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9:45 p.m. 12.03.16

What to Eat and Where to Have a Nice Meal in Safaga

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Safaga has a little yet flourishing tourism place, having some expertise in scuba diving much more than other places in Egypt.

Safaga is also well known among kitesurfers and windsurfers, and was a host of some championships.

The dark sand hill shorelines normal for Safaga are a most loved spot for sun bathers. The ocean water is very saline and rich in minerals which are useful for the skin, and it is a prominent corrective destination in the Red Sea Riviera.

Safaga also a good place to have an enjoyable meal without being afraid of food poisoning or unclean food, the food there is fresh and clean, an experience you will surely enjoy.

How to Choose your Food in Safaga?

Nourishment in Safaga town is basic and restaurants outside of hotels are generally small, cozy bistros serving up snacks and beverages. Safaga's seafront offers a lot of superb alternatives with most hotels having dock front sea view eating choices where you can unwind and watch the water as you eat on the catch of the day.

Fresh and new fish is in daily and makes a tasty feast when cooked simply by local Egyptian people.

Egyptian food itself is a delicious blend of impacts from the Middle East and Africa. The day begins with a breakfast of beans (Egyptian way) pound and eggs. Egyptian bread and pickles and sticks are served first and will keep your energy going for the whole day of windsurfing or diving.

In the event that you choose to have an essence of the local food experience a few things you might wish to attempt include:

(Egyptian bread) Eish: bread made local style that goes with all meals. Rolls are typically the famous type.

Beans the Egyptian way (Ful Medames): a bean based dish that structures a staple; beans are normally bubbled, pounded and might be spiced or presented with an egg.

Kushari: A bizarre yet delightful blend of macaroni, rice, chickpeas, lentils and fiery tomato sauce.

Shawerma: White thin bread roll loaded with chicken or meat, cleaved onion, tomatoes and tahina sauce.

Mezza: Dips presented with beverages including sesame seed, eggplant or chickpea based ones like the acclaimed hummus (chickpea and olive oil).

Kufta: Lamb meatballs formed into a long tube and cooked like a kebab.

Om Ali: Egyptian bread pudding made with puff baked stuff with nuts.

Basbousa: Honey doused semolina baked pie.

Where to Eat in Safaga?

Breakfast relies on upon what we have gotten ready for the day. On the off chance that we go scuba diving, you must be there so early that we simply have a brisk espresso in the flat and something from the pastry shop ground floor. Since scuba diving is a throughout the day movement, lunch is served on the watercraft arranged by the group and constantly flavorful. On the off chance that you stay at the shoreline the entire day, you should try and lunch at the Nemo hotel shoreline. While lunch is really great (sandwiches, fries/rice, plates of mixed greens, pasta, and so forth – are pretty cheap), breakfast which is truly to a greater extent an informal breakfast is a must try. They serve eggs made to request, hotcakes, bread, chilly cuts, yogurt, organic product, cornflakes, and so on.

Ali Baba and Filfila: Both have fundamentally the same menus. the most loved dish at Ali Baba is the alleged "chicken steak" which is truly bits of chicken bosom grilled on a stick and presented with rice or French fries. I incline toward the chestnut rice – truly delicious! Additionally you will like their broiled fish and I am told their fricasseed calamari is incredible. At Filfila, the pasta dishes are more than amazing. They have an astonishing pesto sauce made with new basil.

Another alternative for supper is the Toubia Hotel. They have a week by week BBQ at the shoreline where they serve servings of mixed greens, chicken, kofta and so on. What makes it unique is that you are sitting comfortable shoreline with your feet in the sand taking a gander at the ocean. It's somewhat more costly than Ali Baba or Filfila, yet it worth every penny.

A tiny bit further is Al Fresco Pizzeria  a spot that offers pizza which is made with puff cake and loaded with whatever you such as –cheddar, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chime pepper. Is just Yummy!

There is also El Wekala Patio Restaurant; many dish varieties from many Middle Eastern cultures are available for you to try in the open-air restaurant, situated in the Three Corner Amira Hotel

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