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7:43 p.m. 18.07.16

The Dolphin House .. Marsa Alam

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Marsa Alam has a standout amongst the most vital dolphin living spaces in the Red Sea and the world. Samadai reef, all the more generally known as "Dolphin House," is the home to a substantial group of around sixty spinner dolphins. 

On the off chance that that isn't sufficient for you dolphin devotees, you will be upbeat to discover that up to a hundred more spinners visit the reef all the time with infrequent visits by other dolphin species, for example, the bottlenose. 

Samadai Reef is deservedly a standout amongst the most mainstream vacation spots in Marsa Alam, and it lies a simple eleven kilometers or six nautical miles south east of the Marsa Alam mooring. 

In February 2013, a nearby traditionalist gathering - HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association) assumed control over the administration of the site keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the implementation of tenets constraining the quantity of visits permitted. Confinements intended to ensure the dolphins and their delicate reef living space. 

More about dolphins

The spinner dolphin populace at Samadai, albeit for the most part around sixty, can fluctuate incredibly once a day from as few as three to upwards of 210 one day in or 176 on a solitary day.

A portion of the additional numbers are in some cases made up of intermittent  guests however the larger part visit the reef on a year round premise. 

When you arrive you may well catch a sight of a few spinners surfacing to breath. In any case you might be amazed to discover that some of them might be sleeping. 

Dolphins hate the same profundity as people, as their breathing must be done in a way and sea life scientists have watched that they lay down with one portion of their mind alarm while alternate rests. So as they rest they keep on swimming gradually and surfacing consistently to relax. 

Be that as it may you will frequently experience dynamic dolphins particularly by early evening. They are remarkably perky and there are even records of these dolphins getting a charge out of surfing close to the reef. 

Trip to Sataya Reef

In the event that you've as of now been to Samadai Reef or might want to visit a reef favored by dolphins yet which is at times went by sightseers you can venture out further south to Sataya reef around 12km off the Hamata shoreline. The holding nothing back cost for snorkeling is only 60 Euros for every grown-up which is an extraordinary arrangement given that Sataya is far away in Marsa Alam's moderately unexplored "Profound South". In the event that you might want to get a kind of what you may see.

The excursion incorporates your arrival transport to Hamata, a naturally cooked feast on load up, all you're snorkeling gear, an expert aide and a decision of tea, espresso, soda pops or filtered water whenever of the day. Here you likely won't need to contend with such a variety of individuals to draw near to the reef's spinner dolphins.

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