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12:29 a.m. 30.03.16

The Mystry of the Unfinished Obelisk

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It bears the name of the biggest Obelisk ever found situated in the northern area of the stone quarries of old Egypt in Aswan. Requested by Hatshepsut, she controlled together with Thutmose III who had rose to the throne as a kid one year prior.

Aswan was the wellspring of Egypt's finest rock, the hard stone old Egyptians used to make statues, and to decorate sanctuaries, pyramids and monoliths. In the Northern Quarries, around 1.5 km from town inverse the Fatimid Cemetery, is an immense disposed of monolith, which would have been the biggest of all, however was surrendered before it was totally removed.

Three sides of the pole, which is almost 42m long, were finished aside from the engravings. At 1168 tons, the finished pillar would have been the single heaviest bit of stone the Egyptians ever formed. A blemish showed up in the stone at a late stage all the while, in any case, so it lies where the baffled stonemasons surrendered it, still somewhat connected to the guardian rock.

After entering the quarry, steps lead down into the pit of the pillar, where there are old pictographs of dolphins and ostriches or flamingos, thought to have been painted by laborers at the quarry.

Archeologists trust that this extraordinary monolith was deserted when side-cracks showed up on it. The constructors started cutting this pillar from a solitary bit of bedrock. Had this unbelievable monolith been finished, it would have been one the heaviest if not the heaviest pillar ever cut in Ancient Egypt, weighing over a thousand tons and measuring around 42 m.

The unfinished Obelisk has given archeologists critical experiences into antiquated Egyptian stone-working systems. The pillar was an imperative image to the love of the sun in antiquated Egypt. A large portion of the Obelisk's raised in antiquated Egypt were because of religious and political reasons.

How to Get There?

Microbuses will drop you inside of a couple of minutes walk. Private taxis will charge about E£15.

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