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7:08 p.m. 17.07.16

A Walkthrough El Alamein War Cemetery

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When you visit Egypt, you will probably ask about the most important and historical sites around. Make sure that El Alamein war cemetery is on your visit-list.


Alamein is a town, avoided by the primary coast street, roughly 130 kilometers west of Alexandria making progress toward Marsa Matruh.

The primary Commission street bearing sign is found just past the Alamein police checkpoint and all guests ought to kill from the principle street onto the parallel old coast street.

The burial ground lies off the street, somewhat past an edge, and is shown by street course signs around 25 meters before the low metal entryways and stone wing dividers which are arranged halfway at the street edge at the leader of the entrance way into the graveyard. The Cross of Sacrifice highlight might be seen from the street.

The crusade in the Western Desert was battled between the Commonwealth strengths (with, later, the expansion of two detachments of Free French and one each of Polish and Greek troops) all situated in Egypt, and the Axis powers (German and Italian) situated in Libya. The front line, crosswise over which the battling surged forward and backward somewhere around 1940 and 1942, was the 1,000 kilometers of desert between Alexandria in Egypt and Benghazi in Libya. It was a battle of move and development, the targets being the control of the Mediterranean, the connection with the east through the Suez Canal, the Middle East oil supplies and the supply course to Russia through Persia.

El Alamein war cemetery contains the graves of men who kicked the bucket at all phases of the Western Desert crusades, got from a wide region, however particularly the individuals who passed on in the Battle of El Alamein toward the end of October 1942 and in the period instantly before that.

The graveyard now contains 7,240 Commonwealth entombments of the Second World War, of which 815 are unidentified. There are additionally 102 war graves of different nationalities.

The Alamein Cremation Memorial, which remains in the south-eastern piece of El Alamein War Cemetery, celebrates more than 600 men whose remaining parts were cremated in Egypt and Libya amid the war, as per their confidence.

The passage to the graveyard is shaped by the Alamein Memorial. The Land Forces boards honor more than 8,500 fighters of the Commonwealth who kicked the bucket in the crusades in Egypt and Libya, and in the operations of the Eighth Army in Tunisia up to 19 February 1943, who have no known grave. It additionally celebrates the individuals who served and passed on in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Persia.

The Air Forces boards honor more than 3,000 pilots of the Commonwealth who kicked the bucket in the battles in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Greece, Crete and the Aegean, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Somaliland’s, the Sudan, East Africa, Aden and Madagascar, who have no known grave. The individuals who presented with the Rhodesian and South African Air Training Scheme and have no known grave are additionally celebrated here.

Opening Times

The burial ground is open each day from 07:00 - 17:00. Guests ought to note that when the nursery workers leave the site at 14:30 the guests book and enroll book are likewise expelled. 

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