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6:50 p.m. 19.07.16

A Walkthrough Ras Abu Galum Protectorate

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Ras Abu Galum Protectorate in Egypt is situated close Taba and was announced as a store in 1992 fundamentally for the security of mangroves and coral reefs. The store deceives the north of the Nabq protectorate along the Gulf of Aqaba. The area range secured by Abu Galum is around 400 square km. 

Abu Galum Protectorate is a limited beach front plain which has high waterfront mountains and the range assumes a critical part in controlling the utilization of area. The numerous channels are a home to more than 165 plants species which even incorporates the restorative plant, Batheran which is utilized for treating stomach colic. The natural life in the zone incorporates the Hyrax, the Rupell's Fox and the Striped Hyena. Likewise ten types of snakes and reptiles can be seen when at this protectorate. It's generally encouraged to guests to keep away from the sandy zones which have vegetation and a neighborhood Bedouin guide should dependably go with you when going by this range. 

The Significance of Abu Gallum

Abu Gallum’s significance lies in the presence of an extraordinary geology in the zone. Here you can see the mountains close to the shorelines and the shifted territories incorporate coral reefs, ocean herbs, ocean animals, tidal ponds, mountains and desert ecological framework, which means just about everything at one spot. The valleys and mountains here are a home to an expansive assortment of feathered creatures, wild creatures and plants which have helped in transforming this protectorate into a noteworthy vacation destination in Egypt.

Likewise for amateur's here there are jumping arranges, safari and also creature and winged animal watching programs. The store general has more than 165 types of plants of which 44 are limited to only this living space. The store is additionally known for the submerged hollow framework which lies at a profundity of more than 100 m. The framework is to a great degree unsafe and temperamental. Along these lines administration of this region is vital to guarantee the consistent stream of travelers to the spot. 

The protectorate is eluded to be the best kept insider facts of Sinai and portrays a pleasant ensured territory of Egypt. Its stupendous stone mountains finishing unexpectedly on a tight beach front plain fronted by rich coral reefs makes it a beneficial visit. 

Abu Gallum is third of the five protectorates situated in the south Sinai locale of Egypt. The spot is well known for its high beach front mountains and coral reefs. You can discover here the Nubian Ibex, Capra Nubian, which are found on for all intents and purposes difficult to reach crests and the reefs, which are among the finest on the planet, are still in perfect condition. 

How to Get There

You can reach Abu Gallum by driving from Taba. Likewise you can trek from the Blue Hole Camp in Dahab which can take some place around an hour for the voyage. Additionally, accessible is a camel ride to Abu Gallum, which can be leased alongside a nearby guide from the Blue Hole. In the event that reasoning about heading to Abu Gallum from Dahab the street trek may take two hours.

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