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11:07 p.m. 24.03.16

Daedalus Reef.. best dive locales in the south of the Red Sea

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Unquestionably Daedalus Reef is one of the best dive locales in the south of the Red Sea where you'll discover sea occupants, from the smallest to the biggest.

Daedalus Reef is a separated reef, around 80 km from Marsa Alam, somewhere between Saudi Arabia and the shores of Egypt. Daedalus is a remote station of a reef, not exactly a kilometer wide and set apart by a beacon, about 80 km seaward from Marsa Alam. Its detachment implies it is not much of the time went by and this, together with its marine park status, implies its reefs are in mint condition and it's one of the best scuba makes the plunge the Red Sea.

It has rich waters given by more than 500 meters profundity in a few regions and solid streams. These two elements have made a perfect situation for marine life and pull in extensive pelagic fish like the maritime whitetip shark or whale sharks yet have likewise helps corals to be sound. This reef is not exactly a mile wide yet has gotten to be one of the best for scuba making the plunge the Red Sea, with dividers loaded with hard and delicate corals and where the best sightings in the territory of vast schools of hammerhead sharks happens.

Daedalus Reef is a marine park where there are not the same number of jumpers as in the northern spots on account of its disengagement and this has brought about a practically virgin region where life streams.

A Four sided extraordinary reef:                                                   

Solid streams getting this reef tend to run north-south along the precarious dividers and winds can bring about tsunamis and surface waves that occasionally thwart jumping. In any case, the extraordinary activity underneath the surface will make you overlook these troublesome conditions once you get in the water.

Making the plunge the north point can be entangled in view of its solid streams however it likewise guarantees visits of predators. This is the place you have a tendency to invest the most energy of the jumps for the visit of pelagic species, for the most part schools of hammerhead sharks amid summer, and some other fascinating species, for example, barracuda, mackerel or fish.

The south side offers superb safe house from winning winds from the north and is the favored mooring point for vessels. Normally the current is moderate and you can see some reef sharks and thresher sharks pursuing fish stocks.

On the west side divider we discover an "Anemone City” where are enormous convergences of anemones and clownfish together with an area with a gigantic blue coral development. Going down the east side, in another great divider, are likewise basic the thresher sharks.

All through these four dividers you can appreciate a lot of vivid reef fish like anthias, Red Sea flags, butterfly fish, gigantic groupers, moray eels, glass fish...

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