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11:52 p.m. 11.10.16

Castle Zaman: The Ultimate Sinai Splendor

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Between Taba Check Point and the popular camp of Basata, Castle Zaman is located on a desert hill with a dramatic view over the Gulf of Aqaba. 40 KM away from Taba and 25 KM away from Nuweiba, Castla Zaman is definitely a must visit if you’re ever to stay at either of them.


Castle Zaman is often mistaken for a camp or some sort of accommodation. Well, it’s not! Castle Zaman is a place where you can spend an incredibly relaxing day swimming in its signature natural stone pool while waiting for your meal to be ready. If you’re not into swimming you can still enjoy the sun and the pristine one of a kind view with a cool drink while sitting on the super comfy bean bags.

The venue has done its best not to disturb the surroundings with its earth tone color scheme. Castle Zaman has been constructed using only stones from nearby mountains; no concrete, no metal used. Chairs and tables are made of reclaimed wood and light fixtures are handmade from recycled glass. The floor is scattered is tiled with pebbles. The atmosphere is set to make you feel you are in the heart of nature.  

Menu and Prices

Let’s start with the bar. Fresh juice, cool beer and cocktails are available. Prices start at 30 up to 70 L.E. Size of the cups is considered to be small.

Now off to food. Castle Zaman is regarded as the only restaurant in the Middle East where you can experience the traditional slow “Castle Cuisine”. The menu is a bit limited however.

Ultimate Meat Tagine: toasted meat with an assortment of fresh veggies and spices served with a large bowl of brown rice, the legendary Molokhia and salads.

Featured dishes are:

Ultimate Catch of the Day: assortment of fresh caught fish and seafood delicacies (calamari, crab and shrimp) served with spiced wheat germ and salads.

Don’t forget to finish off with mermereya tea served in a quaint ceramic teapot.

Food is served in peculiar pottery dishes. Meals take up to 3 hours to be prepared. Prices start at 120 L.E. but feeds up to three people.

What Else to Expect

Free WiFi

Showers and changing rooms

Beach towels for rent (10 L.E)

Gift shop

Outdoor massage area

Sound system and dance floor

Yoga platform

Keep in mind

You will be charged 100 L.E. at entrance even if you’re just visiting to check the place out. You’re most likely to spend around 300 L.E. during the half-day excursion.

No kids under six allowed.

Reservation several days ahead is required especially on weekends and holidays.

Guests are required to sign a no-substance abuse disclaimer before entrance. If you break this rule, you will be asked to leave the venue immediately.

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