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Unquestionably Daedalus Reef is one of the best dive locales in the south of the Red Sea where you'll discover sea occupants, from the smallest to the biggest.

Daedalus Reef is a separated reef, around 80 km from Marsa Alam, somewhere between Saudi Arabia and the shores of Egypt. Daedalus is a remote station of a reef, not exactly a kilometer wide and set apart by a beacon, about 80 km seaward from Marsa Alam. Its detachment implies it is not much of the time went by and this, together with its marine park status, implies its reefs are in mint condition and it's one of the best scuba makes the plunge the Red Sea.

It has rich waters given by more than 500 meters profundity in a few regions and solid streams. These two elements have made a perfect situation for marine life and pull in extensive pelagic fish like the maritime whitetip shark or whale sharks yet have likewise helps corals to be sound. This reef is not exactly a mile wide yet has gotten to be one of the best for scuba making the plunge the Red Sea, with dividers loaded with hard and delicate corals and where the best sightings in the territory of vast schools of hammerhead sharks happens.

Daedalus Reef is a marine park where there are not the same number of jumpers as in the northern spots on account of its disengagement and this has brought about a practically virgin region where life streams.

A Four sided extraordinary reef:                                                   

Solid streams getting this reef tend to run north-south along the precarious dividers and winds can bring about tsunamis and surface waves that occasionally thwart jumping. In any case, the extraordinary activity underneath the surface will make you overlook these troublesome conditions once you get in the water.

Making the plunge the north point can be entangled in view of its solid streams however it likewise guarantees visits of predators. This is the place you have a tendency to invest the most energy of the jumps for the visit of pelagic species, for the most part schools of hammerhead sharks amid summer, and some other fascinating species, for example, barracuda, mackerel or fish.

The south side offers superb safe house from winning winds from the north and is the favored mooring point for vessels. Normally the current is moderate and you can see some reef sharks and thresher sharks pursuing fish stocks.

On the west side divider we discover an "Anemone City” where are enormous convergences of anemones and clownfish together with an area with a gigantic blue coral development. Going down the east side, in another great divider, are likewise basic the thresher sharks.

All through these four dividers you can appreciate a lot of vivid reef fish like anthias, Red Sea flags, butterfly fish, gigantic groupers, moray eels, glass fish...

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North of Marsa Alam, Elphinstone has steep reef dividers secured with delicate corals, and is washed by solid streams that are perfect for sharks – seven species allegedly visit its waters.

Elphinstone reef is the mythic plunge site of the south, effectively open by day-pontoon.

Packed with a wide range of marine life, its transparent, coral encrusted dividers diving down to more than 70 m. the dividers dive profound into blue, lavishly designed with delicate, splendid pink, red, white, and brown corals, wipes, gorgonian and fans

This is a stogie molded reef running north-south and more than 400 meters long, situated in the southern Red Sea, near Marsa Alam. It was named after Admiral George Elphinstone, a British maritime leader who served in Egypt in the Napoleonic wars toward the start of the nineteenth century. Set apart at the ocean's surface by only a couple of little breakers, its solid marine life and submerged scenes make it one of the best Red Sea plunging locales.

The northern and southern tips of Elphinstone have 100m wide levels between 20-40m profound, secured with delicate corals, tremendous gorgonians, wipes and ocean whips. Jumping at the Northern Plateau, it's best to drop in further toward the north and float onto the finger-formed level. Mammoth trevally and awesome barracuda frequently chase here and reef sharks are regular. This is additionally area where you are well on the way to spot hammerhead sharks at Elphinstone, despite the fact that they remain an exceptionally subtle locating.

the reef is distinction for pulling in sharks, particularly white-tips sharks, alongside barracuda, various big jacks and eve fish, jumpers here additionally regularly spot hammerhead dim reef and senseless sharks around the profound drop-offs. The eastern and western dividers of Elphinstone reef are covered in delicate coral.

As you swim closer to the shallows you'll sign up with the divider secured in gorgonian fans and complicatedly cut with shades and breaks. This grand submerged embroidered artwork of Elphinstone is brilliantly shaded by purple and orange anthias, angelfish and rulers go about their everyday business, and flute mouths move stealthily through the shallows.

No outsiders to Elphinstone's Southern Plateau and as often as possible spotted are maritime white tip sharks, apparently constantly joined by pilot fish. These sharks appear to be interested of scuba jumpers and regularly return for an amazement second look. Maritime whitetips are uncommon sightings somewhere else on the planet so this fish, maybe more than some other, has come to speak to what's so exceptional about making the plunge the southern Red Sea.

Bonus Tip: Best time for an experience: October until the end of December.

At the western side of the south tip level, there are various cavern doors at a profundity of 30-35 m. Here falsehoods the notorious Elphinstone curve, a 10 m high passage that associates the western and eastern side dividers. The passage is past the points of confinement of recreational plunging and infiltration ought not to be endeavored without legitimate preparing. Remain nearby to the reef to abstain from being cleared out to ocean if the flow is solid.

The Eastern Wall offers remarkable divider jumping, while solid streams make this a breathtaking float as well. The sheer dividers dive away vertically to undetectable profundities of more than 100 meters, secured in a rainbow of wonderful delicate coral hues similarly as the eye can see. The dynamic fish populace highlights barracuda, schools of jacks, angelfish, snappers, Napoleon fish and substantial fish.

The Western Wall is steep thus has more edges and caves that pull in titan triggerfish, soldier fish and squirrelfish. There is one colossal brace which keeps running down to 10 m and makes a vast shade where dark snapper gather.

The main drawback to plunging Elphinstone lies in its prevalence and nearness to Marsa Alam. Being a standout amongst the most prominent locales in the Red Sea, There are typically a few live boards and day trip pontoons moored here throughout the day. Having said that, Elphinstone remains a site in the domain of cutting edge jumpers as it is an untamed sea site and streams can be solid. The present keeps running in a north-south heading along the east and west dividers, making this a float jump.

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A short distance from Cairo, one and a half hour drive on the new parkway, Ain Sokhna is quick getting to be one of the top getaway  spots on the Red Sea Coast, making it at last conceivable to join a short stay in Cairo then have some sun and ocean fun.

With flawless shores and a demeanor of unmeasured peacefulness, well off Cairennes have been summering here for quite a while.

As of late, global hotel networks have populated this stretch of beach front heaven, giving you the chance to appreciate a honest to goodness bit of paradise on the Red Sea coast.

Extravagance, beautiful shorelines, fun water exercises, and a closeness to the awesome Eastern Desert make Ain Sokhna an incredible spot for your excursion.

Here are some places to visit in Ain Sokhna

Coptic Monasteries

In case you're a history nerd, don't miss this chance to take in a visit to the world's most seasoned, dynamic religious communities.

St. Anthony's Monastery, situated at a desert spring, goes back to the mid 14th century. The idea of devotion in Christianity began here in the Egyptian desert and St. Anthony was one of its authors. The Coptic cloister is one of a kind among Egypt's numerous extremely valuable legacy destinations. The religious community's lovely divider artistic creations of sanctified knights and loner originators go once more from the sixth to ninth hundreds of years; there's one of St. Anthony himself.

The library houses more than 1000 important original copies. Established after St. Anthony's passing, the cloister has survived assaults by Bedouin tribes and close decimation. For the ministers who live here, life remains basically unaltered - the customs they watch are the same as those took after as the centuries progressed, and they keep on talking the Coptic dialect. After some time, strongholds were added to ensure the religious community against aggressors. Today, it is a green, independent town with five houses of worship, a factory and a pastry shop. The collapse which St. Anthony lived, in the mountains over the cloister, is a short trek. Keep an eye out for sightings of desert untamed life - mountain goat ibex, dorcas gazelle and brilliant hawks.

St. Paul's Monastery

St. Paul's Monastery is situated in the Wadi el Deir, a wonderfully setting in a valley south of St. Anthony's, the spot where the loner friar was covered at some point around  There are three temples here, with the Church of St. Paul manufactured underground, over the hole that houses his remaining parts. Like the St. Anthony's Monastery, there are important Coptic original copies here as well. The religious community, whose structures go back to the medieval. A little group of friars keep on living here.

Galala El-Bahariya Mountain

This mountain, rising 1200 m above ocean level towards the southern edge of Ain Sokhna, is broadly accepted to be the site of the Old Testament story of Moses driving the Jews over the Red Sea. The other heap of religious essentialness situated here is Gebel Attaqa, 800 m above ocean level, including the valley of Hougouland and Chuwaiba. The sulfur springs that give Ain Sokhna its name are situated here.

Port of Suez

This noteworthy port is about 50 km far from Ain Sokhna and a dynamic vacation spot. The sprawling complex is partitioned into three ports - Port Ibrahim, New Harbor and Port Tewfik - to handle traveler vessels and general load, tankers and domesticated animals vessels and traveler ships, separately. Search for Egyptian keepsakes in the bazaars simply outside the port region. For photography buffs, this is an incredible chance to snap pictures of monstrous tankers, voyage liners and different vessels exploring the Suez Canal - the dock zone is serenely huge for setting up camera gear. Mount Sinai, where Moses got the Ten Commandments is unmistakable from here.

Adabiya Bay

South of Suez to this prominent winged creature watching spot. There are additionally a few wrecks in this cove.

Activities in Ain Sokhna

Water sports

With the shocking, turquoise waters of the Red Sea extending before you, it's enticing to just absorb the sun and take in lungfuls of delectably clear air. The majority of the shorelines are spotless and the sandy seabedis ideal for kids to sprinkle around!

A large group of water games offices ought to fulfill the daring on the most fundamental level. The waters of the Red Sea overflow with an abundance of marine life, making it a fine destination for remote ocean angling and snorkeling. Remote ocean plunging devotees, too bad, will need to forego their energy, as Ain Sokhna has no diving focuses. Go windsurfing, procure a sailboat or kayak and investigate the coral reefs, calm bays and straights along the coast. Ensured to restore significant serenity. Essentially every resort improvement worth the name has its own shoreline exercises; a few even have greens.


Ain Sokhna is not the most event spot on the Red Sea Riviera  - but at the begining of the weekend in Ain Sokhna - bars pop up along the shorelines. You will find a few but a nice ones or you may find one on your hotel, where you stay.

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The gulches are a one of a kind common exhibition amidst the Sinai desert. You will discover snake tight canyon with amazing multi-shading silt.

We go to 3 extremely excellent spots in one outing. Generally we spend the entire day over yonder leaving at 8 am and settling the score with 6 pm. You will see the wonderful colored and white Canyons, and the Oasis of EinKhudra.

The Colored Canyon presents a standout amongst the most grand rock arrangements on the planet. The vegetation is exceptionally constrained - desolate acacias, green, tamarisk trees, willow trees, Sodom apples (which are toxic) and desert pumpkin.

 Presently, the stone developments are an exceptional fascination: they fluctuate from sandstone to limestone, rock and veins of basalt command the view through the whole trek.

With the Jeep you touch base on a level with great sight to the mountains and the gully right to your feet. When you begin sliding, you'll see that a number of the stones are secured in a chalk-like powder - brought on by being exhausted by vacationers.
After around 20 minutes, it has a craving for strolling through a dry riverbed. It is an unquestionable requirement, other than viewing your feet, to glance around or more you (at a few focuses, the dividers achieve nearly 20 stories in tallness) to understand that it is a land wonderland.

 At a few places, the stones transmit crystalline hues, at others, they have a smooth appearance. As the excursion proceeds with, the stream gets littler and littler, and the dividers plain from solid water-weight in wintertime..

Aside from maybe a couple snags, it's reasonably a simple trek. For instance, at a certain point, one need to slide down through a vent, where the two sides of the Canyon just about touch one another and where perhaps a huge number of years prior, a fallen rock had obstructed the way, leaving a thin opening underneath. On the opposite side of this obstruction, the Canyon floor bit by bit begins to rise once more. A couple of minutes after the fact, another deterrent shows up where the most ideal approach to handle is to swing yourself around a gigantic rock to slide two meters down, or just to bounce over it.


Concealed between yellowish sandstone precipices not a long way from the street connecting St Katherine with Nuweiba and Dahab is one of Sinai's most picturesque desert gardens. Its Arabic name EinKhudra (Green Oasis) superbly depicts this alluring district where spouting crisp water springs feed date palm gardens in the apparently infertile desert. You will have a great new cooked grill in the shades of palm trees, resting for around 60 minutes.

White Canyon

The white Canyon is somewhat littler than the hued gulch, and made off sandstone and limestone - that's where the splendid white shading originates from.On the passage of the Canyon you see a great deal of hand-engravings from Bedouin couples - in light of an old children's story.

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Sharm el Sheikh is a real tourism focus and one of the world's top diving destinations. It was the submerged marvels of the Red Sea - especially the waters of Ras Mohammed Marine Park only south of town - that put Sharm el Sheikh middle of everyone's attention in any case, and the diving and snorkeling are a big deal there every year. This is likewise one of Egypt's best destinations in the event that you simply need to relax on the shoreline, and it's a specific most loved for family-accommodating occasions because of the fabulous beaches on offer. Whether you're here for the sand or the fish life, Sharm el Sheikh is an incredible decision for a shoreline break in the wake of investigating the sanctuaries and tombs in whatever is left of the nation.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park is the thing that put Sharm el Sheikh on the traveler map. Encompassed by a portion of the world's most mind blowing plunge locales, this landmass is home to heavenly shorelines with superb snorkeling areas, the world's second most northerly mangrove timberland, and a salt water lake. An excursion here is an absolute necessity accomplish for anybody staying in Sharm el Sheikh. The best shorelines are Old Quay Beach (with its choice coral reef effectively came to from the shore) and Aqaba Beach. Voyagers looking for a decent view ought to make a beeline for the Shark bay bluff upper right on the southern edge of Ras Mohammed.

Naama Bay

Bordered by a white sand shoreline and influencing palm trees, Naama Bay is the epicenter of Sharm el Sheikh resort life. There are ample cafes, bistros, and trinket stores on the off chance that you get exhausted of the sand, yet Naama Bay is truly about the shoreline. A person on foot just promenade edges the whole shoreline territory, supported by a bunch of extravagance resorts. For those searching for an occasion brimming with sloth-such as sunbathing, Naama Bay is one of Egypt's top decisions. The whole shoreline range has astounding offices including plentiful sun-shades and loungers, and the beachside bistros mean you don't need to move from your patch of sandy joy throughout the day.

Colored Canyon

Give your four-wheeled vehicle a chance to take you over the desert and sand of the hued gorge, Hike among the rough mountains appreciate the numerous hues reflected from the oxidized surfaces under the sun. move through the diverse arrangements of mountains with a huge number of hues reflecting in the sun. The hues in the stones are an aftereffect of oxidation and the minerals molded and organized over a large number of years.

Shark's Bay

Encourage north from Naama Bay is somewhat more restrictive Shark's Bay, which has some of Sharm el Sheikh most sumptuous five-star resorts and inns bunched over its breadth of sand. This is the place you head in the event that you need complete quietness on your vacation. The late Soho Square Center in the territory implies you don't need to pass up a great opportunity for the buzz in the event that you stay here either. This excitement focus is stuffed loaded with top-feasting eateries and shops.

Sharm Old Market

Sharm Old Market (Sharm al-Maya) is the town's souq (bazaar) range where twinkling Arabic lights, conventional shisha funnels, and finely engraved woodwork can be found in plenitude. It's best to come late or at night when the most exceedingly warmth of the day has disseminated, and you can shop and skim in solace. The range is brimming with shabby and bright cafes and bistros

Also, it's a decent place to spend the whole night. There's an unmistakably diverse feel here than whatever is left of Sharm el Sheikh.

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