy through its items

Their carefully assembled items are sourced from a weaving town in northern Egypt.

The shop itself is little but beautiful and natural, with canvas, cottons, wood and stoneware embellishing the window show. Inside, the principal thing was the overflowing number of Egyptian cotton scarves accessible to purchase. Accessible in each comprehensible shading, everyone was more delightful than the other.

Various handmade books were in plain view and the shop aide drew consideration towards one on craftsman Wissa Wassef who, amid his life, was committed to showing youthful villagers how to weave and make delightful, luxurious embroidered works of art.

Turath additionally gloats a scope of kids' delicate toys made for kids, by kids; all the benefit goes to them.

Turath stock an intriguing scope of items, all handcrafted one of a kind and privately sourced from Egypt.

Wady Craftshop (Zamalek)

The Wady Craftshop is situated on the grounds of All Saint's, about the greater part of the shop's stock is carefully assembled by impeded groups in Egypt, for example, detainees, the deaf and widows. Wady Craftshop is an extraordinary spot to discover blessings and backing the less lucky.

Comparative in idea to The Fair Trade Store, Wady Craftshop has a much little choice of merchandise generally speaking, yet they exceed expectations in a couple of classifications. The adornments determination at this area is wide, shifted and all around evaluated. Everything is in plain view, from basic strands of globules to wrapped bright stones, to complex metal work pieces of jewelry.

Boxes, crosses and other enlivening things decorated with mother-of-pearl at Wady Craftshop might not have the same level of craftsmanship as a percentage of the best that you see at Khan El Khalili.

A couple of the wooden toys and splendidly shaded weaved photograph collections.

In general, Wady Craftshop has a pleasant determination of high quality items that make awesome presents.

Oum El Dounia (Downtown)

This French owned boutique distils all the visitor banalities into a lifted and classy celebrated shop. It conveys everything from world music, trinkets, galabeyas and woven kaftans to glass products, home products, and adornments.

Oum El Dounia is somewhat like a littler rendition of the National Geographic store in London, yet with Egyptian taste.

Costs are genuinely sensible.

The good thing about Oum El Dounia is that it conveys all the particular little Egyptian blessings that you will like to purchase.

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