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10:45 p.m. 23.03.16

Our Guide for an Exceptional Vacation in Marsa Alam

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Marsa Alam’s International Airport was opened in 2001. Since then, it has became one of top destinations for diving and other water sports lovers, just like its neighbors on the Western shore; HurghadaEl Gouna, Sahl Hashish, Safaga, Soma Bay and others.

In this guide, we’re mentioning our picks for must visit spots in Marsa Alam in addition to some recreational activities for an exceptional vacation.

The Natural Beach Pool of Marsa Nayzak

Formed after a meteor (“Nayzak” is the Arabic word for “meteor”) hit our planet Earth, this natural beach pool is a heavenly spot for swimming. Marsa Nayzak is nestled 14 km south Marsa Alam.

Ras Banas

Ras Banas is a small peninsula adjacent to the Egyptian-Sudanese borders that offers a great opportunity for an adventure in the heart of the sea. Diving and snorkeling lovers can have the experience of a lifetime to watch the colorful coral reefs and an endless variety of fish and sea creatures.

Sataya Reef (The Dolphin Reef)

A swim with the amazing playful creatures; dolphins is all you need to heal your depression and say goodbye to stress. Daily trips by boats to Sataya Reef can be arranged for an adequate price that includes transportation from and back to your accommodation, snorkeling equipment and the permission to access this region.

Gebel Elba National Park

Nature lovers have a delightful chance to explore the amazing scenery and wildlife at the Elba Protected Area. It’s perfectly located between the tropical and desert regions.

Gebel Elba is blessed with moderate climate that even though it’s located right in the middle of the desert, it has a high rainfall which caused the exceptional phenomena of “mist oases”.

Vegetation in Gebel Elba National Park is the richest in Egypt; mangroves, acacias and Balanites Aegyptiaca among others can be found there.

The Historic City of El Quseir

Spend a great day in the city of El Quseir, best known for its’ Ottoman fort and small bazaars. El Quseir is just a 20 minutes drive away from Marsa Alam. Once you get there, start exploring the Ottoman castle that was built by Sultan Selim back in 1517 to protect El Quseir since it used to be Egypt’s most important port.

Afterwards, you can start shopping at the city’s stunning local market. Papyrus, perfumes, silver crafts and shishas are very popular souvenirs that can be bought for cheaper prices.

Wadi Hammamat

Wadi Hammamat is a dry river valley that used to be a part of the trading route connecting Luxor to the Red Sea and Asia. Dive the wonderful desert; explore the long-abandoned goldmines and oases and watch the ancient rock inscriptions. Choose between Jeep and quad bikes for your safari. If you’re less adventurous, you might try horse or camel safari.

Port Ghalib Marina

Spend a night out at Port Ghalib Marina that hosts gourmet restaurants, buzzing nightlife spots and upscale shops overlooking the exquisite marina and the luxurious yachts.

Musical concerts are frequently held in Port Ghalib. Discos and dancing clubs with worldly renowned DJs can be found in Port Ghalib too. Chain restaurants like TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut and The Grand Café have their only branches in the surrounding region. More than 160 retail outlets can be found in Port Ghalib where you can shop till you drop, although we recommend El Quseir as a cheaper alternative. World class spas, diving centers and other water activities are available as well. A ride in a submarine is highly recommended to get the chance to watch plenty of fish species and other sea creatures.

Bonus Tip

Make sure to visit Marsa Alam during Easter (Sham El-Nesim) vacation; that's when 3alganoob (to the south) festival takes place. During 3alganoob festival, you can enjoy live performances by talented independent musicians and artists, dancing, sunbathing and stargazing. 3alganoob is a great opportunity to socialize and spend quality time with new interesting people. The festival offers accommodations in huts and chalets for extra fees and either ways it will be much cheaper than hotels.

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