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Local Transportation in El Gouna

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There are different approaches to get around El Gouna. In the event that you need to get to the El Gouna Library, set out for some trucking, social club, golf, the Abu Tig Marina, the nearby healing center: these are all more than a 5 moment stroll from downtown.


There are two kinds of tuk tuks. Yellow tuk tuks are 5 L.E. (max 3 persons) and the colored tuk tuks are 4 L.E. pp. same cost for any length of trek. They are extremely sheltered and are generally determined by young fellows matured somewhere around 15 and 20.

Transport/Ferry Services (shuttle boat)

The transport administrations are standard (10-15mins) and there are 3 lines. You can get a guide from your inn or the data focus in downtown.

 This service is awesome to keep your cash and expenses only 5 LE for a day leave behind to 1am. The week after week pass is 20 L.E. which is incredible! Simply don't free your pass!

The passes incorporate the ships from Tamr Henna breakwater which take you to zeytona shoreline and some other inn wharfs however it’s stunning just to go for the touring.

Limosine Service

This is what is called the smaller than expected taxicab benefit in El Gouna. You pay diverse costs for the nature of the vehicle. There is a 10 trip every day bargain. They likewise have a handout at the costs they charge to diverse areas around El Gouna including the airplane terminal. They are not so much limousines or even extravagance autos, so don't expect excessively!

Alerts - once in a while, Limo driver or a tuk tuk driver may need to give a companion a lift. Some limo drivers may need to give a mate a lift from get to drop off. You can acknowledge this, taking into account your level of solace, yet you can arrange to pay a marked down cost.

This practice could bring about genuine alerts in different countries, in any case, El Gouna Egypt, is truly sheltered.

El Gouna has a broad transport framework. They keep running on a predefined circuit and meet at the Bus station.

Auto Rental:  there are two offices which offer this: Orascom Limousine at Tamr Henna and El Gouna Limousine at Sheraton Miramar.

Bikes: if you are a bike rider and love to move around using that then you will love this. Always find bikes available before any hotel in El Gouna to use it as a good transport mean over there

Taxi Service:  Inside El Gouna is about 20 LE; you will also find taxis at Hurghada Airport for about 100 LE to El Gouna .

Transport Bus: Transport Busses are running from 8 am to 12am, with the exception of the West Golf line which takes break from 3pm – 5pm. If you use the bus frequently then you can make use of the offers available: the Everyday ticket is about 5 LE, the Weekly Ticket is about 10 LE and the Monthly Ticket is about 30 LE (photo required)  

Transport Boat: The van Boat departs from the main issue of Kafr El Gouna to all lodgings and to Zeytona Beach.  They keep running from 9 am till 5 pm.

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