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Eating out in Aswan will be a decent decision, many restaurants are found, both Egyptian and somewhat more worldwide, with a number being grouped around Nile Corniche, Midan El-Mahatta, Abtal El Tahrir Street and Souq Street. There are not single American fast-food places to be found in sight in Aswan, which for some guests, is quite invigorating and makes the entire Egyptian encounter more genuine and valid.

The most well known eating places have a tendency to be known more for their perspectives of the River Nile than their real nourishment. Most serve national dishes, which frequently highlight garlic, onion, coriander and aborigines, presented with Egyptian bread (white or dark).

Dishes of lentil soup, Egyptian kebabs (chops of meat with vegetables all grilled on charcoal) and comparative koftas (wonderful meatballs) are constantly prominent, as are green peppers and different vegetables, loaded down with hot rice. What's more, obviously, being so near Nasser Lake, you can expect a lot of naturally got fish, regularly just been fished and grilled right away.

So Where to eat exactly?

Remember that all nourishment served in restaurants ought to be hot, and the fruits and vegetables have been washed perfectly with water, for example, plates of mixed greens as natural product, but if you not so much of a greens person. On the off chance that you eat sensibly, this is genuinely easy to stay away from and just eat your main dish.

Additionally take note of that amid the month of Ramadan, nourishment can turn out to be to some degree rare amid the day, in spite of the fact that as evening methodologies, restaurants offer downright a dinner and the air as nearby Egyptians dining experience is entirely significant.

Some lodgings in Aswan are home to important places, where non-hotel guest can appreciate a decent standard night eating. The midway found Isis Corniche is one such lodging which comes complete with a famous Italian restaurant, getting a charge out of a lucky position nearby the River Nile, on the Nile Corniche.

Other striking eateries incorporate the waterfront Aswan Panorama, which gloats solid Nubian flavors and extremely reasonable, advanced Arabic dishes. On the other hand, travelers have a tendency to suggest the Aswan Moon, we will get in details about it more down, a drifting place situated on the River Nile itself, while for additionally eating in more upscale environment, consider a dinner on the porch at the Old Cataract Hotel, where you can appreciate the perspectives of the felucca water crafts cruising by.

Our Top Three Restaurants Choices

The Nubian Restaurant

This Nubian place is situated on Isis Island and is a famous restaurant with visit bunches. A free speedboat destined for the island leaves from the dock inverse the Egypt Air office and delicately travels over the Nile. On a bustling night, a fun yet whimsical Nubian music show happens with ensured crowd interest.

It's not the least expensive spot to eat in Aswan, and most likely not the most. In any case, you do receive a free boat ride in return, and you unquestionably won't be left hungry. A thing you have to be sure about, that you will definitely enjoy your food and your time there.

Aswan Moon

As we mentioned earlier, it's standout amongst the most serene spots around the local area, the Aswan moon is a laid back riverside place. Indeed, even in the long days of summer, the Aswan Moon appears to hold its cool in the shade of a variety of vivid shady umbrellas. 

Chef Khalil

A downplayed fish place with viable aerating and cooling, Chef Khalil is situated on the principle avenue of the bazaars. A couple of minutes stroll from the train station.

The staff here is not overfriendly, and rather the fish and seafood are heavenly and sensibly fresh and tasty.

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Safaga has a little yet flourishing tourism place, having some expertise in scuba diving much more than other places in Egypt.

Safaga is also well known among kitesurfers and windsurfers, and was a host of some championships.

The dark sand hill shorelines normal for Safaga are a most loved spot for sun bathers. The ocean water is very saline and rich in minerals which are useful for the skin, and it is a prominent corrective destination in the Red Sea Riviera.

Safaga also a good place to have an enjoyable meal without being afraid of food poisoning or unclean food, the food there is fresh and clean, an experience you will surely enjoy.

How to Choose your Food in Safaga?

Nourishment in Safaga town is basic and restaurants outside of hotels are generally small, cozy bistros serving up snacks and beverages. Safaga's seafront offers a lot of superb alternatives with most hotels having dock front sea view eating choices where you can unwind and watch the water as you eat on the catch of the day.

Fresh and new fish is in daily and makes a tasty feast when cooked simply by local Egyptian people.

Egyptian food itself is a delicious blend of impacts from the Middle East and Africa. The day begins with a breakfast of beans (Egyptian way) pound and eggs. Egyptian bread and pickles and sticks are served first and will keep your energy going for the whole day of windsurfing or diving.

In the event that you choose to have an essence of the local food experience a few things you might wish to attempt include:

(Egyptian bread) Eish: bread made local style that goes with all meals. Rolls are typically the famous type.

Beans the Egyptian way (Ful Medames): a bean based dish that structures a staple; beans are normally bubbled, pounded and might be spiced or presented with an egg.

Kushari: A bizarre yet delightful blend of macaroni, rice, chickpeas, lentils and fiery tomato sauce.

Shawerma: White thin bread roll loaded with chicken or meat, cleaved onion, tomatoes and tahina sauce.

Mezza: Dips presented with beverages including sesame seed, eggplant or chickpea based ones like the acclaimed hummus (chickpea and olive oil).

Kufta: Lamb meatballs formed into a long tube and cooked like a kebab.

Om Ali: Egyptian bread pudding made with puff baked stuff with nuts.

Basbousa: Honey doused semolina baked pie.

Where to Eat in Safaga?

Breakfast relies on upon what we have gotten ready for the day. On the off chance that we go scuba diving, you must be there so early that we simply have a brisk espresso in the flat and something from the pastry shop ground floor. Since scuba diving is a throughout the day movement, lunch is served on the watercraft arranged by the group and constantly flavorful. On the off chance that you stay at the shoreline the entire day, you should try and lunch at the Nemo hotel shoreline. While lunch is really great (sandwiches, fries/rice, plates of mixed greens, pasta, and so forth – are pretty cheap), breakfast which is truly to a greater extent an informal breakfast is a must try. They serve eggs made to request, hotcakes, bread, chilly cuts, yogurt, organic product, cornflakes, and so on.

Ali Baba and Filfila: Both have fundamentally the same menus. the most loved dish at Ali Baba is the alleged "chicken steak" which is truly bits of chicken bosom grilled on a stick and presented with rice or French fries. I incline toward the chestnut rice – truly delicious! Additionally you will like their broiled fish and I am told their fricasseed calamari is incredible. At Filfila, the pasta dishes are more than amazing. They have an astonishing pesto sauce made with new basil.

Another alternative for supper is the Toubia Hotel. They have a week by week BBQ at the shoreline where they serve servings of mixed greens, chicken, kofta and so on. What makes it unique is that you are sitting comfortable shoreline with your feet in the sand taking a gander at the ocean. It's somewhat more costly than Ali Baba or Filfila, yet it worth every penny.

A tiny bit further is Al Fresco Pizzeria  a spot that offers pizza which is made with puff cake and loaded with whatever you such as –cheddar, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chime pepper. Is just Yummy!

There is also El Wekala Patio Restaurant; many dish varieties from many Middle Eastern cultures are available for you to try in the open-air restaurant, situated in the Three Corner Amira Hotel

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Soma Bay is a standout amongst the most exceptional and segregated resorts in Egypt, as it is situated on its own one of a kind promontory with ocean on three sides which is entirely controlled by a security entryway, which is the main method for entering and leaving the resort. This settles on Soma Bay the ideal decision for the security heart person who cares about protection and security, while having fun. Since there is ocean on three sides of this sunny little promontory, you will have a lot of sandy shorelines to look over. In the same way as other of the Red Sea resorts along Egypt's east drift, inns own a hefty portion of these shorelines. Luckily, there's a good chance that your hotel will have its own private shoreline yet in the event that it doesn't there's no compelling reason to stress, as there are a lot of open shorelines giving you the chance to douse up the sun on delicate sand at whatever point you need.

You won't be bored of exercises on your Soma Bay vacation, as there are various diving destinations, and also water sports including kite surfing, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling.

The midyear climate can get exceptionally hot amid your Soma Bay days off, as normal highs stay in the low 30's. This is the ideal temperature on the off chance that you like it hot yet not very hot that it begins to get somewhat uncomfortable. The mid year highs then again move into the high 30's and now and again surpass 40 degrees Celsius. In this sort of warmth it's vital to take consistent breaks from direct daylight and ensure that you continue drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated. Winter climate is likewise really great, as winter highs can move into the low twenties.

Water Activities in Soma Bay


That is everything you need to ace the specialty of kite surfing at any of the kitesurfing clubs in Soma Bay. Furthermore, you will find experts there, they will guide you effectively stand on the back of a board, slice through the shallow Red Sea waters and feel like a wave-strolling ruler.

With a sufficient territory of quiet, waist-high surf and solid seaward winds.

Soma Bay's Kite clubs offer flawless conditions for the first time kitesurfer or inquisitive beginner. A group of mentors are close by to offer a scope of courses, alongside full hardware contract and free transport on Soma Bay's consistent transport administration to get you to and from the place where you stay.

Walk Boarding

On the off chance that the winds subside (however they once in a while do), the Walk Boarding sport will always be close by to smash the quiet landscape.

A thirty moment starter lesson is accessible for amateurs, with a pile of bundles accessible to those quick to ingest as a significant part of the Red Sea as they can stomach. One session keeps going 12 minutes, with rebates accessible for numerous sessions.

What's more, if that seems like an excessive amount of work, you can simply book yourself a banana ride. I'm a big fan of it myself.


For those with more enthusiasm for what's under the water than blazing about on top of it, diving centers are always close by to fit you out for snorkels and flippers (and wet suits)

A boat will pick you up from the shore line, dropping you straight into one of the bigger house reefs of Soma Bay. Snorkeling is going to change your points of view from desert hills and tremendous lodgings to enormous reefs cooperating with sea-going untamed life.

We completely advice snorkeling before the early afternoon heat sets in; the cooler morning period offers the most obvious opportunity with regards to getting site of shark (harmless), octopus and stingray.


In the event that snorkeling strike you as little, sign yourself up for a course at the Dive Center - one of the biggest and best-prepared worldwide. Inside of two hours you could pass the important starting preparing to get yourself into the huge wide blue.

For those officially qualified in jumping, Soma Bay offers boat trips to dive into the reefs- try the Salem Express wreck, a cruiser that went down in the Red Sea late in the 90's. 

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The gulches are a one of a kind common exhibition amidst the Sinai desert. You will discover snake tight canyon with amazing multi-shading silt.

We go to 3 extremely excellent spots in one outing. Generally we spend the entire day over yonder leaving at 8 am and settling the score with 6 pm. You will see the wonderful colored and white Canyons, and the Oasis of EinKhudra.

The Colored Canyon presents a standout amongst the most grand rock arrangements on the planet. The vegetation is exceptionally constrained - desolate acacias, green, tamarisk trees, willow trees, Sodom apples (which are toxic) and desert pumpkin.

 Presently, the stone developments are an exceptional fascination: they fluctuate from sandstone to limestone, rock and veins of basalt command the view through the whole trek.

With the Jeep you touch base on a level with great sight to the mountains and the gully right to your feet. When you begin sliding, you'll see that a number of the stones are secured in a chalk-like powder - brought on by being exhausted by vacationers.
After around 20 minutes, it has a craving for strolling through a dry riverbed. It is an unquestionable requirement, other than viewing your feet, to glance around or more you (at a few focuses, the dividers achieve nearly 20 stories in tallness) to understand that it is a land wonderland.

 At a few places, the stones transmit crystalline hues, at others, they have a smooth appearance. As the excursion proceeds with, the stream gets littler and littler, and the dividers plain from solid water-weight in wintertime..

Aside from maybe a couple snags, it's reasonably a simple trek. For instance, at a certain point, one need to slide down through a vent, where the two sides of the Canyon just about touch one another and where perhaps a huge number of years prior, a fallen rock had obstructed the way, leaving a thin opening underneath. On the opposite side of this obstruction, the Canyon floor bit by bit begins to rise once more. A couple of minutes after the fact, another deterrent shows up where the most ideal approach to handle is to swing yourself around a gigantic rock to slide two meters down, or just to bounce over it.


Concealed between yellowish sandstone precipices not a long way from the street connecting St Katherine with Nuweiba and Dahab is one of Sinai's most picturesque desert gardens. Its Arabic name EinKhudra (Green Oasis) superbly depicts this alluring district where spouting crisp water springs feed date palm gardens in the apparently infertile desert. You will have a great new cooked grill in the shades of palm trees, resting for around 60 minutes.

White Canyon

The white Canyon is somewhat littler than the hued gulch, and made off sandstone and limestone - that's where the splendid white shading originates from.On the passage of the Canyon you see a great deal of hand-engravings from Bedouin couples - in light of an old children's story.

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Sharm el Sheikh is a real tourism focus and one of the world's top diving destinations. It was the submerged marvels of the Red Sea - especially the waters of Ras Mohammed Marine Park only south of town - that put Sharm el Sheikh middle of everyone's attention in any case, and the diving and snorkeling are a big deal there every year. This is likewise one of Egypt's best destinations in the event that you simply need to relax on the shoreline, and it's a specific most loved for family-accommodating occasions because of the fabulous beaches on offer. Whether you're here for the sand or the fish life, Sharm el Sheikh is an incredible decision for a shoreline break in the wake of investigating the sanctuaries and tombs in whatever is left of the nation.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park is the thing that put Sharm el Sheikh on the traveler map. Encompassed by a portion of the world's most mind blowing plunge locales, this landmass is home to heavenly shorelines with superb snorkeling areas, the world's second most northerly mangrove timberland, and a salt water lake. An excursion here is an absolute necessity accomplish for anybody staying in Sharm el Sheikh. The best shorelines are Old Quay Beach (with its choice coral reef effectively came to from the shore) and Aqaba Beach. Voyagers looking for a decent view ought to make a beeline for the Shark bay bluff upper right on the southern edge of Ras Mohammed.

Naama Bay

Bordered by a white sand shoreline and influencing palm trees, Naama Bay is the epicenter of Sharm el Sheikh resort life. There are ample cafes, bistros, and trinket stores on the off chance that you get exhausted of the sand, yet Naama Bay is truly about the shoreline. A person on foot just promenade edges the whole shoreline territory, supported by a bunch of extravagance resorts. For those searching for an occasion brimming with sloth-such as sunbathing, Naama Bay is one of Egypt's top decisions. The whole shoreline range has astounding offices including plentiful sun-shades and loungers, and the beachside bistros mean you don't need to move from your patch of sandy joy throughout the day.

Colored Canyon

Give your four-wheeled vehicle a chance to take you over the desert and sand of the hued gorge, Hike among the rough mountains appreciate the numerous hues reflected from the oxidized surfaces under the sun. move through the diverse arrangements of mountains with a huge number of hues reflecting in the sun. The hues in the stones are an aftereffect of oxidation and the minerals molded and organized over a large number of years.

Shark's Bay

Encourage north from Naama Bay is somewhat more restrictive Shark's Bay, which has some of Sharm el Sheikh most sumptuous five-star resorts and inns bunched over its breadth of sand. This is the place you head in the event that you need complete quietness on your vacation. The late Soho Square Center in the territory implies you don't need to pass up a great opportunity for the buzz in the event that you stay here either. This excitement focus is stuffed loaded with top-feasting eateries and shops.

Sharm Old Market

Sharm Old Market (Sharm al-Maya) is the town's souq (bazaar) range where twinkling Arabic lights, conventional shisha funnels, and finely engraved woodwork can be found in plenitude. It's best to come late or at night when the most exceedingly warmth of the day has disseminated, and you can shop and skim in solace. The range is brimming with shabby and bright cafes and bistros

Also, it's a decent place to spend the whole night. There's an unmistakably diverse feel here than whatever is left of Sharm el Sheikh.

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