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Le Méridien Dahab Resort

Le Méridien Dahab is situated in the heart of Sinai, neglecting the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea that is just 45 minutes from Sharm El-Sheik air terminal. Consistently blending the arabesques sourced from antiquated Egypt with the ultra-present day lines fused into the structure with the utilization of characteristic materials. This was the outline idea picked by the well known designer Alain Jouen who fabricated this lavish French-style resort composed with an oriental flavor. Nature darlings and extravagance seekers can make the most of Dahab's surroundings, the regular excellence of the broad quiet abandon and the greatest cinnamon-hued waterfalls and Le Méridien Dahab's wonderfulness, before setting foot into the resort. Everything is deliberately intended to radiate flawless congruity. Disregarding the Gulf of Aqaba and a globally acclaimed plunging and surfing destination, Le Méridien Dahab Resort, planned by engineer and inside originator Alain Jaouen, is situated in the heart of Sinai, just a 45-minute drive from Sharm El Shiekh. Each of the 182 open visitor rooms and suites offer patios and staggering ocean sees. The lodgings comforts incorporate a shopping arcade, and a spa (second quarter 2011) Onsite recreational offerings incorporate a windsurfing and jumping focus, two tennis courts, five swimming pools, a synthetic tidal pond, billiards, a Jacuzzi, b-ball courts, exercise room, and a Kids Penguin Club Le Méridien Dahab little visitor from age of 4 years up to 12 years of age will appreciate with their own child's club swimming pool, a very much furnished classrooms with books, diversions and a ton of they can do that makes them occupied at daytime. Penguin club kitchen is remarkable of its own to serve Le Méridien Dahab children; an extensive variety of exercises from a sand pit to table tennis table. Opening hours reach out from ahead of schedule morning up until the late evening so you can unwind far from the children safe in the learning they are as a rule all around entertained and administered. The club has its own administrator and youngster consideration proficient bilingual staff.. A determination of eateries and bars give a variety of eating alternatives.