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Discover Elphinstone

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North of Marsa Alam, Elphinstone has steep reef dividers secured with delicate corals, and is washed by solid streams that are perfect for sharks – seven species allegedly visit its waters.

Elphinstone reef is the mythic plunge site of the south, effectively open by day-pontoon.

Packed with a wide range of marine life, its transparent, coral encrusted dividers diving down to more than 70 m. the dividers dive profound into blue, lavishly designed with delicate, splendid pink, red, white, and brown corals, wipes, gorgonian and fans

This is a stogie molded reef running north-south and more than 400 meters long, situated in the southern Red Sea, near Marsa Alam. It was named after Admiral George Elphinstone, a British maritime leader who served in Egypt in the Napoleonic wars toward the start of the nineteenth century. Set apart at the ocean's surface by only a couple of little breakers, its solid marine life and submerged scenes make it one of the best Red Sea plunging locales.

The northern and southern tips of Elphinstone have 100m wide levels between 20-40m profound, secured with delicate corals, tremendous gorgonians, wipes and ocean whips. Jumping at the Northern Plateau, it's best to drop in further toward the north and float onto the finger-formed level. Mammoth trevally and awesome barracuda frequently chase here and reef sharks are regular. This is additionally area where you are well on the way to spot hammerhead sharks at Elphinstone, despite the fact that they remain an exceptionally subtle locating.

the reef is distinction for pulling in sharks, particularly white-tips sharks, alongside barracuda, various big jacks and eve fish, jumpers here additionally regularly spot hammerhead dim reef and senseless sharks around the profound drop-offs. The eastern and western dividers of Elphinstone reef are covered in delicate coral.

As you swim closer to the shallows you'll sign up with the divider secured in gorgonian fans and complicatedly cut with shades and breaks. This grand submerged embroidered artwork of Elphinstone is brilliantly shaded by purple and orange anthias, angelfish and rulers go about their everyday business, and flute mouths move stealthily through the shallows.

No outsiders to Elphinstone's Southern Plateau and as often as possible spotted are maritime white tip sharks, apparently constantly joined by pilot fish. These sharks appear to be interested of scuba jumpers and regularly return for an amazement second look. Maritime whitetips are uncommon sightings somewhere else on the planet so this fish, maybe more than some other, has come to speak to what's so exceptional about making the plunge the southern Red Sea.

Bonus Tip: Best time for an experience: October until the end of December.

At the western side of the south tip level, there are various cavern doors at a profundity of 30-35 m. Here falsehoods the notorious Elphinstone curve, a 10 m high passage that associates the western and eastern side dividers. The passage is past the points of confinement of recreational plunging and infiltration ought not to be endeavored without legitimate preparing. Remain nearby to the reef to abstain from being cleared out to ocean if the flow is solid.

The Eastern Wall offers remarkable divider jumping, while solid streams make this a breathtaking float as well. The sheer dividers dive away vertically to undetectable profundities of more than 100 meters, secured in a rainbow of wonderful delicate coral hues similarly as the eye can see. The dynamic fish populace highlights barracuda, schools of jacks, angelfish, snappers, Napoleon fish and substantial fish.

The Western Wall is steep thus has more edges and caves that pull in titan triggerfish, soldier fish and squirrelfish. There is one colossal brace which keeps running down to 10 m and makes a vast shade where dark snapper gather.

The main drawback to plunging Elphinstone lies in its prevalence and nearness to Marsa Alam. Being a standout amongst the most prominent locales in the Red Sea, There are typically a few live boards and day trip pontoons moored here throughout the day. Having said that, Elphinstone remains a site in the domain of cutting edge jumpers as it is an untamed sea site and streams can be solid. The present keeps running in a north-south heading along the east and west dividers, making this a float jump.

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