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Visit the old city of Luxor in extravagance on a day trip from EL Gouna joined by your private guide you'll see the renowned West Bank destinations including the Valley of the Kings, where the grand tombs found, you will visit Tutankhamen and many more.

The Valley of the Kings or Wadi el-Muluk in Arabic is a valley in Egypt where tombs were fabricated for the Pharaohs and capable nobles of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. The faction of death and the deep rooted planning for eternity were the center of Egyptian religion, and the Valley of the Kings and different landmarks in the West Bank necropolis are quiet affirmation to this fixation. The pharaohs were covered in mystery tombs here and ensured by the best security of the age, however couple of internment locales got away from the pillaging of grave thieves.

The city was the capital of Egypt amid the New Kingdom (1567-1085 B.C.E.). The Nile separated Thebes into two particular parts: 

1. The City of Life (EAST BANK), where the Temples of Luxor and Karnak welcomed the dawn every day.

2. The City of the Dead (WEST BANK), the spot where the sun set over the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.

It also served as the last resting spot for the pharaohs of the New Kingdom. Many illustrious tombs line the lofty sides of this barren valley, including that of King Tutankhamun’s, which was found by Howard Carter in 1922. Indeed, even the tombs that were attacked by grave criminals are still eminent, their insides lined with brilliant painted creations and symbolic representations. Avoided perspective for a long time, the striking examples appeared to be almost as crisp as when they were initially painted.

The Temples of Luxor and Karnak keep on commanding the city, radiating destroyed glory with their monstrous statues, intricately ornamented dividers, and towering columns intended to showcase the force of the pharaoh. Luxor Temple is situated in the downtown inside strolling separation of where the journey watercrafts dock. At its passage is a colossal arch or fantastic portal developed by Ramses II, with two gigantic statues of the lord. Two monoliths once remained here also, however one and only remains (alternate stands at Concorde Square in Paris).

The Donkey ride

Once you are there you can also attempt diverse approach to visit Valley of the Kings by riding Donkeys. Meet the donkeys and ride them through the green fields and towns of the west bank until you achieve the mountain. You will then cross the mountain to the Valley of the Kings. You will keep riding them over the mountain to go to Hatshepsut Temple and Clossie of Memnon.

What else can I see over there?

At that point Visit (Colossi of Memnon), continue the visit to visit the Hatshepsut sanctuary at El Deir El Bahary, developed to pay tribute to one of the couple of female leaders of antiquated Egypt. Move toward the East bank of Luxor to Enjoy Karnak Temples.

No site in Egypt is more noteworthy than Karnak. It is the biggest sanctuary complex ever constructed by man, and speaks to the joined accomplishment of numerous eras of antiquated developers and pharaohs. The Temple of Karnak is really three principle sanctuaries, littler encased sanctuaries, and a few external sanctuaries arranged on 247 sections of land of area.

Your visit should incorporate a felucca ride on the Nile, and a stallion and carriage ride in Luxor it is awesome and you will really spend a good time.

In case you would love to visit this magnificent place then your trip should include:

Private entire day trip from EL Gouna to Luxor.

Valley of the Kings and visit to its tombs.

Sanctuary of Queen Hatshepsut.

Karnak Temples.

Felucca ride on the River Nile.

Stallion and carriage ride in Luxor.

Lunch at an Oriental eatery ( Nubian food is a worth trying cuisine)

Appreciate special, customized consideration from your master Egyptologist control on this extraordinary private visit.

Pickup and drop off from all EL Gouna inns.

Let’s imagine the trip together: (prices given are approximate and by internal flights)

No. of Persons

Price per Person

2 - 3 Persons


4-6 Persons


7-10 Persons



Lift you up from your lodging in El Gouna via ventilated vehicle to Hurghada Airport to travel to Luxor.

A private aerated and cooled select vehicle to visit the renowned Karnak sanctuary the biggest spot of love ever fabricated. Its old name Ipet-isut signifies "the most consecrated of spots." The sanctuary or all the more effectively the complex of sanctuaries was constructed more than two thousand years back by a great many generations of pharaohs. Inside the complex, the considerable "Hypostyle Hall" is an inconceivable wood of monster columns.

Appreciate lunch at nearby eatery

Then off to the West Bank of the Nile River. (here you can include the donkey ride if you wish to)

Visit  the two giant statues of Amenhotep III (Colossi of Memnon)

Visit the Valley of the Kings, where the brilliant tombs found.

Visit the tombs.

Proceed to the Hatshepsut sanctuary at El Deir El Bahary.

Head to Luxor Airport for your flight back to Hurghada.

Return back to your lodge in El Gouna.

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Venture back so as to the times of antiquated Egypt on a private voyage through the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, Sakkara and the previous capital, Memphis. One of the survivors of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza still stands for over 4,000 years of buildup.  With your own private Egyptologist manual for lead the route on this private visit, you can focus the measure of time you'd like to spend at each of the destinations you'll visit.

Their uncommon shape and how was it built makes them by one means or another outsider development; they appear to ascend out of the desert leaving us to ask how are these this great monuments standing over there.

With your guide for the route on this private visit, you can focus the measure of time you'd like to spend at each of the locales you'll visit. Guided visit or private auto and aide who can take you from spot to place on the vast site are the simplest approaches to see the pyramids.

The Giza Plateau is just around 30 minutes from Cairo, where your qualified Egyptologist aide will give an interesting prologue to each of the three pyramids: Cheops, Khafre and Menakaure. You will have extra time to enter one of the pyramids (extra cost), however your aide is not allowed to enter with you, or take a camel ride (extra cost).

In the wake of going to the pyramids, you'll proceed over the level for a photograph chance of the three pyramids ascending from the sands, with the Cairo horizon out of sight. A short commute to the city side of the level discovers you remaining at the feet of the Sphinx, for a great many years the perplexing image of Egypt.

 Additionally in Giza you may visit the Solar Boat Museum (discretionary), home to the astoundingly all around protected funerary vessel of Khufu. Your next stop is Sakkara, home of Egypt's most established pyramid, constructed in 2650 B.C. Your aide will give a brief history of the acclaimed Step Pyramid and you'll have available time to stroll around. Your last stop is Memphis, the antiquated capital of Egypt.

Here you will see ancient rarities from a large portion of the considerable leaders of Egypt, including the fallen statue of Ramses II. You will likewise have the opportunity to visit a Papyrus Institute to perceive how the well known craftsmanship is made.

The sound and light show at the pyramids:

Have you ever considered how life was a huge number of years back? For 60 minutes, you appreciate the sound and light show close to the pyramids and the Sphinx. The show would portray the historical backdrop of those extraordinary rulers, their privileged insights, legends and insider facts of old history.

Briefly explore the past while sitting in your place by presenting the sound and light show. The history is re-told by the Sphinx, letting you know the most antiquated mysteries of the world. A wonderful demonstrates that breathes new life into inventively the tenet of old Egyptians. The craftsmen skillfully made a show to present pictures of every single recorded period.

There you will discover the pyramid of Khufu, the Immortal and Sky Grabber, near to its a few adjusts, where the wood-made pontoons of Khufu are set, which KING Khufu would use to cruise on his voyage to everlasting life. Likewise, you will discover the pyramid constructed by Khufu's child Khafre, who made his own littler and shorter than his dad's pyramid; we can see Khafre's face, engraved on a sheet of green diorite stone, so vivacious as though the craftsman simply completed it. At that point, to wrap things up the pyramid of Menkaure, who was similar to his dad unassuming and sufficiently tolerable to make his pyramid littler than the other two.

Can a visit to Cairo from El-Gouna be arranged?

Tours from El Gouna to Cairo offer you a sublime experience to investigate Cairo and its touring, If you are intrigued to investigate the place where there is antiquated progress of Egypt with its Pyramids, Sphinx, Temples, Nile River, and more you can go along with us a Private Tours to Cairo from El Gouna and appreciate it

The Cairo outing will begin from your lodging in El Gouna via ventilated vehicle. At that point you will be taken to Hurghada Airport to get onto your flight. In your entry you will be joined by your private guide for begin your Cairo trip by going to the Great Pyramids of Giza one of the Seven Wonders of the antiquated World.

 Giza Pyramids are developed from 4500 years by a huge number of limestones. Proceed with your Cairo visit to supernatural Sphinx, The 20-meter-high, 57-meter-long, half man; half lion is the gatekeeper of a sun sanctuary toward the east of the Great Pyramid of King Khufu of Giza. Lunch will be served amid Cairo visit. At that point you will continue to the acclaimed Tahrir Square (Libration Square) where the Egyptian Revolution reveled January 2011 against Mubarak and his legislature.

Prices range according to the time and places you are visiting starting from $60 up to $195 per person.

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As a naturally neighborly eco-vacationer destination, Mahmya was created and based in the National Park of Giftun Island in the Red Sea the first of its kind in Egypt.

 Mahmya an Arabic signifier for 'ensured or protected’ was composed with extraordinary care and appreciation to guarantee that the current ecological setting on Giftun Island would stay secured for quite a long time to come.

Keeping consistent with its name and under the supervision of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Mahmya was built to have particular insignificant natural effect was influenced amid all periods of development and execution from there on. Appreciate an incredible day investigating the common park of Giftun Island and snorkeling in the completely clear waters of the Red Sea, rich with beautiful fish and sea-going life.

To best watch over the human effect on Giftun Island, Mahmya nearly deals with its aggregate number of visitors every year as a viable apparatus to persistently maintain its regular assets.

This place offers you numerous actives but let’s name 2 of them in detail


Why don’t you try Snorkeling outing by a boat to a standout amongst the most superb reefs in the Red Sea! The decision for prime snorkeling areas in the Red Sea is unrivaled and our Recreation Team and the Boat Captains check the climate conditions and pick the best site for that day to expand your wellbeing and delight. Snorkeling is a good time for all ages, so bring the entire family and investigate the wealthiest ocean on the planet!

The Red Sea brags agreeable water temperatures year-round, magnificent water clarity, more than 1,000 types of fish, innumerable assortments of hard and delicate coral and an amazingly differing submerged geology, without a doubt making it a standout amongst the most uncontrollably special submerged situations!

In the event that you'd rather remain focused island, you can appreciate the simplicity of boundless access to swimming and snorkeling in the water specifically off Mahmya's Beach! There you'll discover gatherings of coral heads lying on the sandy base in shallow water, considering boundless revelation, with very close locating of creatures like starfish and mollusks.


An Air pocket free glass base of the mechanized eco-accommodating watercraft, SEA SPI’s examine a very close perspective of coral and marine existence without the danger of harming fragile corals and creatures.  You can watch all you which to see without worrying about being unable to dive or even there is no need to get into a submarine just get you SEA-SPI and proceed.

So if you are willing to spend you day there you will truly spend an unwinding day splashing up the sun and swimming in the perfectly clear waters of the Red Sea.

There's nothing to stress over on this comfortable journey to Giftun Island. Either kicks back and appreciate the daylight, or wear the snorkeling apparatus accessible and investigate life underneath the surface of the Red Sea Coast. A day excursion to Mahmya is difficult to skip when you're in Hurghada, so why pass up a major opportunity!

Make sure you live this adventure and rush to see the bright coral and extraordinary fish of the Red Sea!

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Club Paradisio El Gouna is a broad beachfront resort constructed along the most pleasant area of El Gouna on the Red Sea shoreline of Egypt. A heap of exercises, bright activities, and neighborly, friendly environment, all this portrayed with many other delightful settings. Visitors of Club Paradisio likewise have entry to all the facilities of the neighborhood hotel Steigenberger Golf Resort found adjacent and helpfully came to by shuttle watercraft. Also, shuttle transport and watercraft transportation is accessible to benefit as much as possible from the facilities of steigenberge, an agreeable deal has been made with the hotel for the guests enjoyment. A wide exhibit of shopping, eating, and amusement hotspots are discovered just a couple of minutes away in the bright Downtown territory and in the exquisite Abu Tig Marina.

A fine-sand shoreline bordering with a sound free area makes perfect conditions for swimming, playing with your kids in a peaceful environment, and also good for doing water sports. The Paradisio's club includes many excitement programs with gym, spa and shoreline activities, and a kids’ club area. Numerous water sports are offered, including kitesurfing, paddling, tennis, squash, bows and arrows, and that's just the beginning. The unwinding on location spa has calm outdoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and back rub medications to loosen up after all the craziness. El Gouna's golf spot is in so close to you at the Steigenberger Golf Resort.

Gloating a far reaching decision of Club Rooms and Suites, the Club Paradisio has a very unique structure; you can have a room by the pool or the garden. A 4- Star Hotel certificate verifies the lodging's one of the best at El Gouna. The Club Paradisio invites guests of all ages to enjoy the summer in Hurghada and is a perfect getaway for families; joined rooms and suites are the best alternatives for families with children or gatherings of companions. Club Paradisio additionally draws in couples searching for coastline spoiling and mouthwatering nourishments. Marco Polo Restaurant has many great dishes to choose from a variety of a tasty menu, while Morgan's Beach Bistro serves barbecue and fresh fish everyday.

 Sport Activities you will Enjoy at Club Paradisio

1- KiteSurfing: is found straightforwardly on the shoreline at Club Paradisio in El Gouna, bragging a kite spot just before the lodging including a huge sandbar with shallow water, enduring winds, and astounding hues. The primary center of the kite station is to give a protected and wonderful environment to learn and work on kiteboarding. Sandy base, shallow water, and a considerable measure of space with no impediments are sitting tight for you simply a short vessel ride away at the most secure and most delightful spot in El Gouna. Osmosis Kiteboarding in Club Paradisio additionally offers different water sports, for example, sailboat cruising, standup paddling, windsurf and kayaking.

2- Diving: Coraya Divers in Club Paradisio El Gouna, offers launching to scuba divers, courses, and water expeditions. On the off chance that you need to investigate the interesting submerged water world, Coraya Divers is the correct spot to go. For snorkelers, short excursions and day visits to the loveliest reefs of the Red Sea are to be shown. Multilingual professional divers will direct learners into the scuba world or take experienced ones to the following level of submerged sea investigation.

3- Golf: El Gouna 18-holes golf course invites beginners as well as professionals for challenging rounds of golf in a spectacular surrounding. Just 5 minutes walking distance from Club Paradisio at Steigenberger Golf Resort, which allows special entry to Club Paradisio guests.

4- Swimming: You have a private beach, 3 adults swimming pool and one for kids, what you need more!

You can enjoy swimming in the amazing water of the Red Sea or just jump into one of the three pools and enjoy the cool water.

Other Things You will Enjoy in Club Paradisio

- You can also play tennis, squash, volleyball, football and archery, other great facilities that you might enjoy there.

- You can also enjoy riding a banana boat through the warm cozy water of the club paradisio.

- There are Souvenir and gift shops for you to buy something for you to remember back home or to buy your friend a gift.

- One of the great hotel facilities that it easy things up to guests with wheelchair or who needs a wheel chair to go around the resort.

- For you to relax Club Paradisio offers rooms for massage and spa. Guests have a completely free access to use the gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, and relaxation pool.

- Also the kids club is one of the amazing features for your kid’s to play in a safe area and not to worry about them.

- A multilingual front disk facilities 24/7.

- Free WiFi in the Club, rooms and all the areas attached to it.

- Baby facilities, includes baby bath tubs and baby beds.

- Babysitting service when needed.

- Airport Transportations.

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Tawila Island, El Gouna, Egypt, 1 hour drive by a van, it contains sandy shorelines with grand ocean nature, to see the excellence of submerged sea wonders, you need to go to Tawila Island as even dolphins swim there by your side.

Tawila Island is a tranquil island with a very quite environment as can be water, you can really feel ocean fish and coral reefs down your legs, the cruising to the island is a stunning background while you can appreciate viewing dolphins beside you.

In Tawila Island you can appreciate numerous water games, for example, diving, snorkeling, and other shoreline sports, you can likewise appreciate eating in an extremely heavenly restaurants on the shoreline, you can clean up, or simply sitting and unwinding among the exceptional nature.

Why Tawila Island is so special?

Tawila Island is a mainstream place for the cruising vessels and yachts fans in El Gouna on the grounds that it has a truly vast shielded popularity. For snorkeling loves, there is snorkeling area close to the shore with exceptionally shallow and an amazing marine life to enjoy discovering. The Tawila Island itself is so quite separated from the fledgling, noisy city life.

It will take you a very less time to arrive there from Hurghada airport. Once you have arrived, you will see that the wind had dropped totally soft so it was totally tranquil and the ocean was similar to a mirror. You will enjoy Swiss lunch of Swiss frosty meats and Swiss bread which we washed down with more Egyptian wine before making a go to snorkel.

You will discover viewing the sun set is flawless there, being around a quite, peaceful place and everything so still. You will have your supper on the moon light, observing all the falling stars.

While you dive or snorkel you will see few dolphins out there and you will hear their beautiful whistling sound.

What’s there for you?

Snorkeling: one of the best things you can enjoy in Tawila Island is snorkeling, the most amazing coral reefs are easily seen there, and you can snorkel all around a beautiful variety of fish types. Tawila Island has a drop-off great coral where Blue Spotted Stingray, Tassled Scorpionfish, Giant Moray Eel, Snowflake Moray Eel, Lion Fish, Clown Fish, Coral Grouper, Picasso Trigger Fish, Masked Puffer, Long-Jawed Squirrelfish and may others have been located.

Equipment at Tawila Island comes within the famous “all inclusive” deal, and there are professional snorkeling trips through the day. Staff at Tawila Island arranges for you a comfortable speedboat to easy things up for you.

Scuba Diving: Tawila Island very appraised plunge site has bounteous coral and fish, additionally incorporates diving through loaded area of yellow delicate coral and a couple of dark and red corals. You may see many fish groups, FreckledHawkfish, Pygmy Sweepers and Butterfly fish, in addition to substantial school of diving to help you.

Tawila Island gets its reputation and name from a solid base, it’s from the great and beautiful scenes to the amazing service.

The divers are in safe hands along with the professional divers with them. 

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