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11:52 p.m. 31.07.16

The Fjord Bay, Taba

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Taba, "The door to Sinai" is a delightful, quickly developing resort 75 km north of Nuweiba. Surely understood for its beguiling coves and coastline, tourism has bloomed as of late with the opening of its International Airport, which has non-stop flights from numerous parts of Europe. It is encompassed by blue and turquoise waters and its reefs are a heaven for snorkelers and jumpers. 

Only 50 km south of Taba is the staggering Colored Canyon, a wonder of the common world and a kaleidoscope of shading. The Fjord, another fabulous site, only 15 km south of Taba, is a delightful and secured cove with shocking coral reefs and extraordinary view.

Along the beach front course from Nuweiba to Taba - 15km south of Taba to be definite, glimmering blue shading will stop you, subsequently the Fjord; an astonishing shoreline, additionally a plunging spot, offering completely clear water, stunning coral reefs and an outstanding marine life. For experienced jumpers The Fjord is the spot, the Fjord Banana is another option to the less experienced. 

The Fjord Bay is a concealed diamond on the Cairo-Taba Road that is infrequently welcomed 

s you venture to every part of the street between these little urban communities you have the Sinai Mountains on one side and the Red Sea on the other and excellent perspectives the distance, yet this inlet is an additional exceptional shock. A short stroll down from the street takes you to a shoreline where the snorkeling is great. When you have seen the Fjord once, every time you travel this street you will long to see it once more, simply holding up to see it show up around a twist in the street. 

One of the best spots for swimming and general unwinding is the Fjord Bay, only 15 km south of Taba. It is additionally an extraordinary plunging spot, and regardless of the possibility that you are not an aficionado of water exercises, contemplating and taking in the characteristic magnificence will be sufficient to fill your heart with joy. Numerous pass it by in a hurry to their last destination.

Found only 15 km south of Taba, the Fjord is a fabulous plunging spot housed by a stunningly delightful and secured narrows with astonishing coral reefs and exceptional landscape. In case you're an accomplished jumper, you'll be enticed by the "Fjord gap": a site you will reach in the wake of taking after a colossal coral bed at 16 m of profundity, you'll locate a gigantic opening that goes down to a profundity of 24 m. In the wake of entering the gap, you'll witness a stunning marine life scene: fish from the vast ocean coming to eat a lot of little Glass Fish and Silver Fish. 

The "Fjord Banana" is an option for the less experienced jumpers: a shallow reef fit as a fiddle of a banana, achieving a maximal profundity of 12 m, and lodging a wide assortment of fish and corals.

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