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3:54 p.m. 12.03.16

Dahab - Colored Canyon, White Canyon and EinKhudra

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The gulches are a one of a kind common exhibition amidst the Sinai desert. You will discover snake tight canyon with amazing multi-shading silt.

We go to 3 extremely excellent spots in one outing. Generally we spend the entire day over yonder leaving at 8 am and settling the score with 6 pm. You will see the wonderful colored and white Canyons, and the Oasis of EinKhudra.

The Colored Canyon presents a standout amongst the most grand rock arrangements on the planet. The vegetation is exceptionally constrained - desolate acacias, green, tamarisk trees, willow trees, Sodom apples (which are toxic) and desert pumpkin.

 Presently, the stone developments are an exceptional fascination: they fluctuate from sandstone to limestone, rock and veins of basalt command the view through the whole trek.

With the Jeep you touch base on a level with great sight to the mountains and the gully right to your feet. When you begin sliding, you'll see that a number of the stones are secured in a chalk-like powder - brought on by being exhausted by vacationers.
After around 20 minutes, it has a craving for strolling through a dry riverbed. It is an unquestionable requirement, other than viewing your feet, to glance around or more you (at a few focuses, the dividers achieve nearly 20 stories in tallness) to understand that it is a land wonderland.

 At a few places, the stones transmit crystalline hues, at others, they have a smooth appearance. As the excursion proceeds with, the stream gets littler and littler, and the dividers plain from solid water-weight in wintertime..

Aside from maybe a couple snags, it's reasonably a simple trek. For instance, at a certain point, one need to slide down through a vent, where the two sides of the Canyon just about touch one another and where perhaps a huge number of years prior, a fallen rock had obstructed the way, leaving a thin opening underneath. On the opposite side of this obstruction, the Canyon floor bit by bit begins to rise once more. A couple of minutes after the fact, another deterrent shows up where the most ideal approach to handle is to swing yourself around a gigantic rock to slide two meters down, or just to bounce over it.


Concealed between yellowish sandstone precipices not a long way from the street connecting St Katherine with Nuweiba and Dahab is one of Sinai's most picturesque desert gardens. Its Arabic name EinKhudra (Green Oasis) superbly depicts this alluring district where spouting crisp water springs feed date palm gardens in the apparently infertile desert. You will have a great new cooked grill in the shades of palm trees, resting for around 60 minutes.

White Canyon

The white Canyon is somewhat littler than the hued gulch, and made off sandstone and limestone - that's where the splendid white shading originates from.On the passage of the Canyon you see a great deal of hand-engravings from Bedouin couples - in light of an old children's story.

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