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The Lantern

Location: Al Rawda Al Sharifa st. opposite to Lotus Hotel

Cuisine: International

One of the most popular restaurants in Luxor, The Lantern is highly recommended by many visitors and locals as well. The restaurant serves well-prepared meals for average prices and in a very pleasant ambiance. The staff is very welcoming and efficient. The owner, Debbie can be spotted most of the time between the tables making sure that everything is going well.

Cleanliness is a priority at The Lantern as vegetables are washed using filtered water. The décor may not be very posh but the dark green colored walls with the decent black and white fabrics and the hanging chandeliers will give you a sense of class.

Although the banner states that it is an “English Restaurant”, Egyptian and European dishes are available. Tomato soup and cauliflower soup with stilton are great for a starter. Buttered chicken, lamb curry, shrimps, goulash and tagines are all phenomenal. For dessert, Om Ali and lemon meringue pie are lovely choices.

1886 Restaurant

Location: Nile Corniche, inside Sofitel Winter Palace Hotel

Cuisine: French

Experience the old fashioned elegance at the dinner only 1886 Restaurant. A La Carte menu with a great selection of wine and gourmet food is served in a candlelit setting with surrounding glided mirrors and a guitarist playing in the background.

A wide selection of soups, starters and desserts is available. Seafood and steak are highly recommended for main course.  Make sure to have your coffee on the terrace while watching sunset.

1886 is a little bit overpriced however. The restaurant is opened between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Dress code is smart for both ladies and gentlemen and reservation is required.

Al Sahaby Lane (or Haret Al Sahaby)

Location: Karnak Temple st. Inside Nefertiti Hotel

Cuisine: Oriental

The best outdoor restaurant in Luxor! Al Sahaby Lane is simply a must try. The location and the view are absolutely stunning. The terrace overlooks Luxor Temple and the Alley of Sphinxes from one side and the Nile from another; a great place to enjoy the cool breeze and watch the amazing attractions of Luxor.

Al Sahaby Lane offers high quality food in very generous portions for good prices. Hummus and Baba Ghanoug is a great starter and lentil soup with lemon is hard to resist. Camel meat, fetteer (or Egyptian pie), chicken shawerma, fatta, stuffed pigeons and mixed BBQ are all Egyptian traditional specialties which we highly recommend. Many vegetarian options and Italian dishes are available as well. Finish your meal with a refreshing Oreo milkshake.

 The owner and the staff are super friendly and helpful. You should be warned that Alcohol is neither served nor allowed to bring into the place.


Location: Al Rawda Al Sharifa st.

Cuisine: English, Egyptian and International

Snobs Restaurant is one of the hidden gems of Luxor. The décor at Snobs is sophisticated Art Deco that will take you back to the 1920s. Hot towels are brought to you once you reach your table as refreshment. A very warm welcome and an attentive service are guaranteed.

The menu at Snobs is extended and the food is freshly cooked. Don’t miss “Snobs Grand Mezzes” for the table. The steak at Snobs is simply the best in town. Many vegetarian options are available as well.

Sofra Restaurant & Café

Location: Mohamed Farid st.

Cuisine: Egyptian

Sofra (means dining table in Arabic) is an old Egyptian house with a very oriental décor; copper lamps, mirrors and antiques all over the place.

The extended menu thoroughly explains the components of each dish. Both hot and cold mezzes are tasty and very reasonably priced. Ducks, fatta, stuffed pigeons, kebab and tagines are all recommended for main course. Vegetarian options and desserts are very limited however.

Finish off your meal with a traditional Egyptian drink; such as spiced coffee, tea with fresh mint or krakade or enjoy shisha in the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere on the roof. Alcohol is not served or allowed to bring into Sofra. 

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History of the Monastery

The seventh century fortification was initially committed to the fourth century nearby holy person Abba Hedra, who repudiated the world on the day of his wedding. It was modified in the tenth century and devoted to St. Simeon. From here the ministers went into Nubia, in the trust of changing over the Nubians to Christianity, until Salah Din pulverized the religious community in 1173.

Description of the Place

Encompassed by desert sands, Monastery of St. Simeon was based on two levels, the lower level of stone and the upper level of mud block, encompassed by 10 meter (3 foot) high dividers. The basilica has hints of frescoes, and close-by is the chamber where St. Simeon begged with his facial hair attached to the roof in the event that he nodded off. The cells with their mastaba (seat) beds, once gave convenience to around 300 inhabitant ministers and approximately 100 explorers. The keep going room on the right still has graffiti from Muslim travelers who stayed here in transit to Mecca.

The relinquished Monastery of St. Simeon is one of the biggest and best saved Coptic cloisters of all Egypt. The religious community is situated on a slope on the west bank close to the Aga Khan Mausoleum in Aswan and was once possessed by a great many occupants.

The development of the cloister started in the sixth century; however it's trusted that it was not finished until the seventh century. It was initially devoted to Amba Hadra, a cleric of Aswan and a holy person who lived in the fourth century. It is said that Amba Hadra, on the day after his wedding, experienced a memorial service parade which propelled him to experience the remaining years of his life as a loner.

Initially, the religious community had dividers ten meters high and towers which were utilized as post posts against foes. From its point on the highest point of the slope, the ministers could see for kilometers in all headings, and any way to deal with assault the religious community would be tough in delicate sand.

The religious community was remade in the tenth century, however wrecked in 1173 by Saladin, who expected that it may serve as an asylum of Christian Nubians who made invasions into southern Egypt.

These days, the lower level of stone is generally in place, yet the upper level of mud-block has vanished.

Inside the religious community there is a little church where symbols and artistic creations are still noticeable. The dividers are painted with photos of the witnesses and blessed messengers in brilliant hues and Byzantine style.

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The Nile Valley is best known for being the land of ancient Egypt’s legacy with all its temples, museums and monument. When you’re in Aswan, take a break from its historic attractions and escape your hectic schedule to appreciate a different side of it and pay a daytime visit to the peaceful haven of the botanical garden of Aswan.

Overview of the Island

The island is oval shaped and covers an area of 17 acres; a length of 650 meters and width of 150 meters. It’s located on the Eastern bank of the Nile, the opposite side of the city of Aswan and Elephantine Island.

The Island is divided into 27 basins by 4 vertical pathways and 9 horizontal pathways. All the pathways are pink granite paved and shaded with royal palms or Rosytoneas with their marble white stems.

History of Kitchener’s Island

The reason behind the name “Kitchener’s Island” is that during his military service in Sudan in 1899, Lord Horatio Kitchener took over this island and made it headquarter for leadership of his campaign and a place of rest as well and it became known as The Lord’s House. Lord Kitchener, who had a great deal of passion for plants, turned the island into the exquisite Aswan Botanic Garden. He imported rare exotic plants and palms from the Far East, India and other African countries.

Soon after the lord’s departure in 1928, the ownership of the island was transferred from the Ministry of Irrigation to the department of scientific researches of the Ministry of Agriculture who choose to turn the island into a natural greenhouse of tropical and subtropical plants.

What to Expect to Find in the Botanical Garden

There are 7 basic groups of plants and trees can be found in the Botanical Garden of Aswan:

Woody trees: such as ebony, mahogany and sandalwood.

Tropical fruits trees: such as papaya, avocado and mango.

Medicinal and aromatic plants: such as clove, basil, rosemary and mint.

Spice plants: such as chili, cinnamon and ginger.

Ornamental plants: such as jasmine, tulip and petunia.

Oleaginous plants: such as coconut palms and olive trees.

Palm group: such as coconut palms and date palms.

You’ll find a small botanical and aquatic museum, water filters, irrigation pumping station and a cafeteria to serve the visitors with a place for kids. Rare species of birds such as doves, crows and ravens can be seen there too.

How to Get There

A felucca ride from and back to your hotel is available for around $10 including entrance fees. The ride should not take more than 25 minutes. You can also take a one-way motorboat or local ferry ride.

The island has 3 entrances; the main entrance is located on the northern point of the island, another in the middle and another on the southern point. The best way to gain full perspective of the island and save strolling is to enter through the main entrance and stroll down all the way through to the southern point, where your felucca man will be waiting to pick you back to your hotel.

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Mövenpick Taba Resort 

Mövenpick Taba Resort and Spa is set between the Sinai Mountains and the Gulf of Aqaba. This resort has a 500 m private shoreline, 3 pools and a spa. It offers a couple of feasting choices and a clubhouse. 

All tastefully outlined rooms highlight overhangs and overlook the mountains, ocean or the pool territory. In-room offices at the Mövenpick Taba Resort incorporate cooled rooms,TV and a minibar. 

Mediterranean Seashells offers new fish from the Red Sea and oriental nourishment. Beverages and snacks are accessible at the resort's shoreline and pool bars and also the parlor. 

Tulip Taba Resort 

Offering an outside pool and an eatery, Tulip Taba Resort And Spa is situated in Taba. Free WiFi access is accessible out in the open areas. 

At Tulip Taba Resort And Spa you will locate a private shoreline region and a tennis court. Different offices offered at the property incorporate amusement staff, gear stockpiling and ski hardware employ. A variety of exercises can be appreciated nearby or in the surroundings, including water skiing. The property offers free stopping nearby. 

Hilton Taba Resort 

Hilton Taba Resort highlights all encompassing Gulf of Aqaba perspectives and a private shoreline region with lofts and sun loungers. The brilliant, roomy rooms have satellite TV and rich beds. 

All rooms at Hilton Taba Resort are fitted with ventilating and have a minibar. A few rooms have an overhang with perspectives of the greenery enclosure and the Red Sea

Visitors can sort out jumping trips at the on location plunging focus or unwind with a back rub treatment. For more youthful visitors, Hilton Taba Resort offers a children's club and a play area. 

Italian cooking can be delighted in at the Hilton Taba Resort. Oriental specialities are served at Marhaba. Visitors can loosen up with a beverage on the patio at the Hilton's Nelson Pub. 

The Hilton Taba Resort is 20 minutes' drive from nearest airport. Submerged Observatory Marine Park is only a 3-minute head out. 

Sofitel Taba Heights 

Bolted between the inlet and the Sinai Mountains, this lavish lodging presents you with a private shoreline, extensive pool scene and fun-stuffed exercises under the sun, for a significant excursion. This property is found 42 km from Taba Airport and 21 km from Taba Border. 

Sofitel Taba Heights is impacted by conventional Egyptian design and is a comprehensive property with 2 primary resturaunts with themed smorgasbords and 7 swimming pools including warmed pool, ocean water pool, kids' pool and a hot tub. It additionally incorporates a poolside cafe and an Asian claim to fame the place. 

The Southern Sinai Peninsula is phenomenal for water sports. You can appreciate kayaking, waterskiing, pontoon paddling and remote ocean angling, and in addition numerous more exercises in the ocean. It additionally incorporates a child's club, a clubhouse and 18-hole Championship Golf Course. 

Swiss Inn Dream Resort Taba 

Situated on a 420-meter stretch of sandy shoreline and in the midst of flawlessly finished patio nurseries the Swiss Inn Dream Resort gives complete security, great luxury service and exceptional offices for its visitors. The separation from the inn to the Taba universal air terminal is 40 km, to the Taba border is 25 km and to Sharm El Sheik is 190 km. 

Aquamarine Sunflower Resort Taba. 

Aquamarine Sunflower Resort Taba is a 4 star resort involving a prime area in Taba between the cinnamon-hued heaps of Sinai and the cool, indigo waters of the Red Sea.

Situated close by the delightful shorelines of the Red Sea with a grand perspective on the purplish blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and a perspective on the neighboring nations of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the resort offers the advantage of isolation and serenity, and in addition unwinding and full happiness for all - families, couples and single voyagers. 

Take after the logic of the Aquamarine Sunflower Resort Taba dependably turn your head towards the sun and make the most of your occasions. 

Morgana Resort Taba 

The swimming pools elements and administrations include, Free pool and towel service

- Profundity assortment to meet everything swimmers needs.

- Two new water swimming pools including one warmed pool amid winter time.

- Exceptional Swimming Pool for children, with watchman accessible for children amid the opening hours. 

- Every day Active liveliness program and games exercises in the swimming pool. 

The Beach features and administrations include: 

Free shoreline towel service. 

Wharf on beach, offering direct access in the heart of the ocean to appreciate snorkeling, diving or notwithstanding swimming, alongside seeing the hued angles. 

Every day sports exercises in the shoreline. 

Morgana Spa is situated nearby disregarding the pool and ocean. It offers saunas and steam bathrooms( (male and female), rub (payable), Jacuzzi and a broad scope of Techno Gym resistance and cardio vascular hardware. 

The back rub specialists offer different medications that unwind, restore and revive a drained body and brain. Rub sessions are by arrangement and can be charged to room account.

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Taba is a heaven of grand occasion resorts, Taba has the unbelievable excellence of the Red Sea on Egypt's acclaimed as "Riviera," known as the Gulf of Aqaba.

There is very little to do outside the resort inns only a couple shops, resturaunts in addition to a title green and a free transport that keeps running between the inns... Be that as it may, gradually and most likely more shops and resturaunts are opening up every year. So in the event that you appreciate lazing by the pool or on the shoreline with your gang and companions, and a tranquil beverage of a night this is the perfect spot for you.

These days, Taba has developing touristic consideration on account of its inclination that contains two little inward bays, various lakes, and an island. 

There is an unrestrained number of things to see and do in the Taba zone. Whether you're going as a family or getting a charge out of a sentimental occasion, you'll ruined for decision with regards to unwinding! Here are our proposals for only a couple of things to do amid your vacation.


Golf fans will love Taba Heights ands its flawlessly arranged 18 hole Championship course. Truth be told the resort is worked around the fairway, with the greens in simple strolling separation of the lodgings, and there is a free transport administration connecting every inn to the club house. The 6,000 meter course has five tee arrangements on every opening – and the perspectives are essentially dazzling. The course is testing and fledglings might battle, yet there are a lot of chances to sharpen aptitudes in advance with the occupant golf experts offering educational cost for all levels.


Taba is known as a diving hotspot in the Red Sea region, with numerous plunge locales highlighting unblemished coral reefs with and numerous types of indigenous fish and other marine life. It's calmer than other plunge destinations in other Red Sea resorts, as well. Whether you are a beginner or a propelled diver, you'll discover bounty to investigate under the waves! Discover more on doing diving at Taba.

Water sports

Taba offers various different approaches to chill from the hot Egyptian sun. In case you're searching for a high adrenaline thrill, you can attempt water-skiing, wind-boarding or cruising – whilst additionally unwinding trips incorporate oar pontoons, kayaks and glass-base vessel rides. Most inns have their own water sports focus providing food for a number of the most prevalent games, and our resort group will be glad to offer you some assistance with organizing your exercises.

Salahdin Castel

It is found 10 kilometers far from the city of Al Aqaba. This mansion has a noteworthy vital and chronicled significance as it is situated close to the fringes of four nations: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, or Palestine. Moreover, the manor was worked by Salahdin Al Ayoby to secure Egypt against the assaults of the crusaders originating from Europe.


Nightlife in the Taba territory is for the most part peaceful and loose, yet you will find that various inns offer night stimulation, rivalries and an opportunity to visit with different visitors. There's dependably the alternative of making a beeline for a nearby eatery to appreciate a restful supper late into the night, as well!

Taba Protected Area

The Taba Protected Area is an awesome spot to see, particularly in the event that you have kids with you! The range is home to a colossal number of Egyptian creature and winged creature species, and there's more than 3,000 km2 to investigate. Discover caverns, valleys and mountains, all inside of a short separation of the focal point of Taba.

The Taba Museum

This little exhibition hall contains three lobbies that show around 700 pieces of ancient pieces that shows the tale of the general population South Sinai from the Pharaonic period until today. The historical center opens from 9 in the morning till 4.

Visit the old city of Petra

While in Taba or Taba Heights, why not take a day outing to visit the old city of Petra in Jordan? You can take a watercraft outing to Aqaba in Jordan then ask a driver to take you to Petra itself. Presently assigned as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Salt Cave

Taba Heights is likewise home to Egypt's first Salt Cave – a room where the dividers, roof and floor are all made out of salt from the Dead Sea! The salt makes a small scale atmosphere rich in minerals which enhance mental and physical prosperity. Sessions in the salt cavern unwind the psyche and stimulate the body. Not to be missed!

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