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Your Guide for an Unforgettable Vacation in Sahl Hashish

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Sahl Hashish has become to be known as “Red Sea Riviera” thanks to its mesmerizing beauty. And since not a very long time, Sahl Hashish has imposed itself as one of the most famous touristic destinations in Egypt and it has become one of the top Egypt attractions. When you first step into Sahl Hashish you’ll feel as if you were in fairytale. At the entrance of the resort, you will be received by a number of Pharaonic statues.


Sahl Hashish is located on Red Sea coastline just 18 km away from Hurghada and 450 km away from Cairo with the area of 41,000 km²; nearly two thirds of Manhattan Island. Sahl Hashish is consisted of upscale resorts and that is why it has become a very suitable destination for family holidays and it has become very prominent amongst other Red Sea destinations.

Where to Stay in Sahl Hashish

If you were to start searching for accommodation in Sahl Hashish, you will definitely be in confusion since there are tens of luxurious hotels you can choose from and most of them will have sea view rooms. Top 5 hotels in Sahl Hashish are:

Old Palace Resort

Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

Palm Beach Piazza

Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh (a fairly new hotel)

There are other hotels and resorts that will cost between 60 and 70 USD per night.

Now you must be wondering: what are the things to do in Sahl Hashish to make the most out of your vacation.

Diving: One of the main reasons why tourists are attracted to Sahl Hashish is the many spots to dive. You will definitely find rare species of fish, coral and aquatic creatures that cannot be found elsewhere. Additionally, there is a Pharaonic underwater village; you will get the feeling of time travelling.

Glass Boat Cruise: On the off chance that you cannot dive for one reason or another, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to experience the wonders of Red Sea. Going on glass boat cruise is a perfectly safe way to watch one of a kind marine life.

Golf: Golf enthusiasts will have the time of their lives; since there are two world-class golf courses.

Sawari Marina: Soon to be Red Sea’s premium marina; Sawari Marina will host up to 330 yachts.  

Strolling: As mentioned above, Sahl Hashish’s entrance looks like a Pharaonic village. So, don’t miss the chance to stroll down its pathways between the statues.

Shopping: There is a number of shopping malls that have all your needs.

Parties: Sahl Hashish has recently become a party hotspot since it is very vibrant city of nightlife. Every weekend there is a party hosted.

Restaurants: In Sahl Hasish you will find cuisines from different countries around the world. For instance, if you like Italian food there is Pizza Corner. If you like seafood, there are King Fish and Blue Mermaid. If you’re a Chinese food fan, you can have your favorite meal at Mandarin.

Relax: If you prefer to unwind and relax, you will find a number of Spas and health clubs where you can get a massage, take a steam bath or even do some yoga.

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