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Snorkeling Trip El Gouna


Explore worldwide famous wrecks and reefs in a country filled with magnificent history. Make a fascinating tour to one of the best and most impressive places in the Red Sea Rivera where you will be able to see during your dive within the crystal clear water to enjoy with spectacular variety of underwater views of rare and unique species of amazing creatures, beautiful reefs, stingrays, mantas, wrasse, dolphins, turtles and a huge variety of corals. Drench up the sun and deal with your tan on the fine white sand shoreline and investigate the waters by snorkeling along the fantastic reefs while wondering about the assortment of brilliant and intriguing fishes. For novices, check the beautiful coral reef found in front of your eyes.

Glass Bottom Boat Trip in Hurghada El Gouna


Who said that you must be an expert diver, or even know how to swim to have the capacity to appreciate the astonishing submerged view of the Red Sea? Serenely situated in a gradually Glass Bottom Boat, you can investigate Hurghada's submerged fortunes. You'll be stunned by the water clarity, the lavishness of the corals underneath and the marine life differing qualities on such a shallow level. Aside from being truly shoddy, the outing is an impeccable family fascination; kids, folks and elderly individuals will all appreciate the beauty of the Red Sea. It is additionally the ideal event to make awesome keepsake pictures; on your way back to shore you'll have the capacity to hit the posture with an excellent all encompassing perspective of the coast out of sight. A Glass Bottom Boat can be effortlessly occupied through any water games organization in Hurghada, approach your hotel for a rundown of the accessible water exercises specialists. Generally the providers will lift you up from your hotel, escort you to the marina where you will board the Glass Bottom Boat. You will then voyage the Red Sea for around 2 hours. Briefest rides can likewise be organized specifically from the marina. Outline Appreciate a journey through Hurghada drift in a Glass Bottom Boat and wonder about the mixture of submerged life, including brilliant corals and fish. See the world's biggest coral, known as the "great brain" as you voyage along this 2-hour trip. Details Get a decent take a gander at the vivid corals, the astonishing assortment of fish, and other submerged life from the solace of a glass base vessel. This trip from Hurghada last around 2 hours, and round-excursion exchanges from your lodging in Hurghada are incorporated. On this outing that is suitable for the entire family, you'll appreciate complimentary sodas on board.

4 x 4 Desert Safari El Gouna


Shuttle up with your friends, family or loved one in a 4X4 SUV and venture into a surreal, unspoiled desert landscape studded with lumps of shimmering rusty-sanguine sand dunes framed by a breathtaking chain of ruddy majestic mountains. Tear through the vast stretch of sheer sands and rest to contemplate the untarnished beauty of the mystic landscape of the Eastern Desert where you can capture spectacular photos of the serene scenery or wildlife birds and animals, if you are lucky, to immortalize your wild desert adventure. Pitch a tent in the sand and feel your spirit soar observing the grandiose sunset painted with shadowy hues of pale violet, dusty yellow and warm coral blending into the dry crispy skies of the Eastern desert and gracefully descending over the towering mountain peaks to gradually fade into the sun-baked plains. Marvel through the soft chimes of the gentle breeze echoing across the rugged mountains. Taste the welcoming ambience of Arabic hospitality! Get cosy around an ardent bonfire and delight your hungry appetite with a hearty, scrumptious bounty of local flavors and seared, seasoned grills while singing and dancing to the most wonderful Arabian melodies or lay back and smoke shisha while slurping hot tea brewed on coal. End your trip clapping, humming and swaying to Arabian music while you enjoy watching a sensational live folkloric performance in full traditional garb straight out of a One Thousand and One Nights tale until it’s time for your return to your hotel.

Quad Biking in El Gouna El Gouna


Hurghada has a windswept Sahara desert, where camel trains navigate the moving hills and Bedouin tribes have experienced the same itinerant presence for centuries. To experience it direct, sign up for a desert safari with a Quad Bike with the arrangement with your hotel. However, in the event that you're more a sea person than a desert one, Giftun Island is a castaway's heaven with white sand shorelines and snorkel-accommodating waters, 45-minutes with a pontoon ride away. Overview Investigate the Egyptian desert in a leave for 4-hour Quad Bike safari from Hurghada, and experience life in the wild amid a grill supper at a Bedouin camp. Watch an astonishing desert dusk, ride a camel or stallion over the desert sands, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Details Turn into a desert adventurer and experience the beauty of the dessert in Hurghada, and head into the wild for a Quad Bike ride. Experience the puzzling existence of the Bedouin villagers, and appreciate an incredible grill supper under the desert sky. Taking after a pick-up from your hotel via a cooled van, exchange to the Quad Bike station for a snappy test commute to help you get used to the bikes. You will then commute about 16 miles (25 kilometers) over the desert sands to a Bedouin village. Find out about their antiquated lifestyle, and how they have adjusted to cutting edge times. Next, you have the alternative to ride a camel, they call them "boats of the desert." Horse and pony rides are accessible in the event that you favor them. Experience the shades of the moving sands and desert sky as the sun sets. At that point, devour a grilled supper, with Bedouin tea so you can become more acquainted with local people. Stimulation as Bedouin’s singing, Tanoura and hip twirling, a cobra show, and a Fakeer show end the night. At that point, take a gander at the floor covering of stars in the night sky on the drive back to your hotel. Mainly, what should be included? • Hotel pick-up and drop off • Water (Not a must, you can bring your one) • Guides • Quad Bike rental (1 for each individual) with a commute test • Tour of Bedouin town (including the grilled meal and Bedouin tea) Great to Know • Availability: Daily – Early hours of the day are preferable What to bring with you • Your passport • Comfortable shoes • Wear cotton cloth, hats and sunglasses in summer and heavy cloth, scarves and icecaps in winter • Don’t forget to bring your cameras

Red sea cat (Ocean diva Catamaran) El Gouna


Take a fabulous ocean visit and set sail for 2 awesome stops at some mystery reefs in the Red Sea. On landing you can swim, snorkel, or basically unwind on board the vessel, dousing up the beams. Dolphins are a customary locating on the greater part of the travels! An amazingly agreeable watercraft, notwithstanding amid unpleasant ocean conditions, you can laze in the sun and appreciate the fabulous perspectives as you sail. There are additionally a lot of seats in the shade, and nets for sunbathing straightforwardly over the Red Sea. Furthermore, since the Ocean Diva slices through the water utilizing just its sails it makes next to no commotion to exasperate your snooze! The Ocean Diva is a quick, trendy, and advanced sailboat. With its low draft, it can go into exceptionally shallow reefs. You will cruise before El Gouna, and grapple close-by for swimming and top of the line snorkelling among shores of beautiful fish. The captain and team will take care of your each need, from supplying sustenance and beverages, to setting you up with snorkelling apparatus, and offering some assistance when you have to move back on board.

St. Anthony & St. Paul Monasteries El Gouna


Not far from Hurghada, Anthony’s Monastery and St.Paul’s, are the Oldest Monasteries in Egypt. Amp up your holiday in Hurghada and take a tour at the ancient monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul and discover Egypt’s rich Coptic monastic culture. Carved out within the heart of majestic mountains of Galala Al-Qibliya with ancient sacred springs still gushing through, the monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul represent the ultimate spiritual retreat and are considered a major tourist attraction near Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. Located 45km away from Hurghada city, you will get to enjoy an exciting hike through the holy orange-red cliffs surrounding the Galala Al-Qibliya Mountain and contemplate the beauty of the surrounding holistic landscape until you reach St Anthony's Monastery. Built during the 4th century AD, St Anthony's Monastery is a large edifice enclosing clusters of churches and chapels that are adorned with ancient Coptic art and wall paintings. The Monastery has also a bakery, a lush verdant garden brimming with life amid the vast, endless desert. Both monasteries are still inhabited by devout monks and priests who will be happy to guide you through holy chambers and tell the history of those sacred places of worship. Climb 1158 steps, about 320 meters above St Anthony's Monastery, in order to reach the cave where St Anthony lived. Step into a tiny entrance and marvel at the cave as it widens out into a small chapel, the monk’s place of worship. 85km away from St Anthony's Monastery stands the Coptic Orthodox monastery of St Paul, a devout monk who abandoned all worldly concern to lead an ascetic life of 90 years in peace and spiritual transcendence in a cave. Also known as the Monastery of the Tigers, St Anthony's Monastery features a mill building, a refectory and an eighteenth-century enclosure wall as well as a marvelous collection of manuscripts and alters.

Mahmeya Island El Gouna


Appreciate a mouth watering full smorgasbord lunch on the fine white sand shoreline, unwind to calming music, sunbathe, swim and snorkel throughout the day in the completely clear waters of Mahmya. Being a home for the standout views and marine life and amongst the most stunning shorelines in the Hurghada locale, Mahmya should be your choice to spend the best 90 minutes if your life. In Arabic Mahmya signifies "ensured region" and the island is genuinely a desert garden of peace where human settlements are entirely illegal. On your excursion back to the Hurghada coastline you might conceivably even see dolphins... To start with, you will be picked up from your hotel in El Gouna. Then you will get transferred to board the boat for approximately 40 min sailing through the crystal clear water of the Red Sea. You may get a chance to see dolphins close up the view during the trip is worth a photo or two. As soon as you reach your destination in el Mahmya oasis, small speed boats will take you to the island. At Mahmya the water is ideal for swimmers of all ages you can stay close to the beach or you can venture out and explore the coral close by. There is a restaurant and bar on the island offering beer or wine and a variety of soft drinks and juice the restaurant serves a choice of chicken or fish with pasta or rice and 5 different types of salad. You can also go for the al carte menu with a choice of different local fish or jumbo shrimps. The bar is open 10.00 am till your departure the restaurant is open from 12.30 till 2.30 the al caret menu is available from 10.00 am till 4.00 pm. Then you will be taken back by speed boats to your yacht and the 40 min ride back to the marina were your transfer is waiting to take you to your hotel in El Gouna. All in all, Mahmya is a perfect day out for families and kids or couples or just friends that are looking for having a great day.

Trip to Luxor from El Gouna El Gouna


Venture back in time by Visiting Luxor the antiquated city in Egypt and now the capital of the Luxor Governorate. Luxor is likewise famously known as the biggest outdoors exhibition hall, as it houses the site for the antiquated city of Thebes and remnants of the sanctuary edifices at Karnak and Luxor. Current Luxor is comprised of three unmistakable territories in particular the clamouring downtown area, the town of Karnak in upper east and the antiquated relics of Thebes on the West Bank of the Nile River. Situated in Upper Egypt, Luxor is situated 670Km (416 miles) toward the south of Cairo, 220Km (137 miles) toward the north of Aswan, and 280Km (174 miles) toward the west of Hurghada. It is the second most famous spot to visit in Egypt, behind Cairo, and is open in various ways.

Trip to Cairo from El Gouna El Gouna


Founded over a thousand years ago, Cairo - also known as the “city of minarets”, emerges from a prestigious location at the apex of the Nile Delta, connecting three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Nestled between the layer-caked sandy hills of Moqattam, the multifaceted, manic metropolis is a cradle to the world’s oldest civilizations and is endowed with a myriad of awe-strucking historical monuments from different eras, notably Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic. An extensive highway system connects Cairo with Egypt’s major cities, including: Alexandria, Ismailiyyah, the Red Sea and Luxor; whereas Cairo International Airport is at crossroads between Africa, Asia and Europe. On the other hand, a spider road network is spun all over Cairo through which one can ride through the city’s attractions, including: Khan El-Khalili, period museums, Al Azhar Park, the Opera House, the citadel, mosques, churches and ancient Islamic gates; all intertwining with the vibrant markets bursting with tantalizing aromas of spices coming from authentic food vendors, antique shops and noisy streets brimming with cars and turbaned men in jalabiyas rhythmically blending with the eclectic architecture that stunningly fuses modern complexes with ancient Roman ruins and Islamic grandiose where hundreds of minarets are juxtaposed between Coptic churches. From music-themed fancy dinners on a cruise along the sparkling opaque waters of the Nile to wild parties at lounge bars and trendy nightclubs, Cairo pulsates an electrifying nightlife that is so culturally alive and colorfully diverse, making Vegas look like a ghost town. The minute the trailing edge of the blazing sun disk fades into the purple haze horizon, locals and tourists crawl out to lose themselves into the dazzling city lights to chill at local cafeterias and drink tea or smoke shisha; or delve into the glitzy scene of the city’s bars and rub shoulders at groovy, themed lounges.

Boat Trips El Gouna


Escape the busy beaches and join us! Get on board with your friends or family and rev up the fun under the warm sun with an unforgettable music-themed marine adventure across the pristine coral-fringed ivory shores of Hurghada. Feel the gentle winds rub against your face as you venture out into the unobstructed seraphic azure waters of the Red Sea. Sit on deck and share a drink or a snack with your friends or family while we take you on a magical cruise across dramatic scenery of the elegantly arrayed red sea islands resting on the balmy crystal waters. Snorkeling is one of the many activities we provide and is equally enjoyed by adults and kids. Be prepared to snorkel into the best private and shallow spots sheltering paradisical and picturesque coral gardens brimming with marvelously vivid marine wildlife. You will be provided with the necessary snorkeling equipment and instructions to experience a truly exhilarating aquatic adventure that you can share with the whole world. Our vessel is well-equipped and spacious enough for you to recline and enjoy the ultimate fishing game adventure while your toddlers are having a thrilling time swimming in the famous sparkling waters of the Red Sea. Chase groupers, sea bass, mackerels and barracudas across the blue waters of the Red Sea. Boast about your victory and make it a day to remember. Customize your trip! Be your own captain and take the wheel as we offer the most exciting and thrilling way to explore the Red Sea wonders by yourself. Plan your escape into the vast sea alone or with your loved ones as you combine adventure and sightseeing. Rent a vessel for a few hours and make your own program to spend a charming and memorable sailing experience.